RI-Opac: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,3 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Konfessionen, Sekten

1Buchbeitrag  Poverty as a Mobile Signifier: Waldensians, Lollards, Dives and Pauper
Amsler, Mark E.. (2012) - In: Experiences of poverty in late medieval and early modern England and France S. 227-252

2Artikel  Not a Lollard mass after all?
Rex, Richard. (2011) - In: The journal of theological studies Bd. 62 (2011) S. 207-217

3Sammelwerk  Eretici ed eresie medievali
Merlo, Grado Giovanni. - Bologna (2011)

4Buchbeitrag  The Lollards' Threefold Biblical Agenda
Dove, Mary. (2011) - In: Wycliffite controversies S. 211-226

5Buchbeitrag  Lollard Writings, Literary Criticism, and the Meaningfulness of Form
Gayk, Shannon Noelle. (2011) - In: Wycliffite controversies S. 135-152

6Buchbeitrag  L'aristocratie anglaise face aux Lollards (fin XIVe - début XVe siècle)
Mairey, Aude. (2011) - In: Le salut par les armes S. 81-92

7Buchbeitrag  Lollards and Protestants Revisited
Marshall, Peter. (2011) - In: Wycliffite controversies S. 295-318

8Buchbeitrag  "To the worschipe of God and profite of his peple': Lollard Sermons on the Parable of the Labourers in the Vineyard
Raschko, Mary. (2011) - In: Wycliffite controversies S. 175-192

9Buchbeitrag  Lollardy, Orthodoxy, and Cognitive Psychology
Lutton, Robert G. A.. (2011) - In: Wycliffite controversies S. 97-120

10Artikel  Not a Lollard Mass After All?
Rex, Richard. (2011) - In: The journal of theological studies Bd. 62 (2011) S. 207-217

11Buchbeitrag  Lollardy and Late Medieval History
Forrest, Ian J.. (2011) - In: Wycliffite controversies S. 121-134

12Buchbeitrag  Lollards et paysans
Genet, Jean-Philippe. (2011) - In: L'hérétique au village. Les minorités religieuses dans l'Europe médiévale S. 253ff.

13Buchbeitrag  The Deafening Silence of Lollardy in the Digby Lyrics
Barr, Helen. (2011) - In: Wycliffite controversies S. 243-260

14Buchbeitrag  Lollard Networks
Jurkowski, Maureen. (2011) - In: Wycliffite controversies S. 261-278

15Buchbeitrag  Protest- und Häresiebewegungen in der römischen Kirchen
Vauchez, André. (2010) - In: Die Geschichte des Christentums 6 S. 315-346

16Sammelwerk  What is a lollard?: dissent and belief in late medieval England
Hornbeck, J. Patrick [Hrsg.]. - Oxford (2010)

17Buchbeitrag  The Reformation, Lollardy, and Catholicism
Marshall, Peter Kenneth. (2010) - In: A companion to Tudor literature S. 15-30

18Artikel  Rethinking the Lollardy of the Lucidarie: The Middle English Version of the Elucidarium and Religious Thought in Late Medieval England
Lewis, Anna. (2010) - In: Florilegium Bd. 27 (2010) S. 209-236

19Artikel  The date of Sir John Clanvowe's The Two Ways and the 'reinvention of Lollardy'
Scattergood, Vincent John. (2010) - In: Medium aevum Bd. 79 (2010) S. 116-121

20Artikel  Apocalyptic Lollards?: the conservative use of the book of Daniel in the English Wycliffite sermons
Hill, Bracy V.. (2010) - In: Church history and religious culture Bd. 90 (2010) S. 1-23

RI-Opac SucheTreffer: 2288