RI-Opac: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,3 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Cropp, Glynnis M. (20. Jh.)

1Artikel  Affinities, Appropriations, and Hybridity in the Medieval French Translations of Boethius's Consolatio Philosophiae, with Particular Reference to Un Dit moral contre Fortune (MS BNF, fr. 25 418)
Cropp, Glynnis M.. (2012) - In: Carmina philosophiae Bd. 21 (2012) S. 1-41

2Buchbeitrag  Boethius in Medieval France: Translations of the De consolatione philosophiae and Literary Influence
Cropp, Glynnis M.. (2012) - In: A companion to Boethius in the Middle Ages S. 319-356

3Artikel  Medieval and Renaissance French Studies in the New Zealand Universities
Cropp, Glynnis M.. (2010) - In: Parergon Bd. 27, 2 (2010) S. 183-200

4Buchbeitrag  Le Rôle des gloses dans l'interprétation chrétienne des traductions françaises: Del Confortement de Philosofie et Le Uvre de Boece de Consolador
Cropp, Glynnis M.. (2010) - In: Boethius Christianus? Transformationen der "Consolatio philosophiae" S. 71-94

5Artikel  Nero, Emperor and Tyrant, in the Medieval French Tradition
Cropp, Glynnis M.. (2007) - In: Florilegium Bd. 24 (2007) S. 21-36

6Artikel  Richard II from Donkey to Royal Martyr: Perceptions of Eustache Deschamps and Contemporary French Writers
Cropp, Glynnis M.Hanham, Alison. (2007) - In: Parergon Bd. 24, 1 (2007) S. 101-136

7Buchbeitrag  An Italian Translation of Le Livre de Boece de Consolacion
Cropp, Glynnis M.. (2006) - In: New directions in Boethian studies S. 75-82

8Buchbeitrag  Philosophy, the Liberal Arts, and Theology in Le Livre de la mutacion de Fortune and Le Livre de l'advision Cristine
Cropp, Glynnis M.. (2005) - In: Healing the body politic. The political thought of Christine de Pizan S. 139-159

9Buchbeitrag  The Occitan Boecis, the Medieval French Tradition of the Consolatio Philosophiae and Philosophy's Gown
Cropp, Glynnis M.. (2005) - In: Etudes Peter T. Ricketts S. 255-266

10Artikel  Boethius and the Consolatio philosophiae in XIVth and XVth-century French writing
Cropp, Glynnis M.. (2005) - In: Essays in French Literature Bd. 42 (2005) S. 27-44

11Buchbeitrag  Felony and Courtly Love
Cropp, Glynnis M.. (2003) - In: The court reconvenes S. 73-80

12Buchbeitrag  The exemplary figure of Alexander the Great in the works of Eustache Deschamps and Christine de Pizan
Cropp, Glynnis M.. (2002) - In: Contexts and Continuities. Proceedings of the IVth International Colloquium on Christine de Pizan Tl. 1 S. 301-313

13Artikel  Les vers sur les Neuf Preux
Cropp, Glynnis M.. (2002) - In: Romania Bd. 120 (2002) S. 449-482

14Artikel  Le Char saint Martin: désignation de la Grande Ourse.
Cropp, Glynnis M.. (2002) - In: Zeitschrift für romanische Philologie Bd. 118 (2002) S. 173-181

15Artikel  An Italian translation of "Le livre de Boece de consolacion"
Cropp, Glynnis M.. (2002) - In: Carmina philosophiae Bd. 11 (2002) S. 1-8

16Artikel  An Italian translation of "Le livre de Boece de consolacion"
Cropp, Glynnis M.. (2001) - In: Carmina philosophiae Bd. 10 (2001) S. 23-30

17Buchbeitrag  Christine de Pizan and Alexander the Great
Cropp, Glynnis M.. (2000) - In: Studies Angus J. Kennedy S. 125-134, 320-322

18Buchbeitrag  The Figure of Hercules in the Medieval FrenchTranslations of the Consolatio Philosophiae
Cropp, Glynnis M.. (1999) - In: Studies Kenneth Raymond Dutton S. 67-78

19Buchbeitrag  The Medieval French Tradition
Cropp, Glynnis M.. (1997) - In: Boethius in the Middle Ages. Latin and Vernacular Traditions of the Consolatio Philosophiae S. 243-265

20Artikel  The Ulysses and Circe Episode in "Le Livre de Boece de Consolacion" and the tradition of the French Translations
Cropp, Glynnis M.. (1996) - In: Aumla Bd. 85 (1996) S. 1-13

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