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Deskriptoren: Papsttum

1Buchbeitrag  How Popes Governed Christendom?
Salonen, Kirsi. (2024) - In: How medieval Europe was ruled S. 14?.

2Reihe Gallia Pontificia Online
(2023 -)

3Buchbeitrag  "Rags of popery". Dressing and addressing the material culture of disrupted faith in early modern England
Brooks, Mary M.. (2023) - In: In-Between Textiles, 1400-1800. Weaving subjectivities and encounters S. 185-201

4Artikel  An Inquisitive Historian and a Papal Inquisitor. Robert E. Lerner's Reading of the 1332 Inquisition Records of Friar John of Schwenkenfeld
Kras, Pawel. (2023) - In: Oliviana Bd. 7 (2023)

5Artikel  Sorrow, masculinity and papal authority in the writing of Pope Innocent III (1198-1216) and his curia
Day, Kirsty. (2023) - In: Journal of Medieval History Bd. 49 (2023) S. 201-226

6Buchbeitrag  The Significance of Pope Paul II and his Library in the Dissemination of Flavio Biondo's (1392-1463) Decades
Puputti, Taneli. (2023) - In: Late medieval and early modern libraries. Knowledge repositories, guardians of tradition and catalysts of change S. 257-264

7Buchbeitrag  Espressioni di dissenso nell'interazione tra il papato e i capitoli cattedrali
Cappuccio, Caterina. (2023) - In: Manifestare e contrastare il dissenso (secoli XI-XIV) S. 259-268

8Buchbeitrag  Why Did a Viking King Meet a Pope?: Cnut's Imperial Politics, Scandinavian Commercial Networks, and the Journey to Rome in 1027
Ozawa, Minoru. (2023) - In: Communicating Papal authority in the Middle Ages S. 131-144

9Sachtitel  Regesta Pontificum Romanorum ab condita ecclesia ad annum post Christum natum MCXCVIII. Tomus 5, (ab a. MLXXIII usque ad a. MXCIX)
Berkes, MagdalenaBreunig, JessicaWerner, Judith [Bearb.]. Jaffé, PhilippHerbers, Klaus [Hrsg.]. - Göttingen (2023)

10Artikel  Las reliquias de Benedicto XIII (1342-1423) y Clemente VIII (1369-1447), dos papas aragoneses
Calvo Asensio, Juan Carlos. (2023) - In: Anuario de estudios medievales Bd. 53 (2023) S. 575-609

11Monographie  Papes en guerre !: La papauté et la violence armée au Moyen Âge
Hanne, Olivier. - Huningue (2023)

12Artikel  Il crimen heresis nelle strategie di governo del papato avignonese: un inedito processo contro Francesco Ordelaffi, signore di Forlì (1346-1348)
Fusaroli Casadei, Enrico. (2023) - In: Riforma e movimenti religiosi Bd. 13 (2023) S. 5-42

13Sachtitel  Böhmer, J. F., Regesta Imperii I. Die Regesten des Kaiserreichs unter den Karolingern 751-918 (987). Bd. 4. Papstregesten, 800-911. Tl. 1. 800 (795)-844
Unger, Veronika [Bearb.]. - Wien [u.a.] (2023)

14Monographie  Rekonfigurationen regionaler Ordnungen: Die religiösen Gemeinschaften in Lothringen und das Papsttum (ca. 930-1130)
Engl, Hannes. - Köln (2023)

15Buchbeitrag  Allori araldici per un papa che "era di sì vile natione che non avea arma e fece per arma la chiave»
Rehberg, Andreas. (2023) - In: Niccolò V. Allegorie di un pontefice S. 239-268

16Buchbeitrag  Absolutely Essential, but Incompletely Edited, Inadequately Summarized, and Frequently Misunderstood: Papal Registers and the Latin East, with the Example of Archbishop John of Neopatras, ca. 1207-1219
Schabel, Christopher. (2023) - In: Innocenz III., Honorius III. und ihre Briefe. Die Edition der päpstlichen Kanzleiregister im Kontext der Geschichtsforschung S. 169-184

17Monographie  Benedicto XIII: el papa templario que luchó contra Roma
Más, Javier. - Córdoba (2023)

18Monographie  The papacy and ecclesiology of Honorius II (1124-1130): church governance after the concordat of Worms
Veneziani, Enrico. - Woodbridge (2023)

19Monographie  England and the Papacy in the Early Middle Ages: Papal Privileges in European Perspective, c. 680-1073
Savill, Benjamin. - Oxford (2023)

20Artikel  Power, celebration and circuits of legitimation: the local use of papal letters in late twelfth-century Denmark
Christensen, Emil LaugeEsmark, KimFonnesberg-Schmidt, Iben. (2023) - In: Journal of Medieval History Bd. 49 (2023) S. 353-369

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