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Deskriptoren: Hebriden (Landschaft)

1Artikel  Vikings in the Hebridean economy: methodology and Gaelic language evidence of Scandinavian influence
McDonald, Roderick W.. (2015) - In: Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie Bd. 62 (2015) S. 97-182

2Buchbeitrag  Leisure and Recreation in an Age of Clearance The Case of the Hebridean Michaelmas
Stiubhart, Domhnall Uilleam. (2014) - In: Celtic cosmology. Perspectives from Ireland and Scotland S. 207-248

3Buchbeitrag  Ceramic and Cultural Change in the Hebrides AD 500-1300
Lane, Alan. (2014) - In: Celtic-Norse relationships in the Irish Sea in the Middle Ages 800 - 1200 S. 119-150

4Buchbeitrag  Viking and Late Norse Ceramic Baking Plates in the Hebrides
Lane, Alan. (2013) - In: Studies James Graham-Campbell S. 211-230

5Sammelwerk  Sheffield environmental and archaeological research campaign in the Hebrides. 4: From machair to mountains: archaeological survey and excavation in South Uist
Pearson, Michael Parker [Hrsg.]. - Oxford [u.a.] (2012)

6Monographie  Galloglas: Hebridean and West Highland mercenary warrior kindreds in medieval Ireland
Marsden, John. - Edinburgh (2011)

7Buchbeitrag  Viking-Age and Norse pottery in the Hebrides
Lane, Alan. (2010) - In: The Viking age. Ireland and the West S. 204-216

8Buchbeitrag  Lordship, Land and Environmental Change in West Highland and Hebridean Scotland c.1300 to c.1450
Oram, Richard D.Adderley, W. Paul. (2010) - In: Le interazioni fra economia e ambiente biologico nell'Europa preindustriale secc. XIII-XVIII S. 257-268

9Buchbeitrag  Norwegian crosses in the Hebrides and Shetland?
Fisher, Ian. (2010) - In: The Viking age. Ireland and the West S. 107-112

10Monographie  From Rome to 'the ends of the habitable world': the provision of clergy and church buildings in the Hebrides, circa 1266 to circa 1472
Thomas, Sarah E.. - [University of Glasgow] (2009)

11Artikel  Irish-Scottish connections in the first millennium AD: an evaluation of the links between souterrain ware and Hebridean ceramics
Armit, Ian. (2008) - In: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy C Bd. 108 (2001) S. 1-18

12Buchbeitrag  Scandinavian Naming-Systems in the Hebrides - A Way of Understanding how the Scandinavians were in Contact with Gaels and Picts?
Gammeltoft, Peder. (2007) - In: FS Barbara E. Crawford S. 479-495

13Monographie  Viking-age communities: Pap-names and Papar in the Hebridean Islands
Ahronson, Kristján. - Oxford (2007)

14Artikel  Notes on the Norse impact on Hebridean place-names.
Cox, Richard A. V.. (2007) - In: Journal of Scottish name studies Bd. 1 (2007) S. 139-144

15Buchbeitrag  Conversion and the Church in the Hebrides in the Viking Age: "A Very Difficult Thing Indeed"
Abrams, Lesley J.. (2007) - In: FS Barbara E. Crawford S. 169-193

16Buchbeitrag  Scandinavian influence on Hebridean island names
Gammeltoft, Peder. (2006) - In: FS Gillian Fellows-Jensen S. 53-84

17Monographie  A Norse farmstead in the Outer Hebrides: excavations at mound 3, Bornais, South Uist
Sharples, Niall M.Bond, John. - Oxford (2005)

18Monographie  'Of fish and men' - 'De iasg agus dhaoine': A study of the utilization of marine resources as recovered from selected Hebridean archaeological sites
Cerón-Carrasco, Ruby. - Oxford (2005)

19Buchbeitrag  A Find of Ringerike Art from Bornais in the Outer Hebrides
Sharples, Niall M.. (2004) - In: Land, sea and home. Proceedings S. 255-272

20Artikel  "Rí Innsi Gall, Rí Fionnghall, Ceannas nan Gàidheal": sovereignty and rhetoric in the late medieval Hebrides
McLeod, Wilson C.. (2002) - In: Cambrian medieval Celtic studies Bd. 43 (2002) S. 25-48

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