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Deskriptoren: Russland

1Monographie  Medievalisms and Russia: the contest for imaginary pasts
Smelyansky, Eugene. - Amsterdam (2024)

2Buchbeitrag  Holy Foolishness and Gender Transgression in Russian Hagiography from the Middle Ages to Modernity
Mayhew, Nicholas J.. (2023) - In: Essays Simon C. Franklin S. 49-65

3Monographie  Die Ukraine, Russland und wir: eine wechselvolle Beziehung - vom Mittelalter bis heute
Staas, Christian. - Hamburg (2023)

4Buchbeitrag  Aspects of Relationships between Russians and Other Ethnic/Religious Groups Reflected in the Muscovite Law Code of 1649
Sashalmi, Endre. (2023) - In: Legal Norms and Political Action in Multi-Ethnic Societies 3 S. 181-199

5Buchbeitrag  The Russian Orthodox Church in Livonia during the Livonian War (1558-1582)
Selart, Anti. (2023) - In: Zwischen Ostsee und Adria. Ostmitteleuropa im Mittelalter und in der Frühen Neuzeit S. 369-388

6Buchbeitrag  Russia from the Mongol invasion to the death of Ivan the Terrible (1242-1584)
Gonneau, Pierre. (2023) - In: The Routledge handbook of public taxation in medieval Europe S. 373-388

7Artikel  A medieval effort toward unity: Latins, Greeks, Russians and the Mongol Khan
Maiorov, Alexander Vyacheslavovich. (2023) - In: Journal of Medieval History Bd. 49 (2023) S. 495-515

8Monographie  Medieval Rus' and Early Modern Russia: Texts and Contexts
Torres Prieto, Susana. - Milton (2023)

9Buchbeitrag  Salmon variability related to phases of the Little Ice Age: consilience from Arctic Russia to Scotland?
Hoffmann, Richard Charles. (2023) - In: Essays Alasdair Ross S. 231-244

10Buchbeitrag  The Psalter as a School Exercise in Medieval Russia. The Case of the Thirteenth-Century Boy Onfim
Schaeken, Jos. (2023) - In: Translation Automatisms in the Vernacular Texts of the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period S. 57-61

11Buchbeitrag  Die Macht der Gaben und der Nachklang von Byzanz: Ideologischer und materieller Austausch zwischen ökumenischem Patriarchat und russischem Zarentum
Grünbart, Michael. (2023) - In: FS Albrecht Berger S. 193-212

12Buchbeitrag  Boris Godunov and His Family in the Mirror of Medieval Russian Polyonymy
Litvina, Anna F.Uspenskij, Fjodor B.. (2023) - In: Essays Simon C. Franklin S. 134-147

13Monographie  Desyat' icon XV-XVI wekow iz odnoi castnoi kollekzii [Ten icons of the 15th-16th centuries from a private collection: from the history of collecting and studying Medieval Russian painting in Soviet Russia]
Tarasov, Oleg Jur'evic. - Pisa (2023)

14Artikel  [Questions and Answers to Antiochus the Duke in the South-Slavic and Russian Traditions: Manuscripts from 14th-15th Centuries with Lestvitsa (The Ladder of Divine Ascent) of John Climachus]
Gritsevskaja, Irina M.Lytvynenko, Viacheslav V.. (2023) - In: Palaeobulgarica Bd. 47, 2 (2023) S. 43-62

15Artikel  The Russian Cusanus: S. L. Frank and the Russian reception of Nicholas of Cusa
Moore, Harry James. (2023) - In: The philosophical forum Bd. 54 (2023) S. 27-41

16Artikel  The Lost Kingdom of St. Vladimir: Crusading Mentality, Medieval Memory, and the Russia-Ukraine War
Rhodes, Hilary. (2023) - In: Comitatus Bd. 54 (2023) S. 177-196

17Buchbeitrag  Re-Inventing Late Antique and Early Medieval Armenia in World War ii Soviet Union
Foletti, IvanRakitin, Pavel. (2023) - In: Re-thinking late antique Armenia. Historiography, material culture, and heritage S. 168-183

18Sammelwerk  Medieval Rus' and Early Modern Russia: Texts and Contexts; essays in honour of Simon C. Franklin
Torres Prieto, SusanaFranklin, Andrei [Hrsg.]. - Abingdon (2023)

19Artikel  The Life of Stefan Lazarevic´ and a Genealogy of Serbian Rulers in MS No 88, coll. 201, Russian State Archive
Petrova, Denitsa. (2023) - In: Scripta & e-scripta Bd. 23 (2023) S. 261-285

20Buchbeitrag  The Integration and Separation of the Communities of Ruthenia after its Incorporation into the Kingdom of Poland
Pleszczynski, Andrzej. (2023) - In: Legal Norms and Political Action in Multi-Ethnic Societies 3 S. 77-92

RI-Opac SucheTreffer: 5501