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Deskriptoren: Gaposchkin, Marianne Cecilia (1970-)

1Buchbeitrag  Kingship and Crusade in the First Four Moralized Bibles
Gaposchkin, Marianne Cecilia. (2017) - In: The Capetian Century, 1214-1314 S. 71-113

2Buchbeitrag  The liturgical memory of July 15, 1099: between history, memory, and eschatology
Gaposchkin, Marianne Cecilia. (2017) - In: Remembering the Crusades and crusading S. 34-48

3Artikel  Liturgy and devotion in the crusader states: introduction
Shagrir, IrisGaposchkin, Marianne Cecilia. (2017) - In: Journal of Medieval History Bd. 43 (2017) S. 359-366

4Monographie  Invisible weapons: liturgy and the making of crusade ideology
Gaposchkin, Marianne Cecilia. - Ithaca, NY [u.a.] (2017)

5Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Gaposchkin, Marianne Cecilia. (2016)

6Artikel  The Feast of the Liberation of Jerusalem in London, British Library Additional 8927 Reconsidered
Gaposchkin, Marianne Cecilia. (2015) - In: Mediaeval Studies Bd. 77 (2015) S. 127-182

7Artikel  The echoes of victory: liturgical and para-liturgical commemorations of the capture of Jerusalem in the West
Gaposchkin, Marianne Cecilia. (2014) - In: Journal of Medieval History Bd. 40 (2014) S. 237-259

8Sammelwerk  The sanctity of Louis IX: early lives of Saint Louis by Geoffrey of Beaulieu and William of Chartres
Field, Larry F. [Bearb.]. Gaposchkin, Marianne CeciliaField, Sean L. [Hrsg.]. - Ithaca, NY [u.a.] (2014)

9Buchbeitrag  The Captivity of Louis IX
Gaposchkin, Marianne Cecilia. (2014) - In: Kings in captivity . Macroeconomy. Economic growth S. 85-114

10Artikel  Questioning the Capetians, 1180-1328
Field, Sean L.Gaposchkin, Marianne Cecilia. (2014) - In: History Compass Bd. 12 (2014) S. 567-585

11Buchbeitrag  Talking about Kingship when Preaching about Saint Louis
Gaposchkin, Marianne Cecilia. (2013) - In: Preaching and political society S. 135-172

12Artikel  The Place of Jerusalem in Western Crusading Rites of Departure (1095-1300)
Gaposchkin, Marianne Cecilia. (2013) - In: The Catholic Historical Review Bd. 99 (2013) S. 1-28

13Buchbeitrag  Louis IX and Liturgical Memory
Gaposchkin, Marianne Cecilia. (2013) - In: Memory and Commemoration in Medieval Culture S. 261-278

14Artikel  From Pilgrimage to Crusade: The Liturgy of Departure, 1095-1300
Gaposchkin, Marianne Cecilia. (2013) - In: Speculum Bd. 88 (2013) S. 44-91

15Sammelwerk  Blessed Louis, the most glorious of kings: texts relating to the cult of Saint Louis of France
Katz, Phyllis B. [Bearb.]. Gaposchkin, Marianne Cecilia [Hrsg.]. - Notre Dame, Ind. (2012)

16Artikel  Origins and Development of the Pilgrimage and Cross Blessings in the Roman Pontificals of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries
Gaposchkin, Marianne Cecilia. (2011) - In: Mediaeval Studies Bd. 73 (2011) S. 261-286

17Buchbeitrag  Place, Status, and Experience in the Miracles of Saint Louis
Gaposchkin, Marianne Cecilia. (2010) - In: Miracles and Social Status in the Middle Ages S. 249-266

18Buchbeitrag  The Place of the Crusades in the Sanctification of Saint Louis
Gaposchkin, Marianne Cecilia. (2010) - In: Crusades. Medieval worlds in conflict S. 195-210

19Buchbeitrag  Political Ideas in Liturgical Offices of Saint Louis
Gaposchkin, Marianne Cecilia. (2009) - In: Political plainchant? Music, text and historical context of Medieval Saints' Offices S. 59-80

20Artikel  Louis IX et la mémoire liturgique
Gaposchkin, Marianne Cecilia. (2009) - In: Revue d'histoire de l'église de France Bd. 95 (2009) S. 23-34

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