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Deskriptoren: Melrose

1Artikel  Medieval Floor and Roof Tiles from Melrose Abbey, Scottish Borders, and the 'Westminster Tilers'
Anderson, Sue. (2013) - In: Medieval archaeology Bd. 57 (2013) S. 238-250

2Artikel  Visions of the Other World from the Cistercian Monastery of Melrose
Birkett, Helen. (2012) - In: Mediaeval Studies Bd. 74 (2012) S. 101-142

3Artikel  A monk from Melrose? St Cuthbert and the Scots in the later middle ages, c. 1371-1560
Turpie, Tom. (2011) - In: The Innes Review Bd. 62 (2011) S. 47-69

4Buchbeitrag  The struggle for sanctity: St Waltheof of Melrose, Cistercian in-house cults and canonisation procedure at the turn of the thirteenth century
Birkett, Helen. (2010) - In: The cult of saints and the Virgin Mary in medieval Scotland S. 43-59

5Buchbeitrag  Zamach na ksiecia Edwarda Angielskiego (1272) w swietle niedokonczonej relacji Chronicon Melrose
Hauzinski, Jerzy. (2010) - In: FS Marek Cetwinski S. 69-82

6Artikel  Graveheart: cult and burial in a Cistercian chapter house - excavations at Melrose, 1921 and 1996
Ewart, Gordon J.Gallagher, Dennis B.Sherman, Paul. (2009) - In: Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland Bd. 139 (2009) S. 257-304

7Sachtitel  The chronicle of Melrose Abbey: a stratigraphic edition. 1, Introduction and facsimile edition
Broun, DauvitHarrison, Julian [Hrsg.]. - Woodbridge [u.a.] (2007)

8Buchbeitrag  Becoming Scottish in the thirteenth century: the evidence of the Chronicle of Melrose
Broun, Dauvit. (2007) - In: FS Barbara E. Crawford S. 19-32

9Artikel  Blessed Waltheof, abbot of Melrose, Scotland
Merton, Thomas. (2007) - In: Cistercian studies quarterly Bd. 42 (2007) S. 440-448

10Buchbeitrag  Lathe Gothic/Retro-Gothic: the third building phase of Melrose Abbey
Wilson, Christopher. (2006) - In: FS Peter Kurmann S. 393-409

11Artikel  Making friends beyond the grave: Melrose Abbey and its lay burials in the thirteenth century
Jamroziak, Emilia. (2005) - In: Citeaux Bd. 56 (2005) S. 323-336

12Monographie  Melrose Abbey
Oram, Richard D.Fawcett, Richard. - Stroud (2004)

13Buchbeitrag  From Flanders to Scotland: the choir stalls of Melrose Abbey in the fifteenth century
Coomans, Thomas. (2004) - In: Essays Peter Fergusson S. 235-260

14Artikel  Jocelin, abbot of Melrose (1170-1174) and bishop of Glasgow (1175-1199)
Shead, Norman F.. (2003) - In: The Innes Review Bd. 54 (2003) S. 1-22

15Buchbeitrag  Cuthbert, Boisil of Melrose and the Northumbrian priest Ecgberht: some historical and hagiographical associations
Kirby, David Peter. (2002) - In: Essays Próinséas Ní Chatháin S. 48-53

16Buchbeitrag  Sources and uses of the Chronicle of Melrose, 1165-1297
Duncan, Archibald Alexander McBeth. (2000) - In: Essays Marjorie Ogilvie Anderson S. 146-185

17Buchbeitrag  Melrose
Blair, John. (1999) - In: The Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Anglo-Saxon England S. 306

18Monographie  Historic Melrose: the archaeological implications of development
Dennison, Elizabeth PatriciaColeman, Russel J.. - Edinburgh (1998)

19Buchbeitrag  Art. Waltheof, hl., Abt des Klosters Melrose (1148/um 1105- 115)
Barrow, Geoffrey Wallis Stewart. (1997) - In: Lexikon des Mittelalters Tl. 8 S. Sp. 2003

20Buchbeitrag  Art. Melrose
Barrow, Geoffrey Wallis Stewart. (1993) - In: Lexikon des Mittelalters Tl. 6 S. Sp. 503

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