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Deskriptoren: Pembroke

1Monographie  The acts and letters of the Marshal family: marshals of England and earls of Pembroke, 1145 - 1248
Crouch, David Bruce. - Cambridge [u.a.] (2015)

2Monographie  William Marshal, 2nd Earl of Pembroke, and the Commissioning of the History of William Marshal
Massarello, Chloe Faith Marie. - [Portland State University] (2012)

3Artikel  The Pembroke map: a medieval sketch
Kowal, Kimberly C.. (2012) - In: Imago mundi. The international journal for the history of cartography Bd. 64 (2012) S. 216-226

4Artikel  The metrical calendar in the "Pembroke Psalter-Hours"
Lapidge, Michael. (2011) - In: Analecta Bollandiana Bd. 129 (2011) S. 325-387

5Artikel  Pembroke Castle
Kenyon, John R.. (2010) - In: Report and proceedings of the ... summer meeting of the Royal Archaeological Institute Bd. 167 (2010) S. 52-55

6Buchbeitrag  Pembroke College 302: Abbreviated Gospel Book or Gospel Lectionary?
Teviotdale, Elizabeth C.. (2010) - In: FS Richard W. Pfaff S. 69-100

7Monographie  William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke
Armstrong, Catherine. - Kennesaw (2007)

8Artikel  Cambridge, Pembroke College MS 120: overlooked and new observations
Kidd, Peter. (2006) - In: Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society Bd. 13 (2006) S. 289-299

9Monographie  Manuscripts in the library of Pembroke College, Cambridge and the Fitzwilliam Museum
Rand Schmidt, Kari Anne. - Cambridge [u.a.] (2006)

10Buchbeitrag  Two fourteenth-century tomb monuments at Abergavenny and the mournful end of the Hastings Earls of Pembroke
Lindley, Phillip G.. (2006) - In: Cardiff. Architecture and archaeology in the medieval diocese of Llandaff S. 136-160

11Artikel  Defining Doctrine in the Carolingian Period: The Contents and Context of Cambridge, Pembroke College, MS 108
Meeder, Sven M.. (2005) - In: Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society Bd. 13, 2 (2005) S. 133-151

12Monographie  Selected works of Mary Sidney Herbert, Countess of Pembroke / Pembroke, Mary Herbert of
Pembroke, Mary Herbert of. Hannay, Margaret P. [Hrsg.]. - Tempe, Ariz. (2005)

13Artikel  A Sentence of Cursing in Pembroke College, Cambridge MS 285
Pattwell, Niamh. (2004) - In: Leeds studies in English Bd. 35 (2004) S. 121-136

14Artikel  The Influence of Medieval Rabbinical Commentaries on the Countess of Pembroke's Psalm 58
Leavitt, June. (2003) - In: Notes and queries Ser. NS, Bd. 50 (2003) S. 401-402

15Buchbeitrag  Pembroke College 25, Arts. 93-95
Szarmach, Paul E.. (2002) - In: Essays J. E. Cross S. 295-325

16Buchbeitrag  Tudor, Jasper, Earl of Pembroke (c. 1431-1495)
Wagner, John A.. (2002) - In: Historical dictionary of late medieval England S. 547-549

17Buchbeitrag  The boroughs of medieval Pembrokeshire: Pembroke
Howells, John. (2002) - In: Pembrokeshire county history. 2. Medieval Pembrokeshire S. 468-478

18Buchbeitrag  Herbert, William, Earl of Pembroke (c. 1423-1469)
Forget, Natalie. (2002) - In: Historical dictionary of late medieval England S. 255-256

19Buchbeitrag  The Pembroke Psalter-Hours
Marrow, James H.. (2002) - In: Liber amicorum Maurits Smeyers S. 861-902

20Buchbeitrag  Valence, Aymer, Earl of Pembroke (c. 1270-1324)
Williams, Paul. (2002) - In: Historical dictionary of late medieval England S. 556-557

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