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Deskriptoren: Innozenz I. (401-417)

1Buchbeitrag  Il V secolo: da Innocenzo I (401-417) ad Anastasio II (496-498).
Gianandrea, Manuela. (2016) - In: La committenza artistica dei Papi a Roma nel Medioevo S. 73-108

2Artikel  Innocent I: insight into the history of penance
Fitzgerald, Allan D.. (2008) - In: Revue d'études augustiniennes et patristiques Bd. 54 (2008) S. 95-110

3Artikel  Anastasius I and Innocent I: reconsidering the evidence of Jerome
Dunn, Geoffrey D.. (2007) - In: Vigiliae christianae Bd. 61 (2007) S. 30-41

4Artikel  The date of Innocent I's epistula 12 and the second exile of John Chrysostom
Dunn, Geoffrey D.. (2005) - In: Greek, Roman and Byzantine studies Bd. 45 (2005) S. 155-170

5Buchbeitrag  Roman primacy in the correspondence between Innocent I and John Chrysostom
Dunn, Geoffrey D.. (2005) - In: Giovanni Crisostomo. Oriente e Occidente tra IV e V secolo S. 687-698

6Buchbeitrag  Art. Innocent I (401-417)
McGuire, Brian Patrick. (1999) - In: Encyclopedia of the Vatican and papacy S. 211-212

7Artikel  Roman Shrines of Female Chastity from the Caste Struggle to the Papacy of Innocent I
Palmer, R. E. A.. (1974) - In: Rivista storica dell'antichità Bd. 4 (1974) S. 113-160

8Monographie  Pope Innocent I
Green, Malcolm R.. - [University of Oxford] (1973)

9Monographie  The papacy and the eastern churches from Damasus to Innocent I (366-417)
Taylor, J. J.. - [University of Cambridge] (1971 - 1972)

10Monographie  Innocent I: his life and letters
MacDonald, J.. - [University of Oxford] (1957)

11Artikel  Innocent Ier et le canon de la messe
Capelle, Bernard. (1952) - In: Recherches de théologie ancienne et médiévale Bd. 19 (1952) S. 5-16

12Artikel  Pope Innocent I 'De moninibus recitandis'
Connolly, R. Hugh. (1919) - In: The journal of theological studies Bd. 20 (1919) S. 215-226

13Artikel  Pope Innocent I 'De nominibus Recitandis'
Connolly, R. Hugh. (1918 - 1919) - In: The journal of theological studies Bd. 20 (1918-1919) S. 215-226

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