RI-Opac: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,3 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Curta, Florin (1965-)

1Buchbeitrag  Angel on earth and heavenly man. St. Sava of Serbia
Curta, Florin. (2018) - In: Portraits of Medieval Eastern Europe, 900-1400 S. 91-99

2Artikel  Coins, forts and commercial exchanges in the sixth- and early seventh-century Balkans
Curta, Florin. (2017) - In: Oxford journal of archaeology Bd. 36 (2017) S. 439-454

3Buchbeitrag  Observatii cu privire la opaitele de lut din Peninsula Balcanica în decursul secolului al VI-lea si la începutul secolului al VII-lea
Curta, Florin. (2017) - In: FS Florin Topoleanu S. 159-240

4Buchbeitrag  Some remarks on ethnicity in medieval archaeology
Curta, Florin. (2017) - In: Medieval archaeology. Critical concepts in archaeology Tl. 4 S. 9-33

5Buchbeitrag  Social Identity on the Platter. Clay Pans in Sixth to Seventh Century Ceramic Assemblages
Curta, Florin. (2017) - In: Entangled identities and otherness in late antique and early medieval Europe S. 132-177

6Artikel  2015 publications on the history and archaeology of Central and Eastern Europe, c. 500 to c. 1250
Curta, Florin. (2016) - In: Medieval and early modern studies for central and eastern Europe Bd. 8 (2016) S. 97-206

7Artikel  Constantinople and the Echo Chamber: the Vlachs in the French Crusade Chronicles
Curta, Florin. (2016) - In: Medieval encounters Bd. 22 (2016) S. 427-461

8Artikel  Burials in Prehistoric Mounds: Reconnecting with the Past in Early Medieval Greece
Curta, Florin. (2016) - In: Revue des études byzantines Bd. 74 (2016) S. 269-285

9Artikel  Sredina srednjoavarskog perioda: opaske o polukružnim privjescima s alkom
Curta, Florin. (2016) - In: Starohrvatska prosvjeta Bd. 43 (2016) S. 199-216

10Buchbeitrag  Observatii asupra tipsiilor de lut din secolele VI-VII
Curta, Florin. (2016) - In: Identitati si schimburi culturale în mileniul I p. Chr. S. 149-246

11Artikel  Theophylact Simocatta revisited. A response to Andreas Gkoutzioukostas.
Curta, Florin. (2016) - In: Byzantion Nea-Hellás Bd. 35 (2016) S. 195-209

12Sammelwerk  Great Events in Religion: An Encyclopedia of Pivotal Events in Religious History (Vol. 1-3)
Curta, FlorinHolt, Andrew [Hrsg.]. - Santa Barbara (2016)

13Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Curta, Florin. (2016)

14Artikel  Monede, castre si schimburi comerciale în peninsula Balcanica (sec. VI-începutul sec. VII)
Curta, Florin. (2016) - In: Plural Bd. 4, 2 (2016) S. 5-26

15Artikel  Postcards from Maurilia, or the historiography of the dark-age cities of Byzantium
Curta, Florin. (2016) - In: PCA. Post classical archaeologies Bd. 6 (2016) S. 141-162

16Buchbeitrag  Avar Blitzkrieg, Slavic and Bulgar Raiders, and Roman Special Ops: Mobile Warriors in the Sixth-Century Balkans
Curta, Florin. (2016) - In: Studies Peter B. Golden S. 69-90

17Buchbeitrag  Burial in early medieval Greece: on ethnicity in Byzantine archaeology
Curta, Florin. (2016) - In: Prof d-r Boris Borisov uchenici i priiateli S. 419-448

18Buchbeitrag  Amphorae and Seals: The "Sub-Byzantine" Avars and the Quaestum Exercitus
Curta, Florin. (2016) - In: FS Csanád Bálint S. 307-334

19Artikel  Shedding light on a murky matter: remarks on 6th to early 7th century clay lamps in the Balkans
Curta, Florin. (2016) - In: Archaeologia bulgarica Bd. 20, 3 (2016) S. 51-116

20Artikel  Imaginea vlahilor la cronicarii cruciadei a IV-a. Pâna unde razbate ecoul discutiilor intelectuale de la Constantinopol? [The Image of the Vlachs from the Chroniclers of the Fourth Crusade. How Far Does the Echo of Constantinopolitan Intellectual Debates Reach?]
Curta, Florin. (2015) - In: Arheologia Moldovei Bd. 38 (2015) S. 25-68

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