RI OPAC: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,7 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Mittelalter-Archäologie

1Sammelwerk  IX Congresso nazionale di archeologia medievale: Alghero, 28 settembre-2 ottobre 2022 (Vol. 1-4)
Milanese, Marco [Hrsg.]. - Sesto Fiorentino (Firenze) (2022)

2Monographie  Notre-Dame de Paris: histoire et archéologie d'une cathédrale (XIIe-XIVe siècle)
Sandron, Dany. - Paris (2021)

3Artikel  The archaeology of complexity and cosmopolitanism in medieval Ethiopia: an introduction
Insoll, Timothy. (2021) - In: Antiquity. A quarterly review of archaeology Bd. 95 (2021) S. 450-466

4Monographie  Zungri: archeologia di un villaggio rupestre medievale nel territorio di Vibo Valentia
Cugno, Santino Alessandro. - Roma (2021)

5Artikel  If the archaeological context is missing: the use of LiDAR prospection to uncover features at the medieval Christian position on Malvecino Hill (Alcalá de Henares, Spain)
Ramírez Galán, Mario. (2021) - In: Archaeological prospection Bd. 28 (2021) S. 25-33

6Artikel  Filling the gap: Peasant Studies and the archaeology of medieval peasantry in light of the Northern Iberian evidence
Quirós Castillo, Juan AntonioTejerizo García, Carlos. (2021) - In: Journal of agrarian change Bd. 21 (2021) S. 377-395

7Artikel  The Medieval Cemetery of St James's Church and the Hospital of St John the Baptist: Archaeological Investigations at 300 High Street, Berkhamsted
Maher, ShaneLangthorne, JamesButler, Jonathan. (2021) - In: Hertfordshire archaeology and history Bd. 18 (2016/19) S. 135-172

8Artikel  Multi-technical study of silver denars from medieval Poland for an improved understanding of their archaeological context and provenance
Hrnjic, M.Röhrs, S.Denker, A.Weisser, B.Stoess, C.Matosz, M.Hoyo-Meléndez, J. M. del. (2021) - In: Archaeometry Bd. 63 (2021) S. 609-626

9Sammelwerk  Toulouse au XIVe siècle: histoire, arts et archéologie: une floraison d'exception au temps de la peste et de la Guerre de Cent Ans
Czerniak, VirginieRiou, Charlotte [Hrsg.]. - Toulouse (2021)

10Sammelwerk  Atti del Convegno internazionale di archeologia medievale nelle Marche: Macerata, 9-11 maggio 2019
Moscatelli, UmbertoSacco, Daniele [Hrsg.]. - Bologna (2021)

11Buchbeitrag  Mortuary Proxies: Archaeological Contextualization of Medieval Legal Practices
Parvanov, Petar. (2021) - In: Law - Book - Culture in the Middle Ages S. 275-295

12Buchbeitrag  The technology of medieval maritime trade. An archaeological perspective on northern Germany and beyond
Rösch, Felix. (2021) - In: Merchants, measures and money. Understanding technologies of early trade in a comparative perspective S. 69-98

13Monographie  Sculture medievali del Museo archeologico nazionale di Aquileia (VIII-XIV secolo)
Murat, ZuleikaVedovetto, Paolo. - Caselle di Sommacampagna (Verona) (2021)

14Artikel  La ceramica dal casale in località Céscole a Itri (LT): nuove fonti archeologiche per lo studio della società bassomedievale tra la contea di Fondi ed il porto di Gaeta
Saccoccio, FedericoDi Cosmo, LuigiAbate, Nicodemo. (2021) - In: Il Capitale culturale Bd. 23 (2021) S. 143-180

15Buchbeitrag  Frühmittelalterliche Archäologie in der Schweiz - der Status quo
Bassing-Kontopidis, Antonie. (2020) - In: Quo vadis, frühgeschichtliche Archäologie? S. 151-170

16Buchbeitrag  Chronologie und Ereignisgeschichte in der frühgeschichtlichen Archäologie. Das 5. und 6. Jahrhundert in Süddeutschland
Friedrich, Matthias. (2020) - In: Quo vadis, frühgeschichtliche Archäologie? S. 95-118

17Monographie  Mikulcice and its hinterland: an archaeological model for medieval settlement patterns on the middle course of the Morava River (7th to mid-13th centuries)
Hladík, Marek. - Leiden [u.a.] (2020)

18Buchbeitrag  Migrations in the Archaeology of Eastern and Southeastern Europe in the Early Middle Ages (Some Comments on the Current State of Research)
Curta, Florin. (2020) - In: Migration histories of the medieval Afroeurasian transition zone S. 101-138

19Artikel  The archaeology of slighting: a methodological framework for interpreting castle destruction in the Middle Ages
Nevell, Richard. (2020) - In: The archaeological journal Bd. 177 (2020) S. 99-139

20Buchbeitrag  Crafting the Early Middle Ages: Creating Synergies between Re-enactors and Archaeologists: An interview with Adam Parsons and Stuart Strong
Parsons, AdamStrong, Stuart. (2020) - In: Digging into the Dark Ages. Early medieval public archaeologies S. 215-244

RI-Opac SucheTreffer: 18502