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Deskriptoren: Ludus coventriae

1Buchbeitrag  The passion plays in Ludus Coventriae and the continental passion plays
Fichte, Joerg O.. (1992) - In: Essays Shinsuke Ando S. 111-120

2Buchbeitrag  Art. Ludus Coventriae
Diller, Hans-Jürgen. (1991) - In: Lexikon des Mittelalters Tl. 5 S. Sp. 2170

3Monographie  Some aspects of st. Bonaventure's reductive method in the "Rohan hours" and "Ludus Coventriae"
Stewart, Amelia Salvatore. - [Ohio State University] (1987)

4Artikel  'Ludus Coventriae' Passion Play I: Action and Interpretation
Wright, Michael J.. (1985) - In: Neuphilologische Mitteilungen Bd. 86 (1985) S. 70-77

5Buchbeitrag  Time, Eternity, and Dramatic form in Ludus Coventriae 'Passion Play I'
Poteet, Daniel P.. (1982) - In: The Drama in the Middle Ages. Comparative and Critical Essays S. 232-248

6Buchbeitrag  Law and Disorder in Ludus Coventriae
Squires, Lynn. (1982) - In: The Drama in the Middle Ages. Comparative and Critical Essays S. 272-285

7Artikel  "Porta haec clausa erit": comedy, conception, and Ezekiel's closed door in the Ludus Coventriae play of "Joseph's Return"
Gibson, Gail McMurray. (1978) - In: Journal of Medieval and Renaissance studies Bd. 8 (1978) S. 137-156

8Artikel  Law and disorder in "Ludus Coventriae"
Squires, Lynn. (1978) - In: Comparative drama Bd. 12 (1978) S. 200-213

9Monographie  Unifying patterns of reconciliation in the "Ludus Coventriae."
Vance, Sidney Jerry. - [Vanderbilt University] (1975)

10Artikel  Symbolic character and form in the Ludus Coventriae "Play of Noah"
Poteet, Daniel P.. (1975) - In: The American Benedictine review Bd. 26 (1975) S. 75-88

11Artikel  Concerning a stage direction in the Ludus Coventriae
Mills, David. (1974) - In: English language notes Bd. 11, 3 (1974) S. 162-164

12Artikel  Two emendations in "Passion play II" of the "Ludus coventriae"
Reid, S. W.. (1973) - In: English language notes Bd. 11, 2 (1973) S. 86-87

13Artikel  Les personnages dans le Théâtre anglais du Moyen Âge d'après le cycle de la Ville de N. ou Ludus Coventriae
Gauvin, Claude. (1972) - In: Revue d'histoire du théâtre Bd. 24 (1972) S. 112-120

14Artikel  Ludus Coventriae: Lincoln or Norfolk?
Eccles, Mark. (1971) - In: Medium aevum Bd. 40 (1971) S. 135-141

15Artikel  Nolo Mortem and the Ludus Coventriae Play of the Woman Taken in Adultery
Meredith, Peter. (1969) - In: Medium aevum Bd. 38 (1969) S. 38-54

16Artikel  The function of "Ludus coventriae" 14
Bryant, Joseph Allen jr.. (1953) - In: Journal of English and Germanic Philology Bd. 52 (1953) S. 340-345

17Artikel  'Out born' in "Ludus Coventriae"
Kökeritz, Helge. (1949) - In: Modern language notes Bd. 64 (1949) S. 88-90

18Artikel  A recent theory of the "Ludus coventriae"
Baugh, Albert Croll. (1933) - In: Philological quarterly Bd. 12 (1933) S. 403-406

19Artikel  The Old Testament plays of "Ludus coventriae"
Salter, Frederick M.. (1933) - In: Philological quarterly Bd. 12 (1933) S. 406-409

20Artikel  A theory concerning the identity and history of the Ludus Coventriae cycle of mystery plays
Clark, Thomas Blake. (1933) - In: Philological quarterly Bd. 12 (1933) S. 144-169

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