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Deskriptoren: Guilelmus <de Tyro> (1130c-1186)

1Monographie  Scripture's usefulness to historiography in William of Tyre's "Chronicon"
Whitehead, Amber M.. - [Southern Methodist University] (2007)

2Buchbeitrag  The old French William of Tyre, the Templars and the Assassin envoy
Edbury, Peter W.. (2007) - In: FS Anthony Luttrell S. 25-37

3Artikel  The French translation of William of Tyre's "Historia". The manuscript tradition
Edbury, Peter W.. (2007) - In: Crusades Bd. 6 (2007) S. 69-105

4Buchbeitrag  The old French William of Tyre and the origins of the Templars
Edbury, Peter W.. (2007) - In: Essays Malcolm Barber S. 151-64

5Monographie  L'image du croisé dans les chroniques de Guillaume de Tyr
Boyer, Ketty. - [Université de Lyon] (2006)

6Artikel  Etnonime medievale si dezbateri istoriografice. Studiu de caz: "bulgarii" din cronica lui Guillaume de Tyr [Medieval Ethnonyms and Historiographical Debate. Case Study: The Bulgarians of Guillaume de Tyr's Chronicle]
Cristea, Ovidiu. (2005) - In: Revista istorica NS Bd. 16, 3/4 (2005) S. 167-174

7Buchbeitrag  By the Help of God. Because of Our Sins, and by Chance William of Tyre Explains the Crusades
Lehtonen, Tuomas M. S.. (2005) - In: Medieval history writing and crusading ideology S. 71-84

8Artikel  William of Tyre, Livy, and the Vocabulary of Class
Kostick, Conor. (2004) - In: Journal of the history of ideas Bd. 65 (2004) S. 353-368

9Artikel  Traduire "La Chronique" de Guillaume de Tyr
Langille, Édouard M.. (2003) - In: Le Moyen français Bd. 51/53 (2002/03) S. 387-394

10Buchbeitrag  The Old French translation of William of Tyre as an historical source
Hamilton, Bernard F.. (2003) - In: The Experience of Crusading 2 S. 93-112

11Buchbeitrag  William of Tyre (Guillelmus Tyri) (c. 1130-c. 1185)
Nelson, Paul B.. (2002) - In: The rise of the medieval world S. 453-454

12Artikel  Ego, Willelmus. Personenwahrnehmung und Selbstbild Wilhelms von Tyrus. Karrierist im Kreuzfahrerkönigreich Jerusalem
Staub, Nicole. (2002) - In: Berner historische Mitteilungen Bd. 19 (2002) S. 44

13Artikel  "Prudentes homines ... qui sensus habebant magis exercitatos": a preliminary inquiry into William of Tyre's vocabulary of power
Tessera, Miriam Rita. (2002) - In: Crusades Bd. 1 (2002) S. 63-71

14Monographie  A Middle English chronicle of the First Crusade: the Caxton Eracles (Vol. 1-2)
Guilelmus <de Tyro>. Cushing, Dana [Hrsg.]. - Lewiston, NY [u.a.] (2001)

15Buchbeitrag  William of Tyre and the origin of the Turks: observations on possible sources of the Gesta orientalium principum
Murray, Alan V.. (2001) - In: Etudes Jean Richard S. 217-229

16Buchbeitrag  William of Tyre, the Muslim enemy, and the problem of tolerance
Schwinges, Rainer Christoph. (2001) - In: Tolerance and intolerance. Social conflict in the age of crusades S. 124-132

17Monographie  History of the overseaes territories / William of Tyre
Guilelmus <de Tyro>. - Neuss (2000)

18Buchbeitrag  L'écho d'un prologue: de Guillaume de Tyr à Michel Pintoin
Guenée, Bernard. (2000) - In: Les prologues médiévaux S. 229-243

19Sachtitel  Crusader Syria in the thirteenth century: the Rothelin continuation of the History of William of Tyre with part of the Eracles or Acre text
Shirley, Janet [Bearb.]. - Aldershot [u.a.] (1999)

20Buchbeitrag  Art. William of Tyre c.1130-1186: historian of the Latin east
Nicholson, Helen J.. (1999) - In: Encyclopedia of historians and historical writing Tl. 2 S. 1301-1302

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