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Deskriptoren: Orthodoxie

1Monographie  Depicting Orthodoxy in the Russian Middle Ages: The Novgorod Icon of Sophia, the Divine Wisdom
Kríza, Ágnes. - Oxford (2022)

2Buchbeitrag  Buttressing Orthodoxy: Imagining Hagia Sophia and Celebrating Constantinople in Sixteenth-Century Russia
Boeck, Elena N.. (2022) - In: Eclecticism in late medieval visual culture at the crossroads of the Latin, Greek, and Slavic traditions S. 103-130

3Monographie  Infernal Bodies: Lazarus Saturday in the Development of the Triodion
Roumas, Sarah N.. - [University of Notre Dame] (2021)

4Buchbeitrag  The Crusades confront the orthodox - a Greek Cypriot viewpoint
Coureas, Nicholas. (2021) - In: Controversial histories - current views on the Crusades S. 39-41

5Artikel  Orthodox Liturgical Rites at Pregnancy Loss: Ritual Responses to Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Abortion in Late Byzantium
Glibetic, Nina. (2021) - In: Journal of Orthodox Christian Studies Bd. 4 (2021) S. 151-179

6Buchbeitrag  The kontakion "On earthquakes and fires" (Eis ekaston seismon kai emprismon) of Romanos the Melodist or about the theological erminia of history
Prelipcean, Alexandru. (2021) - In: Studia patristica 104 S. 165-175

7Buchbeitrag  Dying, Death and Burial in the Christian Orthodox Tradition: Byzantium and the Greek Churches, ca. 1300-1700
Chitwood, Zachary. (2021) - In: A companion to death, burial, and remembrance in late Medieval and early modern Europe c.1300-1700 S. 199-224

8Buchbeitrag  Monotheism: Christianity: Greek and Latin Patristics and Orthodox Churches
Nuffelen, Peter van. (2021) - In: Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception Tl. 19 S. 876-878

9Artikel  [Materials to the Catalog Description of Manuscripts Excerpted for Bibliotheca Homiletica Balcano-Slavica (BHomBS). I. Triodion Panegyric from the Hilandar Monastery No. 190]
Ivanova, Klimentina I.. (2021) - In: Palaeobulgarica Bd. 45, 1 (2021) S. 3-36

10Buchbeitrag  The Use of the Septuagint in the Liturgy and Lectionary of the Greek Orthodox Church
Lee, John A. L.. (2021) - In: The Oxford handbook of the Septuagint S. 573-588

11Artikel  The Empire Strikes Back: Multi-Faith Cyprus and Byzantine Orthodox Culture in Seventeenth-Century Eastern Mediterranean
Kyriacou, Chrysovalantis. (2021) - In: Cerae Bd. 8 (2021) S. 3-34

12Buchbeitrag  Russian Orthodox Monasticism from 988 to 1917
Kenworthy, Scott M.. (2020) - In: The Oxford Handbook of Christian Monasticism S. 478-494

13Buchbeitrag  The Library of the Serbian Orthodox Krupa Monastery in Northern Dalmatia
Pilipovic, Radovan. (2020) - In: Monastic libraries in East Central and Eastern Europe between the Middle Ages and the Enlightenment S. 218-228

14Buchbeitrag  Painted chrysobulls in Byzantine churches: documents or inscriptions? (or neither?)
Melvani, Nicholas. (2020) - In: Griechisch-byzantinische Handschriftenforschung. Traditionen, Entwicklungen, neue Wege S. 267-276

15Buchbeitrag  Die Synode von 843 als Wendepunkt in der Bekämpfung von Häresien in Byzanz. Der Fall des "Synodikons der Orthodoxie"
Maksimovic, Kirill A.. (2020) - In: Konzilien und kanonisches Recht in Spätantike und frühem Mittelalter S. 251-261

16Monographie  Dukat und griechisch-orthodoxes Patriarchat von Antiocheia in mittelbyzantinischer Zeit (969-1084)
Todt, Klaus-Peter. - Wiesbaden (2020)

17Artikel  Entre la tiare et le turban. Les relations entre le clergé grec orthodoxe et Rome dans le contexte de la domination ottomane (XVIe-XVIIe siècles)
Laliberté de Gagné, Alexandra. (2020) - In: Mélanges de l'Ecole française de Rome. Moyen Âge Bd. 132, 1 (2020)

18Buchbeitrag  Ein römischer Bauernkalender (Menologium rusticum Colotianum)
Färber, Roland. (2020) - In: Zeit in den Kulturen des Altertums. Antike Chronologie im Spiegel der Quellen S. 541-549

19Artikel  A Meadow that Lifts the Soul: Originality as Anthologizing in the Byzantine Church Interior
Willson, Justin. (2020) - In: Journal of the history of ideas Bd. 81 (2020) S. 1-21

20Buchbeitrag  The Merovingians and Byzantium: Diplomatic, Military, and Religious Issues, 500-700
Esders, Stefan. (2020) - In: The Oxford handbook of the Merovingian world S. 347-369

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