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Deskriptoren: Patronage

1Buchbeitrag  Art and Patronage: An Analysis of Selected Illuminated Manuscripts from Santa Croce in the National Library of Florence
Mariani, Benedetta. (2023) - In: Libri e lettori al tempo di Dante. La Biblioteca di Santa Croce in Firenze S. 63-76

2Monographie  Ideology and Patronage in Byzantium: Dedicatory Inscriptions and Patron Images from Middle Byzantine Macedonia and Thrace
Zarras, Nektarios. - Turnhout (2023)

3Monographie  Patronage, Power, and Masculinity in Medieval England: A Microhistory of a Bishop's and Knight's Contest over the Church of Thame
Miller, Andrew G.. - Milton (2023)

4Buchbeitrag  Rethinking Patronage in Late Medieval France
Renck, Anneliese Pollock. (2023) - In: The Waxing of the Middle Ages. Revisiting Late Medieval France S. 110-123

5Artikel  The Funerary Monument of Bona Sforza in the Basilica of San Nicola in Bari: History and Background of a Royal Mausoleum of Polish Patronage
Grandolfo, Alessandro. (2023) - In: Zeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte Bd. 86 (2023) S. 477-504

6Artikel  Tuning the pen: poetry writing and patronage networks around the end of the Byzantine empire
Kubina, Krystina. (2023) - In: Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies Bd. 47 (2023) S. 18-36

7Artikel  Revisiting the Question of Literary Patronage under the Early Safavids
Beers, Theodore S.. (2023) - In: Intellectual history of the islamicate world Bd. 11 (2023) S. 112-142

8Artikel  Introducción [Los cauces de la lealtad. Vasallaje y clientelismo, tierra y dinero en la España medieval (siglos XIII-XV)]
Lafuente Gómez, MarioÁlvarez Borge, Ignacio. (2023) - In: Studia historica. Historia medieval Bd. 41, 1 (2023) S. 3-13

9Buchbeitrag  Group Donations and Collective Patronage in Byzantine Mani: An Image of the Society in a Remote Mediaeval Province Based on Published Epigraphic Material from Churches
Stavrakos, ChristosManolakou, Stavroula. (2023) - In: FS Albrecht Berger S. 693-716

10Monographie  Art, patronage, and nepotism in early modern Rome
Lloyd, Karen J.. - New York [u.a.] (2023)

11Buchbeitrag  Architectural Patronage and Networks
De Divitiis, Bianca. (2023) - In: A companion to the Renaissance in southern Italy (1350-1600) S. 301-334

12Buchbeitrag  Law, patronage, and communication as pillars of urban governance
Schuppert, Gunnar Folke. (2023) - In: Local Self-Governance in Antiquity and in the Global South. Theoretical and Empirical Insights from an Interdisciplinary Perspe. S. 7-17

13Buchbeitrag  MS Hunter 252: precursors, date and patronage
Wijsman, Hanno. (2023) - In: The Cent Nouvelles nouvelles (Burgundy-Luxembourg-France, 1458 - c. 1550) S. 61-78

14Buchbeitrag  Female Patronage in Late Antiquity. Titles and Rank of Women Donors in Sixth- and Seventh-Century Palaestina and Arabia
Whiting, Marlena. (2023) - In: The public lives of ancient women (500 BCE-650 CE) S. 291-317

15Buchbeitrag  Creating Her Own Story: Queens, Noblewomen, and Their Cultural Patronage
Dockray-Miller, Mary. (2023) - In: Women and medieval literary culture. From the early Middle Ages to the fifteenth century S. 50-64

16Buchbeitrag  Le château de Martigné-Briand: de la tour Maîtresse romane au manifeste flamboyant: résidences et lieux de pouvoir.
Peron-Bienvenu, Solen. (2023) - In: Maine-et-Loire. Nouveaux regards sur l'architecture médiévale en Anjou S. 463-481

17Monographie  Malmesbury Abbey 670-1539: patronage, scholarship and scandal
McAleavy, Tony. - Woodbridge (2023)

18Buchbeitrag  Queen Consort Mariam Dadiani and Female Architectural Patronage in Late Medieval Georgia
Natsvlishvili, Natia. (2023) - In: Staging the ruler's body in medieval cultures. A comparative perspective S. 52-78

19Artikel  Who Wrote Ritual Formularies from Egypt? A Study of P.Lond. I 121 (= PGM VII) and Its Possible Relationship with Scholarly Patronage in Late Antiquity
Dufault, Olivier. (2023) - In: Studies in Late Antiquity Bd. 7 (2023) S. 366-406

20Buchbeitrag  Music and Patronage in the Courts of Southern Italy
Fabris, Dinko. (2023) - In: A companion to the Renaissance in southern Italy (1350-1600) S. 618-641

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