RI OPAC: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,4 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Graham, Timothy (1954-)

1Buchbeitrag  William Elstobs Planned Edition of the Anglo-Saxon Laws: A Remnant in the Takamiya Collection
Graham, Timothy. (2014) - In: FS Toshiyuki Takamiya S. 268-296

2Sammelwerk  Herbs and healers from the Ancient Mediterranean through the Medieval West: essays in honor of John M. Riddle
Arsdall, Anne vanGraham, Timothy [Hrsg.]. - Farnham [u.a.] (2012)

3Buchbeitrag  The Publications of John M. Riddle, 1964-2010
Riddle, John M.. Arsdall, Anne vanGraham, Timothy [Bearb.]. (2012) - In: Essays John M. Riddle S. 359-366

4Artikel  William Elstob's Planned Edition of the Anglo-Saxon Laws: A Remnant in the Takamiya Collection
Graham, Timothy. (2010) - In: Poetica (Tokyo) Bd. 73 (2010) S. 109-140

5Buchbeitrag  Glosses and notes in Anglo-Saxon manuscripts
Graham, Timothy. (2009) - In: Working with Anglo-Saxon manuscripts S. 159-204

6Monographie  Introduction to manuscript studies
Clemens, RaymondGraham, Timothy. - Ithaca, NY (2007)

7Buchbeitrag  Æthelwold of Winchester (ca. 904/09-984)
Graham, Timothy. (2006) - In: Key figures in medieval Europe S. 9

8Buchbeitrag  Matthew Parker and His Manuscripts: A Study of an Elizabethan Library and Its Use
Graham, Timothy. (2006) - In: The Cambridge history of libraries in Britain and Ireland. 1. To 1640 S. 322-341

9Buchbeitrag  Alexis Master (fl. c.1120-c.1140), manuscript artist
Graham, Timothy. (2004) - In: Oxford dictionary of national biography

10Artikel  The Opening of King Alfred's Preface to the Old English Pastoral Care: Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Hatton 20
Graham, Timothy. (2004) - In: Old English newsletter Bd. 38 (2004) S. 43-50

11Sachtitel  Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts in Microfiche Facsimile. Bd. 11: Corpus Christi College, Cambridge I: MSS 41, 57, 191, 302, 303, 367, 383, 422
Graham, Timothy [Hrsg.]. - Tempe, Ariz. (2003)

12Buchbeitrag  King Cnut's grant of Sandwich to Christ Church, Canterbury: a new reading of a damaged annal in two copies of the "Anglo-Saxon Chronicle"
Graham, Timothy. (2003) - In: Anglo-Saxon studies in memory of Edward B. Irving S. 172-190

13Buchbeitrag  William L'Isle's Letters to Sir Robert Cotton
Graham, Timothy. (2002) - In: Studies Donald G. Scragg S. 353-379

14Buchbeitrag  Anglo-Saxon studies: sixteenth to eighteenth centuries
Graham, Timothy. (2001) - In: A companion to Anglo-Saxon literature S. 415-433

15Sammelwerk  The recovery of Old English: Anglo-Saxon studies in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
Graham, Timothy [Hrsg.]. - Kalamazoo, Mich. (2000)

16Buchbeitrag  Early modern users of Claudius B. iv: Robert Talbot and William L'Isle
Graham, Timothy. (2000) - In: The Old English Hexateuch. Aspects and approaches S. 271-316

17Buchbeitrag  John Joscelyn, pioneer of Old English lexicography
Graham, Timothy. (2000) - In: The recovery of Old English S. 83-140

18Buchbeitrag  Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 57 and its Anglo-Saxon users
Graham, Timothy. (1998) - In: Anglo-Saxon manuscripts and their heritage S. 21-69

19Sammelwerk  Medieval Art: Recent Perspectives. A Memorial Tribute to C.R. Dodwell
Owen-Crocker, Gale R.Graham, Timothy [Hrsg.]. - Manchester (1998)

20Buchbeitrag  Art. Nowell, Laurence (+ 1569 or soon after)
Graham, Timothy. (1998) - In: Medieval England. An encyclopedia S. 552

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