RI-Opac: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,3 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Palästina

1Buchbeitrag  Medieval silk textiles from excavations in the land of Israel
Shamir, OritBaginski, Alisa. (2019) - In: Studies David Jacoby (2019) S. 327-335

2Buchbeitrag  Migration to and within Palestine in the early Islamic period: two archaeological paradigms
Taxel, Itamar. (2019) - In: Migration and migrant identities in the Near East from antiquity to the middle ages S. 222-243

3Buchbeitrag  "The journeys of my soul in this land of Canaan" by Yitshak ben Sirota
Gruber, Isaiah. (2018) - In: Portraits of Medieval Eastern Europe, 900-1400 S. 166-177

4Artikel  Late Antique Ionic Column Capitals in the Countryside of Central Palestine between Provincial Trends and Classical Traditions
Taxel, Itamar. (2018) - In: Studies in Late Antiquity Bd. 2 (2018) S. 84-125

5Artikel  Family Rural Churches in Late Antique Palestine and the Competition in the ‘Field of Religious Goods': A Socio-Historical View
Ashkenazi, Jacob. (2018) - In: The Journal of Ecclesiastical History Bd. 69 (2018) S. 709-727

6Buchbeitrag  Political and Civilian Elites in Mamluk Palestine (1260-1516). Some Preliminary Comments
Amitai, Reuven. (2018) - In: Die Interaktion von Herrschern und Eliten in imperialen Ordnungen des Mittelalters S. 125-146

7Buchbeitrag  Literary mimesis and the Late Antique Layer in John Doukas' (or Phokas') Description of Palestine
Westberg, David. (2018) - In: Reading Late Antiquity S. 205-224

8Sammelwerk  Portraying the Land: Hebrew Maps of the Land of Israel from Rashi to the Early 20th Century
Rubin, Rekhav [Hrsg.]. - Berlin (2018)

9Monographie  Seeking out the land: land of Israel traditions in ancient Jewish, Christian and Samaritan literature (200 BCE-400 CE)
Safrai, Ze'ev. - Leiden [u.a.] (2018)

10Buchbeitrag  Masculinities, Carnal Israel, and Antisemitisms
Seidler, Victor. (2018) - In: The medieval roots of antisemitism. Continuities and discontinuities S. 225-239

11Artikel  "The Daughters of Israel": An Analysis of the Term in Late Ancient Jewish Sources
Ahuvia, MikaGribetz, Sarit Kattan. (2018) - In: The Jewish quarterly review Bd. 108 (2018) S. 1-27

12Monographie  Fragile biography: The life cycle of ceramics and refuse disposal patterns in late Antique and early medieval Palestine
Taxel, Itamar. - Louvain (2018)

13Artikel  First-Century Galilee - New Discoveries
Aviam, Mordechai. (2018) - In: Early christianity Bd. 9 (2018) S. 219-226

14Artikel  Von Hesychie zu Ökonomie: Zur Finanzierung der Wüstenklöster Palästinas (5.-6. Jh.)
Klein, Konstantin M.. (2018) - In: Millennium-Jahrbuch Bd. 15 (2018) S. 37-68

15Buchbeitrag  The development of Roman water supply systems until the Middle Ages: Shown by the example of the Roman province of Iudaea Palestina (Israel): Three examples of technology transfer in the Holy Land - Israel.
Tsuk, TsvikaPeleg, Yehuda. (2017) - In: Wasserversorgung in Toledo und Wissensvermittlung von der Antike ins Mittelalter S. 59-81

16Buchbeitrag  The use of Greek in first-century Palestine: an issue of method in dialogue with Scott D. Charlesworth
Ong, T. Hughson. (2017) - In: Essays Stanley E. Porter S. 218-236

17Buchbeitrag  Las jerarquías léxicas en el Nuevo chico diccionario judeo­español-francés de Salomón Israel Cherezlí
Álvarez López, Cristobal José. (2017) - In: Actas del XVIII Congreso de Estudios Sefardíes S. 15-34

18Buchbeitrag  I Genovesi in Siria-Palestina (secc. XI-XV)
Balard, Michel. (2017) - In: Balard, Gênes et la mer S. 915-938

19Monographie  Philosopher-monks, episcopal authority, and the care of the self: The Apophthegmata Patrum in fifth-century Palestine
Smith, Zachary B.. - Turnhout (2017)

20Artikel  Non inueni tantam fidem in Israel: la péricope de Facte de foi du centurion {Matt. 8:5-13) interprétée dans les Sermones in Matthaeum d'Augustin d'Hippone
Pauliat, Marie. (2017) - In: Studia patristica Bd. 98 (2017) S. 91-102

RI-Opac SucheTreffer: 5575