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Deskriptoren: Cusato, Michael F. (1953-)

1Sammelwerk  Ordo et sanctitas: the Franciscan spiritual journey in theology and hagiography: a festschrift in honor of J.A. Wayne Hellmann
Cusato, Michael F. [Hrsg.]. - Leiden; Boston (2017)

2Buchbeitrag  Elias of Cortona and the English Friars
Cusato, Michael F.. (2017) - In: The English province of the Franciscans (1224-c.1350) S. 87-108

3Artikel  Bernardino da Feltre's Vision of Social and Economic Justice
Cusato, Michael F.. (2017) - In: The Catholic Historical Review Bd. 103 (2017) S. 224-245

4Buchbeitrag  Mercy Evanescent: Thomas of Celano's Rewrite of the Encounter of Francis with the Leper (2 Celano 9)
Cusato, Michael F.. (2017) - In: FS J.A. Wayne Hellmann S. 66-91

5Buchbeitrag  The Radical Kenewal of Pastoral Care in the Italian Communes. 1150-1250: Prelates. Secular Clergy, and the Mendicant Orders
Cusato, Michael F.. (2016) - In: A companion to priesthood and Holy Orders in the Middle Ages S. 306-345

6Artikel  The Democratization of Prayer: What Francis of Assisi learned in Damietta (1219)
Cusato, Michael F.. (2015) - In: Collectanea Franciscana Bd. 85 (2015) S. 59-82

7Buchbeitrag  From the conversion of heart to the conversion of souls: Franciscan mission and missiology in the early thirteenth century
Cusato, Michael F.. (2015) - In: From La Florida to California S. 1-22

8Buchbeitrag  Cucullus non facit monachum? The Controversy over the Franciscan Habit in the Early Fourteenth Century
Cusato, Michael F.. (2015) - In: Loyalty in the Middle Ages S. 361-405

9Buchbeitrag  Wie soll man dem Volk helfen wieder zu beten? - Was Franz von Assisi in Damiette entdeckte (1219)
Cusato, Michael F.. (2013) - In: Die Orden im Wandel Europas S. 112-132

10Buchbeitrag  Mysticism in the Spiritual Franciscan Tradition
Cusato, Michael F.. (2013) - In: The Wiley-Blackwell companion to Christian mysticism S. 211-328

11Buchbeitrag  "The gospel" according to Francis of Assisi
Cusato, Michael F.. (2012) - In: Etudes André Vauchez S. 257-276

12Buchbeitrag  Francis and the Franciscan movement (1181/2-1226)
Cusato, Michael F.. (2012) - In: The Cambridge companion to Francis of Assisi S. 17-33

13Buchbeitrag  Poverty
Cusato, Michael F.. (2010) - In: The Cambridge history of medieval philosophy Tl. 2 S. 577-592

14Buchbeitrag  Action sociale ou présence fraternelle: le franciscanisme au carrefour (1220-1247)
Cusato, Michael F.. (2010) - In: François d'Assise ... aujourd'hui. Actes S. 95-121

15Buchbeitrag  From the perfectio sancti Evangelii to the sanctissima vita et paupertas: An Hypothesis on the Origin of the Privilegium paupertatis to Clare and Her Sisters at San Damiano
Cusato, Michael F.. (2009) - In: Cusato, The early Franciscan movement (1205-1239) S. 81-102

16Sammelwerk  The early Franciscan movement (1205-1239): history, sources and hermeneutics.
Cusato, Michael F.. - Spoleto (2009)

17Buchbeitrag  "Something's Iost and Must Be Found": The Recovery of the Historical Anthony of Padua
Cusato, Michael F.. (2009) - In: Cusato, The early Franciscan movement (1205-1239) S. 317-338

18Buchbeitrag  Hermitage or Marketplace? The Search for an Authentic Franciscan locus in the World
Cusato, Michael F.. (2009) - In: Cusato, The early Franciscan movement (1205-1239) S. 1-28

19Buchbeitrag  "Non propheta, sed prophanus apostata": The Eschatology of Elias of Cortona and his Deposition as Minister General in 1239
Cusato, Michael F.. (2009) - In: Cusato, The early Franciscan movement (1205-1239) S. 421-448

20Buchbeitrag  Francis of Assisi, Deacon? An Examination of the Claims of the Earliest Franciscan Sources, 1229-1235
Cusato, Michael F.. (2009) - In: Cusato, The early Franciscan movement (1205-1239) S. 283-316

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