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1Artikel  Translating Middle English (Im)politeness: The Case of Geoffrey Chaucer's Miller's Tale
Jucker, Andreas H.Seiler, Annina. (2023) - In: The Chaucer review Bd. 58 (2023) S. 35-59

2Artikel  Gender and Conversion in the Middle English Otuel Romances
Melick, Elizabeth Ponder. (2023) - In: The Chaucer review Bd. 58 (2023) S. 89-119

3Artikel  "[And So Water Runneth]": A Middle English Erasure Poem
Durham, Rebecca A.. (2022) - In: Early Middle English Bd. 4, 1 (2022) S. 97-100

4Buchbeitrag  The Mongols of Middle English Literature
Norako, Leila K.. (2022) - In: Essays Thomas Hahn S. 49-76

5Artikel  Animal Umwelt and Sound Milieus in the Middle English Physiologus
Lewis, Liam. (2022) - In: Exemplaria Bd. 34 (2022) S. 24-39

6Monographie  Middle English Medical Recipes and Literary Play, 1375-1500
Bower, Hannah. - Oxford (2022)

7Artikel  Adapting for Genre in the Middle English Chevalere Assigne
Edlich-Muth, Miriam. (2022) - In: Studies in philology Bd. 119 (2022) S. 46-63

8Artikel  Crisis And Ambivalent Futures in Middle English Romance
Sanok, Catherine. (2022) - In: Exemplaria Bd. 34 (2022) S. 252-259

9Monographie  Doublespeak: Translational Doubling in the Wycliffite Bible and Other Old and Middle English Biblical Texts
Diem, Matthew B.. - [University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill] (2022)

10Artikel  "Hende": A Handy Middle English Adjective
D'Anca, Christine. (2022) - In: Early Middle English Bd. 4, 1 (2022) S. 87-95

11Artikel  A Mind of Her Own: Women's Interiority in the Middle English and Older Scots Pastourelles
Klinck, Anne Lingard. (2022) - In: Medieval feminist forum Bd. 57, 2 (2022) S. 79-109

12Buchbeitrag  The three barriers to closure in Hue de Rotelande's Ipomedon and the Middle English translations
Newby, Rebecca. (2022) - In: Cultural translations in medieval romance S. 135-152

13Artikel  English Portions of the Marriage ordo in Manuscripts of German Provenance: An Edition of Two Middle English Texts in Hanover, Stadtbibliothek, Mag. 3, and Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Clm 705
Schultze, Dirk. (2022) - In: Anglia Bd. 140 (2022) S. 224-261

14Artikel  Testing a New Spelling Database Created from The Linguistic Atlas of Early Middle English
Vanková, Marie. (2022) - In: Neuphilologische Mitteilungen Bd. 123 (2022) S. 119-156

15Buchbeitrag  Where Fact Meets Fiction: The Scandinavian Historical Roots of the Middle English Romance Havelok the Dane
Knudson, Michael. (2022) - In: Memory and Identity in the Medieval and Early Modern World S. 85-101

16Sammelwerk  Henry Daniel and the Rise of Middle English Medical Writing
Star, Sarah [Hrsg.]. - Toronto (2022)

17Buchbeitrag  Travel in the Middle English ‘Matter of England' Romances, and the Changing Significations of Horses and Horsemanship
Ford, John C.. (2022) - In: Echoing hooves. Studies on horses and their effects on medieval societies S. 79-111

18Artikel  To Measure Is to Feel: The Mathematics of Middle English Metric Relics
Allen, Valerie. (2022) - In: The Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies Bd. 52 (2022) S. 219-251

19Artikel  The Exploitation of French-English Lexical Transfer in Early Middle English Poetry
Critten, Rory Graham. (2022) - In: Early Middle English Bd. 4, 1 (2022) S. 31-50

20Monographie  The boke of gostely grace: the Middle English translation: a critical edition from Oxford, MS Bodley 220
Mechthild <von Hackeborn>. Atherton, Mark [Bearb.]. Kukita, NaoëMouron, Anne [Hrsg.]. - Liverpool (2022)

RI-Opac SucheTreffer: 4000