RI OPAC: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,5 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Gardner, Julian (1940-)

1Buchbeitrag  Saints 'Names and Painters' Names: Anthroponymy and Mediaeval Italian Art
Gardner, Julian. (2017) - In: Studi Serena Romano S. 423-436

2Buchbeitrag  Gregory X and St Anne: The Arezzo Scapular
Gardner, Julian. (2017) - In: Essays Paul Williamson S. 95-102

3Buchbeitrag  The Facade of Orvieto Cathedral: from Curia to Comune
Gardner, Julian. (2017) - In: Cristo e il potere. Teologia, antropologia e politica S. 305-322

4Buchbeitrag  Opus anglicanum and its medieval patrons
Gardner, Julian. (2016) - In: English medieval embroidery. Opus anglicanum S. 49-60

5Buchbeitrag  From gold altar to gold altarpiece: the "Pala d'Oro" and Paolo Veneziano.
Gardner, Julian. (2016) - In: Encountering the Renaissance S. 259-278

6Buchbeitrag  The Long Goodbye: the Artistic Patronage of the Italian Cardinals in Avignon, c. 1305-c. 1345
Gardner, Julian. (2016) - In: Courts and Courtly Cultures in Early Modern Italy and Europe S. 343-358

7Buchbeitrag  Papal Exactions, Royal Gifts and fashionable Cardinals. The Curial Clientele for Opus Anglicanum c. 1300-70
Gardner, Julian. (2016) - In: The age of Opus Anglicanum S. 22-35

8Buchbeitrag  Il polittico Baroncelli per Santa Croce: gli ultimi anni a Firenze.
Gardner, Julian. (2015) - In: Giotto, l'Italia S. 140-153

9Monographie  Giotto e i francescani, Tre paradigmi di committenza
Gardner, Julian. - Roma (2015)

10Buchbeitrag  Bernardo Daddi in Rome and other travellers
Gardner, Julian. (2014) - In: Scritti Maria Andaloro Tl. 1 S. 411-418

11Buchbeitrag  Clarifìcations: Poverty, Lineage and Display in S. Chiara at Naples
Gardner, Julian. (2014) - In: La Chiesa e il Convento di santa Chiara S. 195-226

12Buchbeitrag  Importation, hybridation ou innovation ? Le tombeau du pape Jean XXII à Avignon dans son contexte européen
Gardner, Julian. (2014) - In: Les transferts artistiques dans l'Europe gothique S. 337-352

13Buchbeitrag  Constantine, St. Peter, Pope Gregory IX, and St. Francis: the franciscan transept in question.
Gardner, Julian. (2013) - In: Renaissance studies Joseph Connors (2013) Tl. 1 S. 37-41

14Monographie  The roman crucible: the artistic patronage of the papacy 1198-1304 /
Gardner, Julian. - München (2013)

15Buchbeitrag  French patrons abroad and at home: 1260-1300
Gardner, Julian. (2011) - In: Rome across time and space S. 265-277

16Buchbeitrag  "For whom thè beli tolls": A Franciscan Bell-Founder, Franciscan Bells and a Franciscan Patron in Late Thirteenth-Century Rome
Gardner, Julian. (2011) - In: Medioevo. I committenti S. 460-468

17Buchbeitrag  The architecture of cardinals' seals (c. 1244-1304)
Gardner, Julian. (2011) - In: Pourquoi les sceaux ? La sigillographie, nouvel enjeu S. 437-450

18Buchbeitrag  The Tomb of Cardinal Guillaume De Bray in its European context
Gardner, Julian. (2010) - In: Arnolfo di Cambio. Il monumento del cardinale Guillaume De Braye S. 52-66

19Buchbeitrag  Aedificia iam in regales surgunt altitudines: The Mendicant Great Church in the Trecento
Gardner, Julian. (2010) - In: Communes and despots in medieval and renaissance Italy S. 307-330

20Buchbeitrag  The placement of inscriptions on painting sculpture in Italy c.1250 - c.1350: Contexts and status
Gardner, Julian. (2010) - In: Las inscripciones góticas. II Coloquio internacional de epigrafía medieval S. 351-365

RI-Opac SucheTreffer: 121