RI OPAC: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,8 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Latinistik

1Reihe Trends in classics. Greek and Latin linguistics
- Berlin [u.a.] (2023 -)

2Artikel  The Bulgarian Tsardom in the Main Latin Sources of the Crusade of Frederick Barbarossa (1189–1190)
Nenov, Kiril. (2023) - In: Bulgarian historical review , 1/2 (2023) S. 3-47

3Artikel  Alcune considerazioni sulla lingua e la lezione del nuovo testimone dei Motti e facezie del Piovano Arlotto (Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Ottoboniano latino 1394)
Zava, Giulia. (2023) - In: Studi e problemi di critica testuale Bd. 106 (2023) S. 85-96

4Buchbeitrag  Searching for Order in the Rule: The Contribution of Philology and Linguistics to the Study of Saint Benedict's Latin
Galdi, Giovanbattista. (2023) - In: Classical philology and linguistics. Old themes and new perspectives S. 619-646

5Artikel  Latin particles in De Tristitia Christi: the fine-tuning of word choice
Cabrillana, Concepción. (2023) - In: Moreana Bd. 60 (2023) S. 38-55

6Artikel  Intuitive cognition in the Latin medieval tradition
Antognazza, Maria Rosa. (2023) - In: British journal for the history of philosophy Bd. 31 (2023) S. 675-692

7Buchbeitrag  Manducare irrationabiliter: pica o apetito irracional en los textos médicos latinos medievales
Recio Muñoz, Victoria. (2023) - In: The Search for Wellbeing and Health between the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period S. 98-109

8Monographie  The Cambridge anthology of British Medieval Latin
White, Carolinne. - Cambridge [u.a.] (2023)

9Buchbeitrag  Some syntactic features of Latin legal texts
Spevak, Olga. (2023) - In: Early Latin. Constructs, Diversity, Reception S. 311-326

10Monographie  Queering medieval Latin rhetoric: silence, subversion, and sexual heterodoxy
Townsend, David R.. - Toronto (2023)

11Buchbeitrag  New Concepts in Ancient Languages: Greek and Latin (and beyond) in the First Christian Letters
Molinelli, Piera. (2023) - In: Classical philology and linguistics. Old themes and new perspectives S. 593-618

12Artikel  The Hagiographic Dossier of Ss Cyrus and John and Its Latin Translations: A Contribution to the Study of a Seventh-Century Migration by Means of Manuscripts and Texts
Ronconi, Filippo. (2023) - In: Medieval encounters Bd. 29 (2023) S. 152-178

13Buchbeitrag  Pico's Latin Manuscripts. Palaeographical and Codicological Observations
Merisalo, Outi. (2023) - In: Late medieval and early modern libraries. Knowledge repositories, guardians of tradition and catalysts of change S. 227-241

14Sammelwerk  The Libri feudorum (the 'Books of Fiefs'): an annotated English translation of the Vulgata recension with Latin text
Stella, Attilio [Bearb.]. - Leiden [u.a.] (2023)

15Buchbeitrag  Primus Juvencus and Other Agents of Change in the Rise of Christian Latin Poetry
Dijkstra, Roald. (2023) - In: Agents of change in the Greco-Roman and early modern periods S. 148-167

16Sammelwerk  Images et analogies dans les textes médicaux latins: Antiquité et Moyen Âge
Palmieri, Nicoletta [Hrsg.]. - Saint-Étienne (2023)

17Artikel  Documentary Formulae as Text Reuse Templates: Constat and Manifestus Clauses in Early Medieval Latin Charters
Korkiakangas, Timo. (2023) - In: Digital Medievalist Bd. 16 (2023) S. 1-44

18Buchbeitrag  Ritornando sulla Collectio Avellana. La subscriptio del notarius Sixtus nel codex Berolinensis Latinus 79
Paolucci, Paola. (2023) - In: The Collectio Avellana and the development of notarial practices in Late Antiquity S. 73-84

19Buchbeitrag  Preposterous Debates: Parodies of Debate in Latin Literature before 1200
Wouters, Dinah. (2023) - In: True Warriors? Negotiating Dissent in the Intellectual Debate (c. 1100–1700) S. 57-89

20Buchbeitrag  Drugs, Provenance, and Efficacy in Early Medieval Latin Medical Recipes
Doolittle, Jeffrey. (2023) - In: Drugs in the Medieval Mediterranean. Transmission and Circulation of Pharmacological Knowledge S. 58-103

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