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Deskriptoren: Gertwagen, Ruthi (1952-)

1Buchbeitrag  The naval power of Venice in the eastern Mediterranean in the Middle Ages
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2017) - In: The Sea in history. 2. The medieval world S. 170-183

2Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2016)

3Buchbeitrag  Towards a Maritime Eco-history of the Byzantine and Medieval Eastern Mediterranean
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2016) - In: The inland seas. Towards an ecohistory of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea S. 341-368

4Buchbeitrag  A Chapter on Maritime History: Shipping and Nautical Technology of Trade and Warfare in the Medieval Mediterranean, 11th-16th Century
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2016) - In: Maritimes Mittelalter. Meere als Kommunikationsräume S. 109-146

5Sammelwerk  The inland seas: towards an ecohistory of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea
Bekker-Nielsen, TønnesGertwagen, Ruthi [Hrsg.]. - Stuttgart (2016)

6Buchbeitrag  Nautical Technology
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2014) - In: A companion to Mediterranean history S. 154-169

7Artikel  Venice's policy towards the Ionian and Aegean islands, c. 1204-1423
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2014) - In: International journal of maritime history Bd. 26 (2014) S. 529-548

8Buchbeitrag  Fiscal and Technological Limitations on Venetian Military Engineers in the Stato da Mar in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2013) - In: Military Engineers and the Making of the Early Modern State S. ??

9Buchbeitrag  Is there a Typology of Pirate Crews and Ships across the Byzantine and Medieval Mediterranean? (11th to 15th Century)
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2013) - In: Seeraub im Mittelmeerraum. Piraterie, Korsarentum und maritime Gewalt von der Antike bis zur Neuzeit S. 67-82

10Artikel  Conclusion. New insights to the study of Venice and the Mediterranean
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2013) - In: Studi veneziani Ser. NS, Bd. 67 (2013) S. 383-386

11Artikel  Venice, Genoa and the fights over the island of Tenedos (late fourteenth and early fifteenth century)
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2013) - In: Studi veneziani Ser. NS, Bd. 67 (2013) S. 35-88

12Sammelwerk  Shipping, Trade and Crusade in the Medieval Mediterranean: Studies in Honour of John Pryor
Gertwagen, RuthiJeffreys, Elizabeth M. [Hrsg.]. - Farnham (2012)

13Buchbeitrag  Shipping and maritime technology o f trade and warfare in the Medieval. Mediterranean, 11th - 16th Century
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2012) - In: Thema: "Maritimes Mittelalter: Meere als Kommunikationsräume" S. 8-12

14Buchbeitrag  Byzantine Shipbuilding in Fifteenth-century Venetian Crete: War Galleys and the Link to the Arsenal in Venice
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2012) - In: Studies John Pryor S. 115-130

15Sammelwerk  When Humanities Meet Ecology. Historic changes in the Mediterranean and Black Sea marine biodiversity and ecosystems since the Roman period until nowadays. Languages, methodologies and perspectives
Gertwagen, Ruthi [Hrsg.]. - Roma (2011)

16Artikel  The Island or Corfu in Venetian Policy in the Fourteenth and Early Fifteenth Centuries
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2007) - In: International journal of maritime history Bd. 19, 1 (2007) S. 181-210

17Buchbeitrag  The Contribution of Venice's colonies to its naval warfare in the Eastern Mediterranean in the Fifteenth century
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2007) - In: Mediterraneo in armi (s. XV-XVIII) S. 53-110

18Buchbeitrag  Harbours and facilities along the eastern Mediterranean sea lanes to Outremer
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2006) - In: Logistics of warfare in the Age of the Crusades S. 95-118

19Buchbeitrag  Características de las embarcaciones marítimas del Mediterráneo durante los siglos XIII-XV
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2004) - In: Mediterraneum. El esplendor del Mediterráneo medieval s. XIII-XV S. 542-561

20Artikel  Does naval activity - military and commercial - need artificial ports? The case of Venetian harbours and ports in the Ioanian and Aegean Sea till 1500
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2004) - In: Graeco-Arabica Bd. 9/10 (2004) S. 163-182

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