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Deskriptoren: Russland

1Monographie  Voices on birchbark: everyday communication in medieval Russia
Schaeken, Jos. - Leiden [u.a.] (2019)

2Buchbeitrag  Holy Russia and the "Jerusalem idea"
Milner-Gulland, Robin R.. (2018) - In: Tomb and Temple. Re-imagining the sacred buildings of Jerusalem S. 233-254

3Buchbeitrag  The ‘Nordic Renaissance' in Russia and Poland
Zernack, Julia. (2018) - In: The pre-Christian religions of the north. Research and reception 1 S. 391-404

4Sammelwerk  Translation in Russian contexts: culture, politics, identity
Baer, Brian JamesWitt, Susanna [Hrsg.]. - New York, NY [u.a.] (2018)

5Artikel  Miniatures under Attack: Damaged Figures in Russian Iconography
Antonov, Dimitry. (2018) - In: Ikon Bd. 11 (2018) S. 65-76

6Buchbeitrag  The Collection of Byzantine Canon Law ("Kniga pravil", 1839) as a Legal Basis for the Russian­Orthodox Church in the 19th and 20th Centuries: Paradoxes, Problems and Perspective
Maksimovic, Kirill A.. (2018) - In: Imagining Byzantium. Perceptions, Patterns, Problems S. 55-62

7Buchbeitrag  Byzantium, Medieval Russia and the So-called Family of Kings. From George Ostrogorsky to Franz Dölgers's Construct and its Critics
Prinzing, Günter. (2018) - In: Imagining Byzantium. Perceptions, Patterns, Problems S. 15-30

8Artikel  [The Bulgarian Gospel of Russian National Library MS F.n.I.122 (Second Quarter of the 14th Century) and Its Identification with the Evangelium Bucovinense]
Garzaniti, Marcello. (2018) - In: Palaeobulgarica Bd. 42, 1 (2018) S. 38-51

9Artikel  Iconoclasm and Iconophilia in Late Medieval Russia. The State of Research and New Concepts
Chumicheva, Olga. (2018) - In: Ikon Bd. 11 (2018) S. 77-82

10Buchbeitrag  Early falconry in Russia
Zinoviev, Andrei V.. (2018) - In: Raptor and human S. 1251-1270

11Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Mayzlish, Anna. - s.l. (2018)

12Buchbeitrag  The Reception of Byzantium in Russian Church Historiography
Alshanskaya, Alena. (2018) - In: Imagining Byzantium. Perceptions, Patterns, Problems S. 63-70

13Sachtitel  [Bibliographie]
Rakhimzyanov, Bulat R.. - s.l. (2018)

14Buchbeitrag  People and Boyars in the Old Russian Chronicles of the nth-i3th Centuries: Narrative Modelling of Social Identities
Vilkul, Tatjana. (2018) - In: Imagined communities. Constructing collective identities S. 179-203

15Sammelwerk  Danilovskie ctenija: anticnost' - srednevekov'e - renessans
Etingof, Olga E. [Hrsg.]. - Moskva (2018)

16Artikel  [The Vocabulary of the Books of the Prophet Jeremiah According to the MS F.I.461 of the Russian National Library in St. Petersburg]
Ilieva, Tatjana. (2018) - In: Palaeobulgarica Bd. 42, 1 (2018) S. 98-116

17Buchbeitrag  L'histoire de la culture matérielle en Russie du XXe au début du XXIe siècle: entre enjeux politiques, tâches académiques et réalités arcliéologiques
Musin, Aleksandr E.. (2018) - In: La culture matérielle. Un objet en question. Anthropologie, archéologie et histoire S. 57-76

18Monographie  The history of the discovery and study of Russian medieval painting
Vzdornov, Gerold Ivanovic. - Leiden [u.a.] (2018)

19Monographie  A history of Russian law: from ancient times to the Council Code (Ulozhenie) of Tsar Aleksei Mikhailovich of 1649
Feldbrugge, Ferdinand J. M.. - Leiden [u.a.] (2018)

20Sammelwerk  Mul'tidisciplinarnye aspekty izucenija drevnej i srednevekovoj istorii: k 70-letiju akademika V. I. Molodina [Multidisciplinary aspects of the study of ancient and medieval history]
Derevjanko, Anatolij Panteleevic [Hrsg.]. - Novosibirsk (2018)

RI-Opac SucheTreffer: 3763