RI OPAC: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,4 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Donner, Fred McGraw (1945-)

1Buchbeitrag  A Typology of Eschatological Concepts
Donner, Fred McGraw. (2017) - In: Roads to paradise. Continuity and change S. 757-772

2Sammelwerk  Christians and Others in the Umayyad State
Borrut, AntoineDonner, Fred McGraw [Hrsg.]. - Chicago, Ill. (2016)

3Artikel  Arabic 'Fath' as ‘Conquest' and its Origin in Islamic Tradition
Donner, Fred McGraw. (2016) - In: al-Usur al-wusta Bd. 24 (2016) S. 1-14

4Buchbeitrag  Christians and Others in the Umayyad State
Borrut, AntoineDonner, Fred McGraw. (2016) S. 1-9

5Buchbeitrag  Fragments of Three Umayyad Official Documents
Donner, Fred McGraw. (2015) - In: Studies Wadad Kadi S. 28-41

6Artikel  Periodization as a Tool of the Historian, with special reference to Islamic History
Donner, Fred McGraw. (2014) - In: Der Islam. Zeitschrift für Geschichte und Kultur des islamischen Orients Bd. 90 (2014) S. 20-36

7Buchbeitrag  Was Marwan ibn al-Hakam the first Real Muslim?
Donner, Fred McGraw. (2014) - In: Genealogy and Knowledge in Muslim societies. Understanding the past S. 105-114

8Artikel  Muhammad und die frühe islamische Gemeinschaft aus historischer Sicht
Donner, Fred McGraw. (2014) - In: Asiatische Studien Bd. 68 (2014) S. 439-452

9Monographie  How Ecumenical Was Early Islam?
Donner, Fred McGraw. - Seattle (2013)

10Buchbeitrag  Bibliography of the Works of Fred McGraw Donner
Donner, Fred McGraw. (2012) - In: Studies Fred McGraw Donner S. 13-20

11Buchbeitrag  The formation of the Islamic State
Donner, Fred McGraw. (2012) - In: The articulation of early Islamic state structures S. 1-14

12Sammelwerk  The articulation of early Islamic state structures
Donner, Fred McGraw [Hrsg.]. - Farnham [u.a.] (2012)

13Sammelwerk  Pesher Nahum: texts and studies in Jewish history and literature from antiquity through the Middle Ages presented to Norman (Nahum) Golb
Donner, Fred McGrawHolo, JoshuaPardee, Dennis [Bearb.]. Kraemer, Joel L.Wechsler, Michael G. [Hrsg.]. - Chicago, Ill. (2012)

14Buchbeitrag  Introduction: the articulation of early Islamic State structures
Donner, Fred McGraw. (2012) - In: The articulation of early Islamic state structures S. XIII-XLIV

15Buchbeitrag  Qur'ânicization of Religio-Political Discourse in the Umayyad Period
Donner, Fred McGraw. (2011) - In: Hommage Alfred-Louis de Prémare S. 79-92

16Buchbeitrag  Visions of the Early Islamic Expansion: Between the Heroic and the Horrific
Donner, Fred McGraw. (2011) - In: Byzantium in Early Islamic Syria S. 9-29

17Buchbeitrag  The Historian, the Believer, and the Qur'an
Donner, Fred McGraw. (2011) - In: New Perspectives on the Qur'an. The Qur'an in its Historical Context 2 S. 25-37

18Buchbeitrag  ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab, ‘Amr ibn al-‘As, and the Muslim Invasion of Egypt
Donner, Fred McGraw. (2011) - In: FS Ridwan Al-Sayyid S. 67-84

19Buchbeitrag  Umayyad Efforts at Legitimation: The Umayyads' Silent Heritage
Donner, Fred McGraw. (2010) - In: Umayyad legacies. Medieval memories from Syria to Spain S. 187-211

20Buchbeitrag  The Qur'an in Recent Scholarship -- Challenges and Desiderata
Donner, Fred McGraw. (2008) - In: The Qur'an in its historical context S. 29-50

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