RI-Opac: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,3 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Hooke, Della (1939-)

1Sammelwerk  Material Culture of Daily Living in the Anglo-Saxon World 3: Water and the Environment in the Anglo-Saxon World
Hyer, Maren CleggHooke, Della [Hrsg.]. - Liverpool (2017)

2Buchbeitrag  Beasts, Birds and Other Creatures in Pre-Conquest Charters and Place-Names in England
Hooke, Della. (2015) - In: Representing Beasts in Early Medieval England and Scandinavia S. 253-282

3Artikel  Old English wald, weald in place-names
Hooke, Della. (2013) - In: Landscape history Bd. 34, 1 (2013) S. 33-49

4Buchbeitrag  Christianity and the 'Sacred Tree'
Hooke, Della. (2013) - In: Trees and timber in the Anglo-Saxon world S. 228-250

5Buchbeitrag  Methodological Approaches to Medieval Rural Settlements and Landscapes
Jones, RichardHooke, Della. (2012) - In: Medieval rural settlement. Britain and Ireland, Ad 800 - 1600 S. 31-42

6Buchbeitrag  "Wealdbara & Swina Maest': Wood Pasture in Early Medieval England
Hooke, Della. (2012) - In: Papers Harold S. A. Fox S. 32-49

7Artikel  The landscape of the Staffordshire hoard
Hooke, Della. (2011) - In: Staffordshire Archaeological and Historical Society transactions Bd. 45 (2011) S. 1-12

8Buchbeitrag  The woodland landscape of early medieval England
Hooke, Della. (2011) - In: Place-names, language and the Anglo-Saxon landscape S. 143-174

9Buchbeitrag  Overview: Rural Production
Hooke, Della. (2011) - In: The Oxford handbook of Anglo-Saxon archaeology S. 315-326

10Buchbeitrag  The nature and distribution of early medieval woodland and wood-pasture habitats
Hooke, Della. (2010) - In: Perspectives in landscape archaeology S. 55-65

11Monographie  Trees in Anglo-Saxon England: literature, lore and landscape
Hooke, Della. - Woodbridge (2010)

12Artikel  The past in the present'-remnant open field patterns in England
Hooke, Della. (2010) - In: Landscape history Bd. 31, 2 (2010) S. 73-75

13Buchbeitrag  Trees in Anglo-Saxon charters: some comments and some uncertainties
Hooke, Della. (2009) - In: Old names - new growth. Proceedings of the 2nd ASPNS Conference S. 75-98

14Buchbeitrag  Early medieval woodland and the place-name term leah
Hooke, Della. (2008) - In: Essays Margaret Gelling S. 365-376

15Artikel  Recent views on the Worcestershire landscape
Hooke, Della. (2008) - In: Transactions of the Worcestershire Archaeological Society Ser. 3, Bd. 21 (2008) S. 91-106

16Buchbeitrag  Uses of Waterways in Anglo-Saxon England
Hooke, Della. (2007) - In: Waterways and canal-building in medieval England S. 37-54

17Buchbeitrag  Names and settlement in Warwickshire Arden.
Hooke, Della. (2003) - In: Essays Richard McKinley S. 66-99

18Sammelwerk  Names, Time and Place: Essays in Memory of Richard McKinley
Hooke, DellaPostles, David A. [Hrsg.]. - Oxford (2003)

19Buchbeitrag  Mercia: landscape and environment
Hooke, Della. (2001) - In: Mercia. An Anglo-Saxon Kingdom in Europe S. 160-172

20Buchbeitrag  Establishing the framework: territories, communications and central places in early medieval England
Hooke, Della. (2000) - In: Territori i societat a l'Edat Mitjana 3 S. 11-58

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