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Deskriptoren: Crouch, David Bruce (1953-)

1Sammelwerk  Taking the Field: Knighthood and Society in the Middle Ages
Crouch, David BruceDeploige, Jeroen [Hrsg.]. - Louvain (2018)

2Monographie  Medieval Britain, c. 1000-1500
Crouch, David Bruce. - New York (2017)

3Buchbeitrag  The Violence of the Preudomme
Crouch, David Bruce. (2017) - In: Studies Richard W. Kaeuper S. 87-101

4Monographie  Medieval Britain, c. 1000 - 1500
Crouch, David Bruce. - New York (2017)

5Buchbeitrag  Beaumont, Robert de, count of Meulan and first earl of Leicester (d. 1118), magnate
Crouch, David Bruce. (2016) - In: Oxford dictionary of national biography

6Buchbeitrag  The Battle of the Countesses: the Division of the Honour of Leicester, March-December 1207
Crouch, David Bruce. (2015) - In: Essays Edmund King S. 179-212

7Buchbeitrag  Athelings, duces and comites in Insular Societies, 800-1300
Crouch, David Bruce. (2015) - In: Rank and Order S. 117-130

8Monographie  The acts and letters of the Marshal family: marshals of England and earls of Pembroke, 1145 - 1248
Crouch, David Bruce. - Cambridge [u.a.] (2015)

9Artikel  Caville Manor and the Enterprise of the Twelfth-Century Bishops of Durham
Crouch, David Bruce. (2014) - In: The Yorkshire archaeological journal Bd. 86 (2014) S. 124-137

10Sachtitel  Lost letters of medieval life: English society, 1200 - 1250
Carlin, MarthaCrouch, David Bruce [Hrsg.]. - Philadelphia (2013)

11Buchbeitrag  La spiritualité de Philippe de Remy, bailli capétien, poète et seigneur de Beaumanoir
Crouch, David Bruce. (2011) - In: Chevalerie et christianisme aux XIIe et XIIIe siècle S. 123-138

12Monographie  The English aristocracy: 1070 - 1272 ; a social transformation
Crouch, David Bruce. - New Haven (2011)

13Sammelwerk  Normandy and Its Neighbours, 900-1250: Essays for David Bates
Crouch, David BruceThompson, Kathleen Hapgood [Hrsg.]. - Turnhout (2011)

14Buchbeitrag  The Roman des Franceis of Andrew de Coutances: Significance, Text, and Translation
Crouch, David Bruce. (2011) - In: Essays David Bates S. 175-198

15Buchbeitrag  The Warenne Family and its Status in the Kingdom of England
Crouch, David Bruce. (2011) - In: Princely rank in late medieval Europe S. 281-308

16Buchbeitrag  Baronial Paranoia in King John's Reign
Crouch, David Bruce. (2010) - In: Magna Carta and the England of King John S. 45-62

17Buchbeitrag  The Complaint of King John against William de Briouze (c. September 1210)
Crouch, David Bruce. (2010) - In: Magna Carta and the England of King John S. 168-180

18Buchbeitrag  The Perpetual Performance and Emergence of Heritage
Crouch, David Bruce. (2010) - In: Culture, heritage and representation S. 57-74

19Buchbeitrag  La cour seigneuriale en Angleterre aux XIIe-XlIIe siècles
Crouch, David Bruce. (2009) - In: Les seigneuries dans l'espace Plantagenêt (c. 1150 - c. 1250) S. 31-40

20Buchbeitrag  Chivalry and Courtliness: Colliding Constructs
Crouch, David Bruce. (2009) - In: Essays Maurice Keen S. 32-48

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