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Deskriptoren: Curcic, Slobodan (1940-2017)

1Buchbeitrag  The Church as a symbol of the cosmos in Byzantine architecture and art
Curcic, Slobodan. (2013) - In: Heaven and earth. 1. Art of Byzantium from Greek collections S. 102-108

2Buchbeitrag  Architecture in Byzantium, Serbia and the Balkans Through the Lenses of Modern Historiography
Curcic, Slobodan. (2013) - In: Serbia and Byzantium. Proceedings S. 9-32

3Artikel  Visible And Invisible Aspects Of Building The Fortified Palace Of Smederevo And Its Historical Significance
Curcic, Slobodan. (2013) - In: Zbornik radova Vizantoloskog Instituta Bd. 50 (2013) S. 835-851

4Buchbeitrag  Divine light: constructing the immaterial in Byzantine art and architecture.
Curcic, Slobodan. (2012) - In: Architecture of the sacred. Space, ritual, and experience from classical Greece to Byzantium S. 307-337

5Buchbeitrag  Diaconicon as a monastic cell: the questions of special functional intentions in monastic church architecture of Serbia and Byzantium.
Curcic, Slobodan. (2012) - In: Symmeikta. Zbornik radova povodom cetrdeset godina Instituta S. 191-209

6Buchbeitrag  Bibliography of Published Writings
Curcic, Slobodan. (2011) - In: Studies Slobodan Curcic S. 299-304

7Buchbeitrag  Aesthetic shifts in late antique art: abstaction, dematerialization, and two-dimensionality.
Curcic, Slobodan. (2011) - In: Transition to Christianity S. 67-71

8Buchbeitrag  Weiterführende Gedanken zu den palatinen Aspekten der Cappella Palatina in Palermo
Curcic, Slobodan. (2011) - In: Die Cappella Palatina in Palermo. Geschichte, Kunst, Funktionen S. 131-146

9Buchbeitrag  Architecture as Icon
Curcic, Slobodan. (2010) - In: Architecture as icon. Perception and representation of architecture in Byzantine art S. 3-38

10Sammelwerk  Architecture as icon: perception and representation of architecture in Byzantine art
Curcic, SlobodanChatzetryphonos, Euangelia K. [Hrsg.]. - New Haven (2010)

11Buchbeitrag  Christianization of Thessalonike-: the making of Christian "urban iconography".
Curcic, Slobodan. (2010) - In: From Roman to early Christian Thessalonike. Studies in religion and archaeology S. 213-244

12Monographie  Architecture in the Balkans: from Diocletian to Süleyman the Magnificent
Curcic, Slobodan. - New Haven, Conn. [u.a.] (2010)

13Buchbeitrag  Representations of Towers in Byzantine Art: The Question of Meaning
Curcic, Slobodan. (2009) - In: Essays Lois Drewer S. 1-38

14Buchbeitrag  Bizantine aspect of church towers in Norman Sicily
Curcic, Slobodan. (2009) - In: Byzantino-sicula 5 S. 65-86

15Buchbeitrag  Secular and sacred in Byzantine architecture
Curcic, Slobodan. (2009) - In: Studies Thomas F. Mathews S. 110-117

16Artikel  Gracanica and the cult of the Saintly Prince Lazar
Curcic, Slobodan. (2007) - In: Zbornik radova Vizantoloskog Instituta Bd. 44 (2007) S. 465-472

17Buchbeitrag  "Renewed from the Very Foundations": The Question of the Genesis of the Bogorodica Ljeviska in Prizren
Curcic, Slobodan. (2005) - In: Studies Cecil L. Striker S. 23-36

18Artikel  The role of late byzantine Thessalonike in church architecture in the Balkans
Curcic, Slobodan. (2003) - In: Dumbarton Oaks papers Bd. 57 (2003) S. 65-84

19Buchbeitrag  Houses In the Byzantine World
Curcic, Slobodan. (2002) - In: Everyday life in Byzantium S. 228-239

20Buchbeitrag  Byzantine architecture on Cyprus: an introduction to the problem of the genesis of a regional style
Curcic, Slobodan. (1999) - In: Studies Doula Mouriki S. 71-91

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