RI-Opac: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,3 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Crawford, Barbara E. (20. Jh.)

1Buchbeitrag  The Kingdom of Man and the Earldom of Orkney - Some Comparisons
Crawford, Barbara E.. (2014) - In: Celtic-Norse relationships in the Irish Sea in the Middle Ages 800 - 1200 S. 65-80

2Buchbeitrag  The Northern Half of the Northern Earldoms' Lordship: A Comparison of Orkney and Shetland
Crawford, Barbara E.. (2014) - In: Rex Insularum. The King of Norway and his "Skattlands" S. 143-162

3Buchbeitrag  St. Magnus Cathedral - a proprietorial church of the Orkney earls?
Crawford, Barbara E.. (2012) - In: "Ecclesia Nidrosiensis" and "Noregs veldi" S. 177-202

4Artikel  The Norse Earldoms of Orkney and Caithness: Joint Earldoms and Divided Loyalties
Crawford, Barbara E.. (2012) - In: Quaestio insularis Bd. 13 (2012) S. 1-27

5Buchbeitrag  Tax and tribute in the joint earldoms of Orkney and Caithness
Crawford, Barbara E.. (2011) - In: Taxes, tributes and tributary lands in the making of Scandinavian kingdoms in the Middle Ages S. 33-56

6Buchbeitrag  The Biggins Stofa: A Colonial Feature of North Atlantic Society
Crawford, Barbara E.. (2011) - In: Viking settlements and Viking society S. 31-49

7Buchbeitrag  F. T. Wainwright and The Problem of the Picts
Crawford, Barbara E.. (2010) - In: Pictish progress. New studies on northern Britain in the Middle Ages S. 3-14

8Buchbeitrag  The Joint Earldoms of Orkney and Caithness
Crawford, Barbara E.. (2010) - In: The Norwegian domination and the Norse world c.1100 - c.1400 S. 75-97

9Buchbeitrag  The Saint Clement Dedications at Clementhorpe and Pontefract Castle: Anglo-Scandinavian or Norman?
Crawford, Barbara E.. (2008) - In: Essays Nicholas Brooks S. 189-210

10Monographie  The churches dedicated to St. Clement in medieval England. A hagio-geography of the Seafarer's Saint in 11th century north Europe
Crawford, Barbara E.. - Sankt Petersburg (2008)

11Buchbeitrag  Barbara E. Crawford. A Bibliography
Crawford, Barbara E.. (2007) - In: FS Barbara E. Crawford S. XXVff.

12Artikel  The Cult of Clement in Denmark
Crawford, Barbara E.. (2006) - In: Historie (Jysk) (2006) S. 235-282

13Artikel  Kongemakt og jarlemakt, stedsnavn som bevis?: betydningen av Houseby, Harray og staðir navn pa Orknøyenes West Mainland
Crawford, Barbara E.. (2006) - In: Viking. Tidsskrift for norrøn arkeologi Bd. 69 (2006) S. 195-214

14Buchbeitrag  Houseby, Harray and Knarston in the West Mainland of Orkney. Toponymic indicators of administrative authority
Crawford, Barbara E.. (2006) - In: FS Gillian Fellows-Jensen S. 21-44

15Buchbeitrag  The Sinclairs in the Late Middle Ages
Crawford, Barbara E.. (2005) - In: Lordship and architecture in medieval and Renaissance Scotland S. 189-204

16Buchbeitrag  Earldom strategies in north Scotland and the significance of place-names
Crawford, Barbara E.. (2004) - In: Sagas, saints and settlements S. 105-124

17Buchbeitrag  Baltroddi, Walter of (d. 1270), bishop of Caithness
Crawford, Barbara E.. (2004) - In: Oxford dictionary of national biography

18Artikel  The Churches dedicated to St. Clement in Norway
Crawford, Barbara E.. (2004) - In: Collegium medievale Bd. 17 (2004) S. 100-131

19Buchbeitrag  Adam (d. 1222)
Crawford, Barbara E.. (2004) - In: Oxford dictionary of national biography

20Buchbeitrag  The Vikings
Crawford, Barbara E.. (2003) - In: From the Vikings to the Normans S. 41-72

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