RI-Opac: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,3 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Courtenay, William J. (1935-)

1Buchbeitrag  William J. Courtenay. Publications, 1963 - 2016
Courtenay, William J.. (2017) - In: Studies William J. Courtenay S. 17-38

2Monographie  The papacy and the rise of the universities
Post, Gaines. Courtenay, William J. [Hrsg.]. - Leiden [u.a.] (2017)

3Buchbeitrag  The Capetian Monarchy and the University of Paris, 1200-1314
Courtenay, William J.. (2017) - In: The Capetian Century, 1214-1314 S. 3-16

4Buchbeitrag  From Studia to University. Cologne in the Fourteenth Century
Courtenay, William J.. (2016) - In: Wissenschaft mit Zukunft. Die "alte" Kölner Universität im Kontext S. 33-50

5Artikel  Magisterial authority, philosophical identity and the growth of Marian devotion: the seals of Parisian masters, 1190-1308.
Courtenay, William J.. (2016) - In: Speculum Bd. 91 (2016) S. 63-114

6Buchbeitrag  The Effect of Papal Provisions to Oxford and Paris Scholars on the Pastorate and Care of Souls
Courtenay, William J.. (2015) - In: Essays John Van Engen S. 358-386

7Buchbeitrag  From Dinkelsbühl's Questiones Communes to the Vienna Group Commentary. The Vienna 'School', 1415-1425
Courtenay, William J.. (2015) - In: Nicholas of Dinkelsbühl and the Sentences at Vienna in the early fifteenth century S. 267-316

8Buchbeitrag  Peter of Auvergne, Master in Arts and Theology at Paris
Courtenay, William J.. (2015) - In: Peter of Auvergne. University Master of the 13th century S. 13-28

9Buchbeitrag  Durand in His Educational and Intellectual Context
Courtenay, William J.. (2014) - In: Durand of Saint-Pourçain and his Sentences commentary S. 13-34

10Buchbeitrag  Marguerite 's Judges: The University of Paris in 1310
Courtenay, William J.. (2013) - In: Marguerite Porete et le miroir des simples âmes S. 215-231

11Artikel  The Donation of St. Jacques at Paris to the 'Dominicans': Some Observations
Courtenay, William J.. (2013) - In: Archivum Fratrum Praedicatorum Bd. 83 (2013) S. 107-123

12Sachtitel  Rotuli Parisienses. Supplications to the Pope from the University of Paris. Bd. 3: 1378-1394 (Vol. 1-2)
Courtenay, William J. [Hrsg.]. - Leiden [u.a.] (2013)

13Artikel  Francis Caracciolo, the Paris Chancellorship, and the Authorship of two Quodlibeta in Vat. lat. 932
Courtenay, William J.. (2013) - In: Archives d'histoire doctrinale et littéraire du Moyen Âge Bd. 80 (2013) S. 49-83

14Buchbeitrag  Marsilius of Padua at Paris
Courtenay, William J.. (2012) - In: A companion to Marsilius of Padua S. 57-70

15Buchbeitrag  Avenues of intellectual exchange between England and the continent, 1320-1345
Courtenay, William J.. (2012) - In: Universalità della ragione. Pluralità delle filosofie nel Medioevo Tl. 2 S. 669-676

16Artikel  SIEPM Project: Report on the Repertory of Commentaries on Peter Lombard's Sentences (2011-2012)
Courtenay, William J.. (2012) - In: Bulletin de philosophie médiévale Bd. 54 (2012) S. 55-57

17Buchbeitrag  Scotus at Paris: some reconsiderations
Courtenay, William J.. (2012) - In: The Opera theologica of John Duns Scotus S. 1-19

18Buchbeitrag  Epilogue
Courtenay, William J.. (2012) - In: Philosophy and theology in the studia of the religious orders and at papal and royal courts S. 725-734

19Buchbeitrag  Oliverius Salahadin
Courtenay, William J.. (2012) - In: FS Olga Weijers S. 373-380

20Buchbeitrag  The Bible in medieval universities
Courtenay, William J.. (2012) - In: The new Cambridge history of the bible. 2. From 600 to 1450 S. 555-578

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