RI OPAC: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,6 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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1Buchbeitrag  Slave and Free at the End of Antiquity
Grubbs, Judith Evans. (2020) - In: Living the End of Antiquity. Individual Histories from Byzantine to Islamic Egypt S. 181-194

2Buchbeitrag  Slavery and Unfreedom from the Middle Ages to the Beginning of the Early Modern Period
Iversen, Tore. (2020) - In: Peasants, Lords, and State, Comparing Peasant Conditions S. 41-87

3Monographie  The slaves of the churches; a history
Sommar, Mary E.. - New York, NY (2020)

4Monographie  De escravos a indígenas: o longo processo de instrumentalização dos africanos (séculos XV-XX)
Henriques, Isabel Castro. - Casal de Cambra (2020)

5Artikel  Between the Red Sea Slave Trade and the Goa Inquisition: The Odyssey of Gabriel, a Sixteenth-Century Ethiopian Jew
Salvadore, Matteo. (2020) - In: Journal of world history Bd. 31 (2020) S. 327-360

6Monographie  Tree of pearls: the extraordinary architectural patronage of the 13th-century Egyptian slave-Queen Shajar al-Durr
Ruggles, D. Fairchild. - New York (2020)

7Artikel  The study of slavery in the early and central middle ages: Old problems and new approaches
Sutherland, Samuel S.. (2020) - In: History Compass Bd. 18, 11 (2020)

8Buchbeitrag  "Slavery" outside the Slave Trade. The Movement and Status of Captives between Byzantine Calabria and the Islamic World
Curness, Adele. (2020) - In: Transmitting and circulating the late antique and Byzantine worlds S. 102-123

9Monographie  Human Trafficking in Medieval Europe: Slavery, Sexual Exploitation, and Prostitution
Paolella, Christopher. - Amsterdam (2020)

10Buchbeitrag  Measuring the margins: Women, slavery, and the notarial process in late fourteenth-century Mallorca
Mummey, Kevin. (2020) - In: Rethinking medieval margins and marginality S. 111-128

11Buchbeitrag  La delazione nelle fonti barbariche. Il caso dei franchi, degli ostrogoti e dei longobardi
Urso, Carmelina. (2020) - In: Riferire all'autorità. Denuncia e delazione tra Medioevo ed Età Moderna S. 159-174

12Artikel  From War Hero to Slave to Love: On the Reception of Achilles on Scyros in the Renaissance
Galizzi Kroegel, Alessandra. (2020) - In: Ikon Bd. 13 (2020) S. 179-198

13Artikel  Le servage en Périgord méridional au XIVe siècle
Baggio, Jacques. (2020) - In: Bulletin de la Société Historique et Archéologique du Périgord Bd. 147 (2020) S. 157-172

14Artikel  Sicilian Jews and slavery: the case of Jewish community in Messina
Campagna, Giuseppe. (2019) - In: Humanities Bd. 15 (2019) S. 73-88

15Sammelwerk  L'autorità del servo e della madre: ideali e forme di governo in Francesco e Chiara di Assisi
Maranesi, PietroGuida, Marco [Hrsg.]. - Assisi (2019)

16Buchbeitrag  A medieval trade in female slaves from the north alung the Volga
Korpela, Jukka. (2019) - In: Contacts and networks in the Baltic Sea Region S. 129-145

17Buchbeitrag  Defeating the Enemy: the Image of the Turkish Slave in the Adriatic Periphery of the Papal States in the 18th Century
Capriotti, Giuseppe. (2019) - In: Jews and Muslims made visible in Christian Iberia and beyond S. 355-380

18Monographie  Possessed by the right hand: the problem of slavery in Islamic law and Muslim cultures
Freamon, Bernard K.. - Leiden [u.a.] (2019)

19Buchbeitrag  L'esclavage pénal au haut Moyen Âge (VIe-XIe siècle)
Rio, Alice. (2019) - In: La construction sociale du sujet exclu, IVe-XIe siècle S. 83-98

20Buchbeitrag  ‘Fine' della schiavitù antica: Considerazioni inattuali a margine di un'ancora aperta discussione
Mazza, Mario. (2019) - In: Essays Guido Clemente S. 279-326

RI-Opac SucheTreffer: 2130