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Deskriptoren: Crook, John (1946-)

1Buchbeitrag  The evolution of capitals in early post-conquest architecture as evidence for the completion date of the White Tower
Crook, John. (2016) - In: Castles and the Anglo-Norman world S. 271-279

2Buchbeitrag  The romanesque apse of Norwich cathedral: a re-examination of the bishop's throne platform and its supposed relic niche.
Crook, John. (2015) - In: Norwich. Medieval and early modern art, architecture and archaeology S. 75-95

3Buchbeitrag  Medieval Saints' Cults at Hexham
Crook, John. (2013) - In: Newcastle and Northumberland. Roman and medieval architecture and art S. 141-151

4Monographie  The Hospital of St Cross and Almshouse of Noble Poverty
Crook, John. - Winchester (2011)

5Artikel  New Minster and the move to Hyde Abbey in 1110
Crook, John. (2011) - In: Winchester cathedral record Bd. 80 (2011) S. 8-15

6Monographie  English medieval shrines
Crook, John. - Woodbridge, Suffolk [u.a.] (2011)

7Monographie  St Swithun: Patron Saint of Winchester Cathedral,
Crook, John. - s.l. (2010)

8Buchbeitrag  The Romanesque west front of Winchester cathedral
Crook, John. (2010) - In: Papers Martin Biddle and Birthe Kjùlbye-Biddle S. 219-235

9Monographie  Salisbury Cathedral: The Making of a Medieval Masterpiece
Tatton-Brown, Tim W. T.Crook, John. - London (2009)

10Artikel  The tomb of Prior Hunton in St James' Church, Hunton, Hants, and the burials in the Lady Chapel of Winchester Cathedral
Crook, John. (2008) - In: Hampshire studies Bd. 63 (2008) S. 9-36

11Buchbeitrag  St John's Chapel
Crook, John. (2008) - In: The White Tower S. 94-123

12Buchbeitrag  The Medieval Shrines of Rochester Cathedral
Crook, John. (2006) - In: Medieval art, architecture and archaeology at Rochester S. 114-129

13Monographie  Abbeys and Priories of England
Tatton-Brown, Tim W. T.Crook, John. - London (2006)

14Buchbeitrag  The physical setting of the cult of St Wulfstan
Crook, John. (2005) - In: St Wulfstan and his world. Studies in early medieval Britain S. 189-217

15Artikel  No. 10, The Close, Winchester,
Crook, John. (2004) - In: Hampshire Field Club Newsletter Bd. 41 (2004) S. 20-22

16Buchbeitrag  "Vir optimus Wlstanus": the post-conquest commemoration of Archbishop Wulfstan of York at Ely Cathedral
Crook, John. (2004) - In: Wulfstan, Archbishop of York. The proceedings of the Second Alcuin Conference S. 501-524

17Artikel  Early historians of Winchester Cathedral
Crook, John. (2003) - In: Hampshire studies Bd. 58 (2003) S. 226-241

18Buchbeitrag  The enshrinement of local saints in Francia and England
Crook, John. (2002) - In: Local saints and local churches in the early medieval West S. 189-224

19Buchbeitrag  Bishops and base crucks: fourteenth-century timber halls in England and their carpentry
Crook, John. (2002) - In: The seigneurial residence in Western Europe S. 89-100

20Monographie  The English Cathedral
Tatton-Brown, Tim W. T.Crook, John. - London (2002)

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