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Deskriptoren: Schottland

1Artikel  Prirodzené morálne cnosti podla Jána Dunsa Scota
Chabada, Michal. (2021) - In: Filosofický casopis Bd. 69 (2021) S. 347-363

2Buchbeitrag  Schottland
Finlay, John. (2021) - In: Konfliktlösung in der Frühen Neuzeit S. 659-678

3Artikel  A ‘very fowle warre': Scorched earth, violence, and Thomas Howard's French and Scottish campaigns of 1522-1523
Murphy, Neil. (2021) - In: War in History Bd. 28 (2021) S. 736-754

4Artikel  Dress and Dress Fasteners from the Pagan Norse Graves of Scotland: Origins and Identity
Paterson, Caroline. (2021) - In: Scottish Historical Review Bd. 100 (2021) S. 314-334

5Artikel  The Burning of Bishop Adam: perspectives of a murder on the Norse-Scottish border
Fairfax, Tom. (2021) - In: The Innes Review Bd. 72 (2021) S. 101-127

6Monographie  Máel Coluim III, "Canmore": An Eleventh-Century Scottish King
McGuigan, Neil. - Edinburgh (2021)

7Artikel  Dress, Décor and Identity in Scotland to 1700
French, MorvernWesterhof Nyman, Perin. (2021) - In: Scottish Historical Review Bd. 100 (2021) S. 305-313

8Buchbeitrag  The Scottish Romanesque Revival Revisited (Again)
Campbell, Ian. (2021) - In: Romanesque renaissance. Carolingian, Byzantine and Romanesque buildings (800-1200) S. 113-133

9Monographie  Scripting the Nation: Court Poetry and the Authority of History in Late Medieval Scotland
Terrell, Katherine Hikes. - Columbus, Ohio (2021)

10Buchbeitrag  Auf den Spuren iroschottischer Mönche in Fulda
Kämer, Cornelia. (2021) - In: Fulda - Stadt und Land. Unbekannt, interessant, amüsant S. 12-17

11Buchbeitrag  The Dominicans in Scotland, 1230-1560
Oram, Richard D.. (2021) - In: A Companion to the English Dominican Province. From Its Beginnings to the Reformation S. 112-137

12Artikel  Palatalization and assibilation of /k/ in English and Scottish place-names
Laker, Stephen. (2021) - In: North-western European language evolution Bd. 74 (2021) S. 79-113

13Buchbeitrag  The burgh and the forest: burgesses and officers in fifteenth-century Scotland
Brown, Michael Hunter. (2021) - In: Cultures of law in urban Northern Europe. Scotland and its neighbours c.1350-c.1650 S. 123-138

14Artikel  Niddrie Marischal: the evolution of an Edinburgh estate from the 13th to the 20th century
Bradley-Lovekin, ThomasHindmarch, Erlend. (2021) - In: Scottish archaeological journal Bd. 43 (2021) S. 1-26

15Buchbeitrag  Bells, clocks and the beginnings of ‘lawyer time' in late medieval Scotland
Ditchburn, David. (2021) - In: Cultures of law in urban Northern Europe. Scotland and its neighbours c.1350-c.1650 S. 227-246

16Sammelwerk  Cultures of law in urban Northern Europe: Scotland and its neighbours c.1350-c.1650
Armstrong, Jackson W.Frankot, Edda B. I. [Hrsg.]. - London [u.a.] (2021)

17Artikel  The Role of Women in Plant-based Textile Production during the Viking Diaspora in Scotland and the Irish Sea Region
Freeman, Susan. (2021) - In: Scottish Historical Review Bd. 100 (2021) S. 335-358

18Buchbeitrag  Fleshers, Saints, and Bones. Connectivities that Transcend the Sacred-Secular Divide within the Medieval Scottish Burgh of Perth
Edwards Alvaraze, Megan. (2021) - In: Religious connectivity in urban communities (1400-1550) S. 75-98

19Artikel  The provenance of the Edinburgh Martial
Stover, Justin Anthony. (2021) - In: Revue d'histoire des textes Bd. 16 (2021) S. 173-176

20Monographie  Illegitimacy in Medieval Scotland 1100-1500
Marshall, Susan. - Woodbridge (2021)

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