RI OPAC: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,6 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: FrühmittelalterAsien

1Monographie  The history of hospitals in Iran, 550-1950
Floor, Willem. - Odenton, Maryland (2021)

2Artikel  al-Nuzha al-Sasaniyya by Shirin Maghribi (d. 810/1408). A Recently-Discovered Cosmological Treatise in Persian of the School of Ibn al-Arabi
Martini, Giovanni Maria. (2021) - In: Oriens Bd. 49 (2021) S. 35-94

3Artikel  Between diversity and hegemony: Transformations of kinship and gender relations in Upper Yemen, seventh- to thirteenth-century CE
Gingrich, AndreHeiss, JohannKommer, Odile. (2021) - In: History and anthropology Bd. 32 (2021) S. 188-21

4Buchbeitrag  Iranians in 9th Century Egypt
Reinfandt, Lucian. (2020) - In: Migration histories of the medieval Afroeurasian transition zone S. 225-246

5Artikel  This land is your land: Naturalization in England and Arabia, 500-1000
Abdelkarim, Sherif. (2020) - In: Postmedieval Bd. 11 (2020) S. 396-406

6Sammelwerk  Israel in Egypt: the land of Egypt as concept and reality for Jews in antiquity and the early medieval period
Salvesen, AlisonPearce, SarahFrenkel, Miriam [Hrsg.]. - Leiden [u.a.] (2020)

7Artikel  Cities, Ribats and Other Settlement Types in Palestine from the Seventh to the Early Thirteenth Century: An Exercise in Terminology
Nol, Hagit. (2020) - In: Al-Masaq Bd. 32 (2020) S. 243-274

8Buchbeitrag  Jerusalem in the Roman and Byzantine Periods in Mujir al-Din's Fifteenth-Century History of Jerusalem and Hebron
Schick, Robert. (2019) - In: Radical traditionalism. The influence of Walter Kaegi S. 23-34

9Buchbeitrag  Diplomatic Networks of Rasulid Yemen in Egypt (Seventh/Thirteenth to Early Ninth/Fifteenth Centuries)
Vallet, Eric. (2019) - In: Mamluk Cairo, a crossroads for embassies S. 581-603

10Buchbeitrag  Defining Limits in limes of Shifting Borders: Jewish Life in Fifth-Century Palestine
Weiss, Zeev. (2019) - In: The fifth century. Age of transformation S. 105-120

11Artikel  The Cross-cultural Spread of Greek Philosophy (and Indian Moral Tales) to 6th Century Persian and Syriac
Sorabji, Richard. (2019) - In: Studia graeco-arabica Bd. 9 (2019) S. 147-164

12Buchbeitrag  Christian Archaeology in Palestine: The Roman and Byzantine Periods
Taylor, Joan E.. (2019) - In: The Oxford handbook of early Christian archaeology S. 369-390

13Buchbeitrag  Building Heavenly Jerusalem: Thoughts on Imperial and Aristocratic Construction in Constantinople in the 9th and 10th Centuries
Savage, Matthew. (2019) - In: Byzantium in dialogue with the mediterranean S. 67-90

14Buchbeitrag  Recent archaeological research on monasteries in Palæstina Byzantina: an update on distribution
Patrich, Joseph. (2019) - In: La vie quotidienne des moines en Orient et en Occident (IVe-Xe siècle). 2 S. 77-106

15Buchbeitrag  Land Tenure, Land Tax and Social Conflictuality in Iraq from the Late Sasanian to the Early Islamic Period (Fifth to Ninth Centuries CE)
Campopiano, Michele. (2019) - In: Authority and control in the countryside S. 464-499

16Monographie  Women in early medieval China
Hinsch, Bret. - Lanham, Md. [u.a.] (2019)

17Buchbeitrag  From one End of the (Post)Sasanian World to the Other. Mobility and Migration between the Caucasus, Central Asia and the Persian Gulf in the 4th to 9th Century CE
Preiser-Kapeller, Johannes. (2019) - In: Sasanidische Spuren in der byzantinischen, kaukasischen und islamischen Kunst und Kultur S. 9-17

18Buchbeitrag  Global Medieval at the "End of the Silk Road," circa 756 CE: The Shoso-in Collection in Japan
Hu, Jun. (2018) - In: Re-assessing the global turn in medieval art history S. 177-202

19Monographie  Fragile biography: The life cycle of ceramics and refuse disposal patterns in late Antique and early medieval Palestine
Taxel, Itamar. - Louvain (2018)

20Buchbeitrag  La mémoire des Patriarches dans l'Église melkite: le cas de Christophore d'Antioche (Xe siècle)
Boudier, Mathilde. (2018) - In: Les vivants et les morts dans les sociétés médiévales S. 43-58

RI-Opac SucheTreffer: 1479