RI-Opac: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,3 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Cutler, Anthony (1934-)

1Buchbeitrag  The Grado Ivories: A Forensic Examination
Cutler, Anthony. (2017) - In: Essays Paul Williamson S. 35-44

2Sammelwerk  The Salerno Ivories: Objects, Histories, Contexts
Dell'Aqua, FrancescaCutler, AnthonyKessler, Herbert LeonShalem, AvinoamWolf, Gerhard [Hrsg.]. - Berlin (2016)

3Buchbeitrag  Towards a History of Byzantine Ivory Carving from the Late 6th to the Late 9th Century
Cutler, AnthonyNiewöhner, Philipp. (2016) - In: Mélanges Catherine Jolivet-Lévy S. 89-108

4Buchbeitrag  The Fabric, Facture, and Enduring Enigma of the Salerno Ivories
Cutler, Anthony. (2016) - In: The Salerno Ivories. Objects, Histories, Contexts S. 11-20

5Buchbeitrag  The relics of scholarship: on the production, reproduction, and interpretation of hallowed remains in late antiquity, Byzantium, early Islam, and medieval west.
Cutler, Anthony. (2015) - In: Saints and sacred matter. The cult of relics in Byzantium and beyond S. 309-345

6Buchbeitrag  Alcune osservazioni sulla tecnica e sul materiale degli avori di Salerno
Cutler, Anthony. (2015) - In: Gli avori medievali di Amalfi e Salerno S. 9-20

7Buchbeitrag  Twice is not enough: the biography of a "Byzantine" crucifixion ivory.
Cutler, Anthony. (2014) - In: Essays Annemarie Weyl Carr S. 205-214

8Buchbeitrag  Byzantium and the art of antiquity
Cutler, Anthony. (2013) - In: Heaven and earth. 1. Art of Byzantium from Greek collections S. 166-175

9Buchbeitrag  The idea of likeness in Byzantium
Cutler, Anthony. (2013) - In: Wonderful things. Byzantium through its art S. 261-282

10Buchbeitrag  The Gift of Service: the Charter of the Confraternity of the Virgin of Naupaktos
Cutler, AnthonyNorth, William L.. (2012) - In: Donation et donateurs dans le monde byzantin S. 207-220

11Buchbeitrag  Neglected Bones: Images of the Saints in a Disregarded Medium
Cutler, Anthony. (2012) - In: FS Arne Effenberger S. 45-54

12Artikel  Carving, recarving and forgery: working ivory in the tenth and twentieth centuries
Cutler, Anthony. (2011) - In: West 86th Bd. 18 (2011) S. 182-195

13Buchbeitrag  How and for whom they made the boxes
Cutler, Anthony. (2011) - In: Siculo-Arabic ivories and Islamic painting 1100 - 1300 S. 15-37

14Buchbeitrag  The Limits of Conservatism in the Arts of Byzantium
Cutler, Anthony. (2011) - In: Proceedings of the 22nd International Congress of Byzantine Studies. Plenary papers S. 537-556

15Buchbeitrag  The Salerno ivories: the lessons of technique.
Cutler, Anthony. (2011) - In: The "Amalfi"-"Salerno" ivories and the medieval Mediterranean S. 27-29

16Buchbeitrag  St. Francis and the "Noble Heathen": Notes of Gift Practice in the Ayyubid Era
Cutler, Anthony. (2011) - In: Islamic artefacts in the Mediterranean world. Trade, gift exchange and artistic transfer S. 45-52

17Buchbeitrag  Hiristiyan Doguda Fildisi Oymaciligi Sorunu (On Ikinci ve On Ücüncp Yüzyillar) / Problems of ivory carving in the Christian East (twelfth and thirteenth centuries)
Cutler, Anthony. (2010) - In: Change in the Byzantine World in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries S. 486-494

18Buchbeitrag  Makers and Users
Cutler, Anthony. (2010) - In: A companion to Byzantium S. 301-312

19Buchbeitrag  Problems of ivory carving in the Christian East (twelfth and thirteenth centuries)
Cutler, Anthony. (2010) - In: On ikinci ve on üçüncü yüzyllarda Bizans dünyasinda degisim S. 486-494

20Buchbeitrag  Daily life in Byzantine Constantinople
Cutler, Anthony. (2010) - In: From Byzantion to Istanbul. 8000 years of a capital

RI-Opac SucheTreffer: 165