RI OPAC: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,6 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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1Buchbeitrag  Anglo-Saxon Glosses and Grammar
Lendinara, Patrizia. (2020) - In: The Oxford Handbook of Latin Palaeography S. 943-956

2Buchbeitrag  A Possible Anglo-Saxon Execution Cemetery at Werg, Mildenhall (Cvnetio), Wiltshire and the Wessex-Mercia Frontier in the Age of King Cynewulf
Reynolds, Andrew. (2020) - In: Studies Barbara Yorke S. 245-275

3Buchbeitrag  Der Teufel im sächsischen Garten: Loki und eine Jenseitsreise in der altsächsisch-altenglischen Genesis B
North, Richard. (2020) - In: Between the worlds. Contexts, sources, and analogues of Scandinavian otherworld journeys S. 76-114

4Buchbeitrag  'Piscium quem vos haked nuncupatis'. Communautés monastiques et imaginaire maritime dans l'Angleterre anglo-saxonne
Lestremau, Arnaud. (2020) - In: Communautés maritimes et insulaires du premier Moyen Âge S. 175-194

5Buchbeitrag  The Anglo-Saxon Chapel of St Helen at Malmesbury
Hare, Michael. (2020) - In: Studies Barbara Yorke S. 427-442

6Artikel  The ‘Northwest Essex Anglo-Saxon Ring', Falconry and Pagan-Christian Discursive Space
Wallis, Robert J.. (2020) - In: Cambridge archaeological journal Bd. 30 (2020) S. 413-432

7Buchbeitrag  Women in the Anglo-Saxon Missionary Circles
Lifshitz, Felice. (2020) - In: A companion to Boniface S. 68-96

8Monographie  The moral economy of the countryside: Anglo-Saxon to Anglo-Norman England
Faith, Rosamond Jane. - Cambridge (2020)

9Artikel  Home thoughts of abroad: Ohthere's Voyage in its Anglo-Saxon context
Allport, Ben. (2020) - In: Early medieval Europe Bd. 28 (2020) S. 256-288

10Artikel  What Do We Mean by Anglo-Saxon? Pre-Conquest to the Present
Wilton, David R.. (2020) - In: Journal of English and Germanic Philology Bd. 119 (2020) S. 425-456

11Artikel  The Middle English Athelston and 1381, Part I: The Politics of Anglo-Saxon Identity
Battles, Dominique. (2020) - In: Studies in philology Bd. 117 (2020) S. 1-39

12Buchbeitrag  Alcuin's Letters Sent from Francia to Anglo-Saxon and Frankish Women Religious
Nelson, Jinty. (2020) - In: Studies Barbara Yorke S. 355-372

13Buchbeitrag  Fortress London: War and the making of an Anglo-Saxon city
Naismith, Rory. (2020) - In: Writing battles. New perspectives on warfare and memory in medieval Europe S. 77-106

14Artikel  Borges, Solomon and Saturn: "Un diálogo anglosajón del siglo XI" (1961)
Gomes Gargantala, Miguel A.. (2020) - In: Selim Bd. 25 (2020) S. 37-60

15Monographie  Late Anglo-Saxon prayer in practice: before the Books of Hours
Thomas, Kate Heulwen. - Berlin (2020)

16Monographie  Literary research and the Anglo-Saxon and medieval eras: strategies and sources
Booher, Dustin. - Lanham (2020)

17Sammelwerk  From Sibawayhi to 'Ahmad Hasan al-Zayyat: new angles on the Arabic linguistic tradition
Sheyhatovitch, BeataKasher, Almog [Hrsg.]. - Leiden [u.a.] (2020)

18Artikel  The Proleptic Fantasy of Anglo-Saxon Crusade in a Manuscript for King Henry VI
Parker, Leah Pope. (2020) - In: Journal of English and Germanic Philology Bd. 119 (2020) S. 89-120

19Artikel  Middle Anglo-Saxon Downham Road, Ely: extending the West Fen Road site
Cessford, Craig. (2020) - In: The archaeological journal Bd. 177 (2020) S. 31-62

20Buchbeitrag  Anglo-Saxons, evangelization, and cultural anxiety: The impact of conversion on Ihe margins of Europe
DeAngelo, Jeremy. (2020) - In: Rethinking medieval margins and marginality S. 45-56

RI-Opac SucheTreffer: 11709