RI OPAC: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,8 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Polen

1Monographie  The church and Cistercians in medieval Poland: Foundations, documents, people
Dobosz, Józef. - Turnhout (2023)

2Monographie  Maniera Greca in Europe's Catholic East: On Identities of Images in Lithuania and Poland (1380s-1720s)
Mickunaite, Giedre. - Amsterdam (2023)

3Buchbeitrag  Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania
Guzowski, PiotrSowina, Urszula. (2023) - In: The Routledge handbook of public taxation in medieval Europe S. 356-371

4Artikel  Bibliography of the Scientific Works by Rev. Prof. Dr. hab. Antoni Zurek
Zurek, Antoni. Baran, Grzegorz Mariusz [Bearb.]. (2023) - In: Vox patrum Bd. 87 (2023) S. 25-40

5Sammelwerk  Walking among ancient trees. Studies in honour of Ryszard Grygiel and Peter Bogucki on the 45th anniversary of their research collaboration
Grygiel, MichalObst, Peter [Hrsg.]. - Lodz (2022)

6Buchbeitrag  Is Jan Potocki's "The Manuscript Found in Saragossa" a Polish work?
Rosset, Francois. (2022) - In: The Routledge world companion to Polish literature S. 88-99

7Buchbeitrag  Conversion and Christianization: Bohemia, Poland, Hungary and Rus' (9th to 12th centuries)
Štefan, Ivo. (2022) - In: The Routledge handbook of East Central and Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages, 500-1300 S. 101-120

8Buchbeitrag  The Periphery of Europe and the Idea of Crusade: Adaptation and Evolution of Crusader Ideology in Poland under the Piast Dynasty (1100-47)
Güttner-Sporzynski, Darius von. (2022) - In: The Expansion of the Faith S. 69-88

9Buchbeitrag  Wenceslas II Premyslid and Louis I of Anjou: Two Personal Unions of the Polish Kingdom in the Fourteenth Century
Marzec, Andrzej. (2022) - In: Unions and Divisions. New Forms of Rule in Medieval and Renaissance Europe S. 197-209

10Buchbeitrag  The Language of the Mute Strangers: The Ambivalent Position of the German Language in the Late Medieval Polish Kingdom.
Adamska, Anna. (2022) - In: Strangers at the Gate! Multidisciplinary Explorations of Communities, Borders, and Othering S. 63-77

11Buchbeitrag  The Last Piasts: Legitimating Royal Rule in Fourteenth Century Poland
Knoll, Paul W.. (2022) - In: Rulership in Medieval East Central Europe. Power, Ritual and Legitimacy S. 247-259

12Artikel  Dominicans of the Polish Province and the Observant Reform of the Order of Preachers in the Fourteenth and Early Fifteenth Centuries
Zajchowska-Boltromiuk, Anna. (2022) - In: Revue d'histoire ecclésiastique Bd. 117 (2022) S. 78-117

13Artikel  Urban water supply infrastructure in Grudziadz (northern Poland): from the Middle Ages to the pre-modern times
Kulczykowski, Waclaw. (2022) - In: Water History Bd. 14 (2022) S. 41-59

14Artikel  Polnische Zisterzienserklöster in Kölner Hand
Militzer, Klaus. (2022) - In: Annalen des Historischen Vereins für den Niederrhein Bd. 225 (2022) S. 51-66

15Artikel  Hand Firearms in 15th-Century Poland. Why Did the Breakthrough Happen?
Grabarczyk, Tadeusz W.. (2022) - In: Fasciculi archaeologiae historicae Bd. 34 (2021) S. 107-121

16Artikel  Building identity: Town halls of small Polish towns as a symbol and a sign of urban character and identity (14th-16th century)
Radomski, Maciej T.. (2022) - In: Memo Bd. 9 (2022)

17Artikel  Sources of maintenance of the first Franciscan Observans monasteries in Kingdom of Poland (to the middle of the 16th century)
Sitnik, Aleksander Krzysztof. (2022) - In: Saeculum Christianum Bd. 29, 1 (2022) S. 86-99

18Artikel  Byzantine or Western European inspirations? Monumental architecture on the borderlands: the case study of medieval Chelm (south-east Poland)
Buko, Andrzej. (2022) - In: Prähistorische Zeitschrift Bd. 97 (2022) S. 668-683

19Sammelwerk  The Routledge world companion to Polish literature
Bilczewski, TomaszBill, StanleyPopiel, Magdalena [Hrsg.]. - London [u.a.] (2022)

20Buchbeitrag  How Did the Grand Masters of the Teutonic Order Interpret Their Dependency on the Polish Crown (1466-97)?
Szweda, Adam. (2022) - In: Unions and Divisions. New Forms of Rule in Medieval and Renaissance Europe S. 158-171

RI-Opac SucheTreffer: 18359