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Deskriptoren: Gilchrist, Roberta (1965-)

1Buchbeitrag  Monastic and church archaeology
Gilchrist, Roberta. (2017) - In: Medieval archaeology. Critical concepts in archaeology S. 217-235

2Buchbeitrag  Magic for the dead? The archaeology of magic in later medieval burials
Gilchrist, Roberta. (2017) - In: Medieval archaeology. Critical concepts in archaeology Tl. 4 S. 193-236

3Sammelwerk  Medieval archaeology (Vol. 1-4)
Gilchrist, RobertaWatson, Gemma L. [Hrsg.]. - London (2017)

4Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Gilchrist, Roberta. (2016)

5Buchbeitrag  Transforming Medieval Beliefs. The Significance of Bodily Resurrection to Medieval Burial Rituals
Gilchrist, Roberta. (2015) - In: Death and Changing Rituals S. 379-398

6Monographie  Glastonbury Abbey: archaeological investigations, 1904-79
Gilchrist, RobertaGreen, Cheryl. - London (2015)

7Buchbeitrag  The materiality of medieval heirlooms: from biographical to sacred objects
Gilchrist, Roberta. (2013) - In: Mobility, meaning and the transformations of things S. 170-182

8Buchbeitrag  Inclusive, Accessible, Archaeology: Enabling Persons with Disabilities
Phillips, TimGilchrist, Roberta. (2012) - In: The Oxford Handbook of Public Archaeology S. ??

9Monographie  Medieval life: archaeology and the life course
Gilchrist, Roberta. - Woodbridge (2012)

10Buchbeitrag  The Intimacy of Death: Interpreting Gender and the Life Course in Medieval and Early Modern Burials
Gilchrist, Roberta. (2011) - In: Interpreting the early modern world. Transatlantic perspectives S. 159-176

11Buchbeitrag  Life, Death and Memory
Augenti, AndreaGilchrist, Roberta. (2011) - In: The Archaeology of Medieval Europe 2 S. 494-515

12Artikel  Medieval lives: archaeology and the life course
Gilchrist, Roberta. (2010) - In: Scottish archaeological journal Bd. 32 (2010) S. V-VI

13Buchbeitrag  Rethinking later medieval masculinity: the male body in death
Gilchrist, Roberta. (2009) - In: Essays Heinrich Härke S. 236-252

14Buchbeitrag  Medieval Archaeology and Theory: A Disciplinary Leap of Faith
Gilchrist, Roberta. (2009) - In: Reflections. 50 years of medieval archaeology, 1957-2007 S. 385-408

15Sammelwerk  Reflections: 50 years of medieval archaeology, 1957-2007
Gilchrist, RobertaReynolds, Andrew [Hrsg.]. - Leeds (2009)

16Buchbeitrag  'The Elephant in the Room' and Other Tales of Medieval Archaeology
Gilchrist, RobertaReynolds, Andrew. (2009) - In: Reflections. 50 years of medieval archaeology, 1957-2007 S. 1-10

17Artikel  Magic for the Dead? The Archaeology of Magic in Later Medieval Burials
Gilchrist, Roberta. (2008) - In: Medieval archaeology Bd. 52 (2008) S. 119-160

18Buchbeitrag  Nurturing the dead: medieval women as family undertakers
Gilchrist, Roberta. (2008) - In: Engendering social dynamics the archaeology of maintenance activities S. 41-48

19Artikel  Scales and voices in World Historical Archaeology
Gilchrist, Roberta. (2005) - In: World archaeology Bd. 37, 3 (2005) S. 329-336

20Artikel  Cuidando a los muertos: las mujeres medievales en las pompas fúnebres familiares
Gilchrist, Roberta. (2005) - In: Treballs d'Arqueologia Bd. 11 (2005) S. 51-72

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