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1Artikel  Supralocalisation Processes in Early Modern English Urban Vernaculars
Gordon, MoraghOudesluijs, TinoAuer, Anita. (2020) - In: International journal of English studies Bd. 20, 2 (2020) S. 47-66

2Artikel  Spanish Arabic loanwords in late Middle and early Modern English
Roig Martin, Amanda Dafne. (2020) - In: Selim Bd. 25 (2020) S. 173-185

3Artikel  Epithet and Esteem: The Reception of Momus in Early Modern English Culture
Navitsky, Joseph. (2020) - In: International journal of the classical tradition Bd. 27 (2020) S. 531-553

4Monographie  Convents and novices in early modern English dramatic works: in medias res
Rapatz, Vanessa L.. - Berlin (2020)

5Buchbeitrag  Citing scripture in late medieval and early modern English morality drama
Shrank, Cathy. (2020) - In: Enacting the bible in medieval and early modern drama S. 104-119

6Monographie  The typographic imaginary in early modern English literature
Stenner, Rachel. - London [u.a.] (2019)

7Artikel  Expressions of Knowledge in Early Modern English- and German-Language Midwifery and Gynaecological Texts (ca. 1500-1700): On the Use of Pronominal Subjects and that-Complement Clauses
Whitt, Richard J.. (2019) - In: Neuphilologische Mitteilungen Bd. 120 (2019) S. 83-

8Buchbeitrag  Meta-, Mega-, and Multiple Emotions in Early Modern English Terminology
White, R. S.. (2019) - In: Before emotion. The language of feeling, 400-1800 S. 185-198

9Artikel  Maternity and Justice in the Early Modern English Court of Chancery
Capern, Amanda L.. (2019) - In: Journal of British Studies Bd. 58 (2019) S. 701-716

10Artikel  Epistemic modals in early Modern English history texts. Analysis of gender variation
Alvarez Gil, Francisco J.. (2018) - In: Revista de lingüística y lenguas aplicadas Bd. 13 (2018) S. 13-20

11Artikel  Middle and Early Modern English Medical Recipes: Some Notes on Specialised Terminology
Sylwanowicz, Marta. (2018) - In: Anglica (Warszawa) Bd. 27, 2 (2018) S. 89-101

12Buchbeitrag  Binomials in the Middle English and Early Modern English Versions of Boccaccio's De mulieribus claris
Sauer, Hans (Anglist). (2018) - In: Essays William Marx S. 83-107

13Monographie  I Write My Woe: Pain in Late Medieval and Early Modern English Literature
Barton, Amanda C.. - [Saint Louis University] (2018)

14Monographie  Shakespeare in Geneva: early modern English books (1475-1700) at the Martin Bodmer Foundation
Erne, Lukas. - Paris (2018)

15Buchbeitrag  Comparison, Analogy, and Knowledge in Literature: Some Basic Considerations and the Case of Early Modern English Texts
Schneider, Ralf. (2018) - In: Analogy, copy, and representation. Interdisciplinary perspectives S. 139-??

16Monographie  Queen of heaven: the assumption and coronation of the Virgin in early modern English writing
Grindlay, Lilla. - Notre Dame, Ind. (2018)

17Monographie  Noisy Isles: Sounds and Otherness in Medieval and Early Modern English Literature
Sophonpanich, Rawitawan. - [University of Hawai] (2018)

18Buchbeitrag  Verbal and Visual Communication in Title Pages of Early Modern English Specialised Medical Texts
Ratia, MauraSuhr, Carla. (2017) - In: Verbal and visual communication in early English texts S. ??

19Buchbeitrag  Whose Letters Are They Anyway? Addressing the Issue of Scribal Writing in Bess of Hardwick's Early Modern English Letters
Marcus, I.J.. (2017) - In: Verbal and visual communication in early English texts S. ??

20Artikel  The Experience of Exile in Early Modern English Convents
Walker, Claire. (2017) - In: Parergon Bd. 34, 2 (2017) S. 159-177

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