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Deskriptoren: Irland

1Artikel  Illnesses of the Human Soul and Body according to British and Irish Penitential Books
Witowski, Wojciech Marek. (2021) - In: Vox patrum Bd. 78 (2021) S. 333-346

2Buchbeitrag  The early medieval ecclesiastical enclosures of Dublin: exploring their character, chronology and evolving function in light of excavations across Ireland
Harney, Lorcan. (2021) - In: Medieval Dublin 18 S. 17-127

3Sammelwerk  Medieval Dublin, XVIII: Proceedings of the Friends of Medieval Dublin Symposium 2016
Duffy, Seán [Hrsg.]. - Dublin (2021)

4Monographie  Beyond exclusion: Intersections of ethnicity, sex, and society under English law in medieval Ireland
Hewer, Stephen. - Turnhout (2021)

5Monographie  Aristocratic women in Ireland, 1450-1660: the Ormond family, power and politics
Duffy, Damien. - Martlesham (2021)

6Buchbeitrag  Gelasius of Ireland
Kopp, Lara. (2021) - In: Dictionary of Cistercian Saints

7Buchbeitrag  Slavery or Ransom? Why Vikings Took Captives in Ireland and Beyond
Etchingham, Colmán. (2021) - In: Viking-Age slavery S. 117-146

8Artikel  Residence, Ritual and Rulership: A State-of-the-Art for Royal Places in Early Medieval Ireland
Gleeson, Patrick. (2021) - In: Norwegian archaeological review Bd. 54 (2021) S. 29-55

9Artikel  Royal Settlements as Power Strategies in Seventh- to Ninth-century Britain and Ireland
Turner, Sam. (2021) - In: Norwegian archaeological review Bd. 54 (2021) S. 60-63

10Buchbeitrag  Irland
Edwards, DavidHeffernan, David Patrick. (2021) - In: Konfliktlösung in der Frühen Neuzeit S. 645-658

11Buchbeitrag  From mayor of Dublin to barons of Scrine: the Mareward family in Ireland, c.1360-1564
Jones, Randolph. (2021) - In: Medieval Dublin 18 S. 369-389

12Buchbeitrag  The Kilcorban Madonna: joy and potential in an Irish wooden Virgin and Child.
Williamson, Beth Ann. (2021) - In: Tributes Paul Binski S. 210-219

13Artikel  800 Years of Making: Early Medieval Craftworking and an 8th-Century Decline in Ireland
Hannah, Emma. (2021) - In: Medieval archaeology Bd. 65 (2021) S. 238-268

14Buchbeitrag  Dublin and the Gaelic Irish economy in the eleventh and twelfth centuries
Casey, Denis. (2021) - In: Medieval Dublin 18 S. 128-142

15Buchbeitrag  Dominican Friaries in the Medieval Landscapes of Britain and Ireland: A Comparative Study
Lafaye, Anne-Julie. (2021) - In: A Companion to the English Dominican Province. From Its Beginnings to the Reformation S. 69-111

16Artikel  Moustaches, Mantles, and Saffron Shirts: What Motivated Sumptuary Law in Medieval English Ireland?
Booker, Sparky. (2021) - In: Speculum Bd. 96 (2021) S. 726-770

17Buchbeitrag  The Publication of Entries in the Papal Registers Concerning Great Britain and Ireland
Zutshi, Patrick N. R.. (2021) - In: Zutshi, The Avignon popes and their chancery S. 315-332

18Buchbeitrag  Saints' dedications and the ecclesiastical landscape of Hiberno-Norse Dublin: Irish, Scandinavian and others
Bhreathnach, Edel. (2021) - In: Medieval Dublin 18 S. 143-168

19Artikel  The Colonisation of Uplands in Medieval Britain and Ireland: Climate, Agriculture and Environmental Adaptation
Costello, Eugene. (2021) - In: Medieval archaeology Bd. 65 (2021) S. 151-179

20Buchbeitrag  Neither Rome nor Baghdad: the Crusades - a view from Ireland
Kostick, Conor. (2021) - In: Controversial histories - current views on the Crusades S. 67-69

RI-Opac SucheTreffer: 12002