RI-Opac: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,3 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Crick, Julia C. (1963-)

1Buchbeitrag  An Eleventh-Century Prayer-Book for Women?
Crick, Julia C.. (2018) - In: Writing, kingship and power in Anglo-Saxon England S. 281-302

2Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Crick, Julia C.. (2016)

3Buchbeitrag  Historical literacy in the archive: post-Conquest imitative copies of pre-Conquest charters and some French comparanda
Crick, Julia C.. (2015) - In: The long twelfth-century view of the Anglo-Saxon past S. 159-160

4Buchbeitrag  English Vernacular Script
Crick, Julia C.. (2012) - In: The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain. 1. c. 400-1100 S. 174-186

5Buchbeitrag  The art of writing: scripts and scribal production
Crick, Julia C.. (2012) - In: The Cambridge history of early medieval English literature S. 50-72

6Buchbeitrag  Script and the Sense of the Past in Anglo-Saxon England
Crick, Julia C.. (2011) - In: Anglo-Saxon traces S. 1-29

7Buchbeitrag  Introduction
Crick, Julia C.Houts, Elisabeth Maria Cornelia van. (2011) - In: A social history of England 900 - 1200 S. 1-14

8Sammelwerk  A social history of England: 900 - 1200
Crick, Julia C.Houts, Elisabeth Maria Cornelia van [Hrsg.]. - Cambridge [u.a.] (2011)

9Buchbeitrag  Learning and training
Crick, Julia C.. (2011) - In: A social history of England 900 - 1200 S. 352-372

10Buchbeitrag  Geoffrey and the Prophetic Tradition
Crick, Julia C.. (2011) - In: The Arthur of Medieval Latin Literature S. 67-82

11Buchbeitrag  'The English' and 'the Irish' from Cnut to John: Speculations on a Linguistic Interface
Crick, Julia C.. (2010) - In: Conceptualizing Multilingualism in England, C. 800-c.1250 S. 217-238

12Buchbeitrag  The Power and the Glory: Conquest and Cosmology in Edwardian Wales (Exeter, Cathedral Library, 3514)
Crick, Julia C.. (2010) - In: Textual Cultures, Cultural Texts S. 21-42

13Buchbeitrag  Insular History? Forgery and the English Past in the Tenth Century