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Deskriptoren: Glamorgan (Grafschaft)

1Monographie  Memorialisation and the gentry of Glamorgan, 1250-1550
Biebrach, Rhianydd. - [University of Swansea] (2010)

2Buchbeitrag  Effigial Monuments in Fourteenth-Century Glamorgan: Patronage, Production and Plague
Biebrach, Rhianydd. (2010) - In: Monumental industry. The production of tomb monuments S. 114-135

3Artikel  Trial Excavations at the Church Farm Barrow Cemetery, Glamorgan
Lewis, Richard. (2009) - In: Studia Celtica Bd. 43 (2009) S. 1-36

4Artikel  Anglicization in high medieval Wales: the case of Glamorgan
Lieberman, Max (Historiker). (2006) - In: Welsh History Review Bd. 23 (2006) S. 1-26

5Artikel  An Early-medieval Monastic Cemetery at Llandough, Glamorgan: Excavations in 1994
Holbrook, NeilThomas, Alan. (2005) - In: Medieval archaeology Bd. 49 (2005) S. 1-92

6Artikel  The River Garw of Glamorgan and Gara Bridge, Devon
Breeze, Andrew C.. (2003 - 2004) - In: Journal of the English Place Name Society Bd. 36 (2003/04) S. 23-24

7Artikel  The custody of the De Clare castles in Glamorgan and Gwent, 1262-1263
Walker, R. F.Spurgeon, C. Jack. (2003) - In: Studia Celtica Bd. 37 (2003) S. 43-74

8Monographie  Health and socio-economic status in early medieval Wales: an analysis of health indicators and their socio-economic implications in an early medieval human skeletal population from the cemetery site at Llandough, Glamorgan.
Loe, L. K.. - [University of Bristol] (2003)

9Monographie  The scriptorium of Margam Abbey and the scribes of early Angevin Glamorgan: secretarial administration in a Welsh Marcher Barony, c.1150 - c.1225
Patterson, Robert B.. - Woodbridge [u.a.] (2002)

10Sammelwerk  Guns across the Severn: the Victorian fortifications of Glamorgan
- Aberystwyth (2001)

11Artikel  The medieval town defences of Glamorgan
Spurgeon, C. Jack. (2001) - In: Studia Celtica Bd. 35 (2001) S. 161-212

12Artikel  A disputed early-medieval inscribed stone from Barry, Vale of Glamorgan
Holder, NickWardle, Peter. (1999) - In: Medieval archaeology Bd. 43 (1999) S. 216-222

13Artikel  The Neath Abbey Foundation Charter, Glamorgan
Butler, Lawrence A. S.. (1999) - In: Archaeologia Cambrensis Bd. 148 (1999) S. 214-216

14Monographie  Urban development in the Lordships of Glamorgan, Gwynllwg, Caerleon and Usk under the Clare Family, 1217-1314
Penrose, R. L.. - [University of Sussex] (1998)

15Artikel  Excavations at Hen Gastell, Briton Ferry, West Glamorgan, 1991-92
Wilkinson, P. F.. (1995) - In: Medieval archaeology Bd. 39 (1995) S. 1-50

16Buchbeitrag  The Norman Conquest and the Twelve Knights of Glamorgan
Griffiths, Ralph Alan. (1994) - In: Griffiths, Conquerors and Conquered in Medieval Wales S. 19-29

17Buchbeitrag  The Boroughs of the Medieval Lordship of Glamorgan
Griffiths, Ralph Alan. (1994) - In: Griffiths, Conquerors and Conquered in Medieval Wales S. 337-361

18Artikel  Excavations at Loughor Castle, West Glamorgan 1969-73
Lewis, J. M.. (1993) - In: Archaeologia Cambrensis Bd. 142 (1993) S. 99-181

19Buchbeitrag  The Anglo-Norman conquest of Gwent and Glamorgan
Knight, Jeremy K.u.a.. (1993) - In: The Cardiff Area. Proceedings of the 139th Summer Meeting of the Royal Archaeological Institute S. 8-14

20Artikel  Rumney Castle, a ringwork and manorial centre in South Glamorgan
Lightfoot, Kenneth W. B.. (1992) - In: Medieval archaeology Bd. 36 (1992) S. 96-163

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