RI OPAC: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,5 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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1Artikel  The Malt stone as evidence for a morphological archaism: Reconstructing the Proto-Nordic and Proto-Germanic systems of kinship terms
Heltoft, Lars. (2020) - In: North-western European language evolution Bd. 73 (2020) S. 4-20

2Buchbeitrag  Mixed Marriages and Community Identity in Fifteenth-Century Girona
Guerson, AlexandraLightfoot, Dana Wessell. (2020) - In: Women and community in medieval and early modern Iberia S. 132-150

3Artikel  A marriage, a battle, an honour: the career of Boniface of the Hucpoldings during Rudolf II's Italian reign, 924-26
Manarini, Edoardo. (2020) - In: Early medieval Europe Bd. 28 (2020) S. 289-309

4Monographie  Roger II of Sicily: family, faith and Empire in the Medieval Mediterranean worlds
Hayes, Dawn Marie. - Turnhout (2020)

5Buchbeitrag  Women, Family, and Sexuality
Lewis, Margaret. (2020) - In: A companion to late medieval and early modern Augsburg S. 294-315

6Artikel  The Wirrall Family: Doncaster Merchants, Yorkshire Gentry, and Settlers in Ulster, 1514-1641
Barber, Brian. (2020) - In: The Yorkshire archaeological journal Bd. 92 (2020) S. 98-114

7Monographie  Stone fidelity: marriage and emotion in medieval tomb sculpture
Barker, Jessica. - Woodbridge (2020)

8Buchbeitrag  The marginality of clerics' concubines in the Middle Ages: A reappraisal
Cossar, Roisin. (2020) - In: Rethinking medieval margins and marginality S. 129-145

9Artikel  Sobre el destino, la maldición y la obediencia en el ciclo de los Volsungos: la representación de la estructura de parentesco como condena
Martín Paez, Mario. (2020) - In: Revista de literatura medieval Bd. 32 (2020) S. 215-229

10Artikel  A Winged Word on Marriage: Socrates and the Gnomological Tradition
Lin, Lijuan. (2020) - In: Oriens Bd. 48 (2020) S. 251-281

11Monographie  Stone Fidelity: Memorialising Marriage in Medieval England
Barker, Jessica. - Melton (2020)

12Monographie  Medieval Considerations of Incest, Marriage, and Penance
Rouillard, Linda Marie. - Cham (2020)

13Buchbeitrag  Excolentes sacrafontium vel arborum: Pagan Cults, Kinship, and Regimes of Sacralization in the Visigothic Kingdom of Toledo
Dell'Elicine, Eleonora. (2020) - In: Framing Power in Visigothic Society. Discourses, Devices, and Artifacts S. 109-132

14Buchbeitrag  Disclosing Secret Chaste Marriages in Jerome's Life of Malchus and Stephen the African's Life of Amator
Staat, Klazina. (2020) - In: The hagiographical experiment. Developing discourses of sainthood S. 275-299

15Buchbeitrag  Upper Guelders's Four Points of the Compass: Historiography and Transregional Families in a Contested Border Region between the Empire, the Spanish Monarchy and the Dutch Republic
Eßer, Raingard. (2020) - In: Transregional Territories. Crossing Borders in the Early Modern Low Countries and Beyond S. 23-41

16Buchbeitrag  Transregional Marriages and Strategies of Loyalty: The House of Arenberg Navigating between the Spanish and Austrian Habsburgs, 1630-1700
Verreyken, Sophie. (2020) - In: Transregional Territories. Crossing Borders in the Early Modern Low Countries and Beyond S. 43-69

17Buchbeitrag  Family and Friends: Women at the Court of Fernando III
Shadis, Miriam. (2020) - In: The sword and the cross. Castile-León in the era of Fernando III S. 193-223

18Artikel  The materiality of marriage in the artisan community of renaissance Verona
Farrell, Zoe. (2020) - In: The Historical Journal Bd. 63 (2020) S. 243-266

19Buchbeitrag  ‘Towards God religious, towards us most faithful': The Paulet Family, the Somerset Gentry and the Early Tudor Monarchy, 1485-1547
Lambe, Simon. (2020) - In: Loyalty to the Monarchy in Late Medieval and Early Modern Britain, c.1400-1688 S. 85-106

20Buchbeitrag  The Apparition of Leo of Chalcedon. Anna Komnene's Reproduction of a Lost Family Account of the Doukai
Bara, Peter. (2020) - In: Transmitting and circulating the late antique and Byzantine worlds S. 199-225

RI-Opac SucheTreffer: 9830