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Deskriptoren: Gregory, Timothy E. (1951-)

1Artikel  Commentary: Medieval and Post-Medieval Archaeology of Greece
Gregory, Timothy E.. (2010) - In: International journal of historical archaeology Bd. 14 (2010) S. 302-307

2Buchbeitrag  Ceramics, Metadata, and Expectations: The Problems of Synthetic Interpretation of Survey Data for Medieval Greece
Gregory, Timothy E.. (2009) - In: Medieval and post-medieval Greece S. 79-88

3Buchbeitrag  Narrative of the Byzantine Landscape
Gregory, Timothy E.. (2006) - In: Papers Roger Scott S. 481-496

4Monographie  A history of Byzantium
Gregory, Timothy E.. - Malden, MA (2005)

5Artikel  Procopius on Greece
Gregory, Timothy E.. (2000) - In: Antiquité tardive Bd. 8 (2000) S. 105-114

6Artikel  The early Middle Ages in history and archaeology
Gregory, Timothy E.. (1998) - In: American journal of archaeology Bd. 102 (1998) S. 819-822

7Buchbeitrag  Art. Theodosius II
Gregory, Timothy E.. (1997 - 1998) - In: Encyclopedia of early Christianity S. 893

8Buchbeitrag  Byzantine Greece
Gregory, Timothy E.. (1996) - In: The Oxford companion to archaeology S. 261-262

9Buchbeitrag  The medieval site on Mt. Tsalika near Sophiko
Gregory, Timothy E.. (1996) - In: The archaeology of medieval Greece S. 61-76

10Sammelwerk  The Corinthia in the Roman Period
Gregory, Timothy E. [Hrsg.]. - Ann Arbor (1994)

11Buchbeitrag  Archaeology and Theoretical Considerations on the Transition from Antiquity to the Middle Ages in the Aegean Area
Gregory, Timothy E.. (1994) - In: Beyond the site. Regional studies in the Aegean area S. 137-160

12Buchbeitrag  An Early-Byzantine (dark-age) settlement at Isthmia: preliminary report
Gregory, Timothy E.. (1994) - In: The Corinthia in the Roman Period S. 149-160

13Buchbeitrag  Local and imported medieval pottery from Isthmia
Gregory, Timothy E.. (1993) - In: La ceramica nel mondo bizantino tra XI e XV secolo e i suoi rapporti con l'Italia S. 283-306

14Artikel  Kastro and Diateichisma as Responses to Early Byzantine Frontier Collapse
Gregory, Timothy E.. (1992) - In: Byzantion Bd. 62 (1992) S. 235-253

15Artikel  Geophysical and surface surveys in the Byzantine fortress at Isthmia, 1985-1986
Gregory, Timothy E.. (1990) - In: Hesperia. Journal of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens Bd. 59 (1990) S. 467-511

16Buchbeitrag  Circulation of Byzantine and medieval pottery in southwestern Cyprus
Gregory, Timothy E.. (1987) - In: Western Cyprus. Connections. Proceedings of an international archaeological symposium S. 199-214

17Artikel  Intensive archaeological survey and its place in Byzantine studies
Gregory, Timothy E.. (1986) - In: Byzantine Studies Bd. 13 (1986) S. 155-175

18Buchbeitrag  Art. Inheritance, Byzantine
Gregory, Timothy E.. (1985) - In: Dictionary of the Middle Ages Tl. 6 S. 451-452

19Artikel  An early Byzantine complex at Akra Sophia.
Gregory, Timothy E.. (1985) - In: Hesperia. Journal of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens Bd. 54 (1985) S. 411-428

20Artikel  Metal-detecting in archaeological excavations
Gregory, Timothy E.Rogerson, Andrew J. G.. (1984) - In: Antiquity. A quarterly review of archaeology Bd. 58, 224 (1984) S. 179-184

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