RI-Opac: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,3 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Gertwagen, Ruthi (1952-)

1Buchbeitrag  The naval power of Venice in the eastern Mediterranean in the Middle Ages
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2017) - In: The Sea in history. 2. The medieval world S. 170-183

2Buchbeitrag  Towards a Maritime Eco-history of the Byzantine and Medieval Eastern Mediterranean
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2016) - In: The inland seas. Towards an ecohistory of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea S. 341-368

3Sammelwerk  The inland seas: towards an ecohistory of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea
Bekker-Nielsen, TønnesGertwagen, Ruthi [Hrsg.]. - Stuttgart (2016)

4Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2016)

5Buchbeitrag  A Chapter on Maritime History: Shipping and Nautical Technology of Trade and Warfare in the Medieval Mediterranean, 11th-16th Century
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2016) - In: Maritimes Mittelalter. Meere als Kommunikationsräume S. 109-146

6Buchbeitrag  Nautical Technology
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2014) - In: A companion to Mediterranean history S. 154-169

7Artikel  Venice's policy towards the Ionian and Aegean islands, c. 1204-1423
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2014) - In: International journal of maritime history Bd. 26 (2014) S. 529-548

8Artikel  Venice, Genoa and the fights over the island of Tenedos (late fourteenth and early fifteenth century)
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2013) - In: Studi veneziani Ser. NS, Bd. 67 (2013) S. 35-88

9Buchbeitrag  Is there a Typology of Pirate Crews and Ships across the Byzantine and Medieval Mediterranean? (11th to 15th Century)
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2013) - In: Seeraub im Mittelmeerraum. Piraterie, Korsarentum und maritime Gewalt von der Antike bis zur Neuzeit S. 67-82

10Artikel  Conclusion. New insights to the study of Venice and the Mediterranean
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2013) - In: Studi veneziani Ser. NS, Bd. 67 (2013) S. 383-386

11Buchbeitrag  Fiscal and Technological Limitations on Venetian Military Engineers in the Stato da Mar in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2013) - In: Military Engineers and the Making of the Early Modern State S. ??

12Buchbeitrag  Shipping and maritime technology o f trade and warfare in the Medieval. Mediterranean, 11th - 16th Century
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2012) - In: Thema: "Maritimes Mittelalter: Meere als Kommunikationsräume" S. 8-12

13Buchbeitrag  Byzantine Shipbuilding in Fifteenth-century Venetian Crete: War Galleys and the Link to the Arsenal in Venice
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2012) - In: Studies John Pryor S. 115-130

14Sammelwerk  Shipping, Trade and Crusade in the Medieval Mediterranean: Studies in Honour of John Pryor
Gertwagen, RuthiJeffreys, Elizabeth M. [Hrsg.]. - Farnham (2012)

15Sammelwerk  When Humanities Meet Ecology. Historic changes in the Mediterranean and Black Sea marine biodiversity and ecosystems since the Roman period until nowadays. Languages, methodologies and perspectives
Gertwagen, Ruthi [Hrsg.]. - Roma (2011)

16Artikel  The Island or Corfu in Venetian Policy in the Fourteenth and Early Fifteenth Centuries
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2007) - In: International journal of maritime history Bd. 19, 1 (2007) S. 181-210

17Buchbeitrag  The Contribution of Venice's colonies to its naval warfare in the Eastern Mediterranean in the Fifteenth century
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2007) - In: Mediterraneo in armi (s. XV-XVIII) S. 53-110

18Buchbeitrag  Harbours and facilities along the eastern Mediterranean sea lanes to Outremer
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2006) - In: Logistics of warfare in the Age of the Crusades S. 95-118

19Buchbeitrag  Características de las embarcaciones marítimas del Mediterráneo durante los siglos XIII-XV
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2004) - In: Mediterraneum. El esplendor del Mediterráneo medieval s. XIII-XV S. 542-561

20Artikel  Does naval activity - military and commercial - need artificial ports? The case of Venetian harbours and ports in the Ioanian and Aegean Sea till 1500
Gertwagen, Ruthi. (2004) - In: Graeco-Arabica Bd. 9/10 (2004) S. 163-182

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