RI OPAC: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,5 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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1Artikel  A Winged Word on Marriage: Socrates and the Gnomological Tradition
Lin, Lijuan. (2020) - In: Oriens Bd. 48 (2020) S. 251-281

2Monographie  Stone fidelity: marriage and emotion in medieval tomb sculpture
Barker, Jessica. - Woodbridge (2020)

3Buchbeitrag  Captives, Converts, and Concubines: Gendered Aspects of Conversion to Judaism in the Medieval Near East
Yagur, Moshe. (2020) - In: Language, gender and law in the Judaeo-Islamic milieu S. 88-109

4Buchbeitrag  Disclosing Secret Chaste Marriages in Jerome's Life of Malchus and Stephen the African's Life of Amator
Staat, Klazina. (2020) - In: The hagiographical experiment. Developing discourses of sainthood S. 275-299

5Buchbeitrag  Mixed Marriages and Community Identity in Fifteenth-Century Girona
Guerson, AlexandraLightfoot, Dana Wessell. (2020) - In: Women and community in medieval and early modern Iberia S. 132-150

6Artikel  A marriage, a battle, an honour: the career of Boniface of the Hucpoldings during Rudolf II's Italian reign, 924-26
Manarini, Edoardo. (2020) - In: Early medieval Europe Bd. 28 (2020) S. 289-309

7Monographie  Medieval Considerations of Incest, Marriage, and Penance
Rouillard, Linda Marie. - Cham (2020)

8Buchbeitrag  Transregional Marriages and Strategies of Loyalty: The House of Arenberg Navigating between the Spanish and Austrian Habsburgs, 1630-1700
Verreyken, Sophie. (2020) - In: Transregional Territories. Crossing Borders in the Early Modern Low Countries and Beyond S. 43-69

9Artikel  The materiality of marriage in the artisan community of renaissance Verona
Farrell, Zoe. (2020) - In: The Historical Journal Bd. 63 (2020) S. 243-266

10Buchbeitrag  The marginality of clerics' concubines in the Middle Ages: A reappraisal
Cossar, Roisin. (2020) - In: Rethinking medieval margins and marginality S. 129-145

11Monographie  Stone Fidelity: Memorialising Marriage in Medieval England
Barker, Jessica. - Melton (2020)

12Buchbeitrag  Theorizing Coercion and Consent in Conversion, Apostasy, Ordination, and Marriage (Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries)
Poutrin, Isabelle. (2019) - In: Forced conversion in Christianity, Judaism and Islam S. 86-109

13Artikel  Le questioni sul matrimonio della Summa theologiae nella "Scuola di Salamanca"
Mantovani, Mauro. (2019) - In: Doctor communis Ser. 3, Bd. 2 (2019) S. 165-194

14Sammelwerk  San Tommaso, il matrimonio e la famiglia
Bonino, Serge-ThomasMazzotta, Guido [Hrsg.]. - Città del Vaticano (2019)

15Monographie  Cosmology, law, and elites in late antiquity: marriage and slavery in Zoroastrianism, Eastern Christianity, and Islam
Scheunchen, Tobias. - Baden-Baden (2019)

16Artikel  Natura, ragione pratica, matrimonio secondo san Tommaso
Caffarra, Carlo. (2019) - In: Doctor communis Ser. 3, Bd. 2 (2019) S. 209-218

17Artikel  Mariages consanguins en Morée franque aux XIIIe et XIVe siècles
Guérin, Marie. (2019) - In: Revista de demografía histórica Bd. 37, 2 (2019) S. 95-117

18Monographie  Aristocratic marriage, adultery and divorce in the fourteenth century: the life of Lucy de Thweng (1279-1347)
Wells-Furby, Bridget. - Woodbridge [u.a.] (2019)

19Buchbeitrag  Y a-t-il un espace public de la Réforme grégorienne? L'exemple des traités en faveur du mariage des clercs autour de l'année 1075
Miramon, Charles de. (2019) - In: Les régimes de polémicité au Moyen Âge S. 63-72

20Buchbeitrag  Marriage and Temporality
Heidl, György. (2019) - In: Tempo di Dio, tempo dell'uomo S. 501-510

RI-Opac SucheTreffer: 4389