RI OPAC: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,6 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Großbritannien

1Monographie  Non Angli sed angeli: kult svatých v latinské literature rane stredoveké Anglie
Polehlová, Helena. - Cervený Kostelec (2912)

2Reihe Rulers of the Latin East
- London [u.a.] (2022 -)

3Reihe Medieval documentary cultures
- Martlesham (2022 -)

4Zeitschrift  International journal of Christianity & education
- London (2022 -)

5Monographie  Mirror of the world: literature, maps, and geographic writing in late medieval and early modern England
Roland, Margaret Mary. - London [u.a.] (2022)

6Monographie  Power and Justice in medieval England: the law of patronage and the royal courts
Tate, Joshua C.. - New Haven (2022)

7Buchbeitrag  El vituperio político femenino en la temprana modernidad: Isabel I de Inglaterra en las letras hispánicas
Burguillo López, Francisco Javier. (2022) - In: Mujer, saber y heterodoxia S. 57-68

8Artikel  Keeping Fit in Later Medieval England: Exercise for Man and Beast
Rawcliffe, Carole. (2022) - In: History. The Journal of the Historical Association Bd. 107 (2022) S. 507-525

9Sammelwerk  Global perspectives on early medieval England
Jolly, Karen LouiseBrooks, Britton [Hrsg.]. - Martlesham (2022)

10Monographie  Art and the Formation of Early Medieval England
Karkov, Catherine E.. - Cambridge (2022)

11Buchbeitrag  Nation, Identity, and the Liturgical Cult of St Katherine of Alexandria in Twelfth-Century England
Blasina, James. (2022) - In: Music and liturgy in Medieval Britain and Ireland S. 242-268

12Buchbeitrag  ‘Far Off from the Well-Head': The Production and Circulation of Books in Early Modern Yorkshire
Oates, Rosamund. (2022) - In: Communities of print. Books and their readers in early modern Europe S. 62-78

13Monographie  Memory and the dissolution of the monasteries in early modern England
Lyon, Harriet. - Cambridge [u.a.] (2022)

14Artikel  The congregation and church of England? William Tyndale’s approach to lexical and ecclesiological reform between 1525 and 1535
Martin, Jan J.. (2022) - In: Moreana Bd. 59 (2022) S. 66-95

15Buchbeitrag  The Dominicans and Their Identity in Medieval Britain and Ireland: Evidence from Dominican Gospel Lections
Giraud, Eleanor J.. (2022) - In: Music and liturgy in Medieval Britain and Ireland S. 269-291

16Monographie  Forgeries and historical writing in England, France, and Flanders, 900-1200
Berkhofer, Robert F.. - Martlesham (2022)

17Buchbeitrag  Boy Becoming Man: Liturgical Inversion in the Boy Bishop Ceremony in Medieval England
Fort, Gavin. (2022) - In: Kids those days. Children in medieval culture S. 26-46

18Sammelwerk  Kingship, Lordship and Sanctity in Medieval Britain: Essays in Honour of Alexander Grant
Boardman, Stephen I. [Hrsg.]. - Woodbridge (2022)

19Monographie  L'economia rurale nell'Europa medievale: Francia, Inghilterra, impero: (secoli 9.-15.)
Duby, Georges. - Bari [u.a.] (2022)

20Monographie  Immaterial texts in late medieval England: making English literary manuscripts, 1400-1500
Wakelin, Daniel. - Cambridge (2022)

RI-Opac SucheTreffer: 67114