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Deskriptoren: Shetland (Grafschaft)

1Sammelwerk  Shetland and the Viking World
Turner, Victor W.Owen, Olwyn A.Waugh, Doreen J. [Hrsg.]. - Lerwick (2016)

2Artikel  Sorgen eines Bremer Shetlandfahrers: das Testament des Cordt Folkers von 1543
Hofmeister, Adolf E. (Archivar). (2015) - In: Bremisches Jahrbuch Bd. 94 (2015) S. 46-57

3Monographie  Excavations and surveys at the Law Ting Holm, Tingwall, Shetland: an Iron Age settlement and medieval assembly site
Coolen, JorisMehler, Natascha. - Oxford (2014)

4Buchbeitrag  Autour de la question des cultures temporaires: les îles Shetland et les systèmes agraires de Norvège et d'Écosse (XVe-XIXe siècle)
Beaudouin, Audrey. (2014) - In: Cultures temporaires et féodalité S. 217-234

5Buchbeitrag  Notions of 'udal law' in Orkney and Shetland: From medieval Norse law to contested vestiges of customary rights within Scots law
Jones, Michael. (2013) - In: Legislation and state formation. Norway and its neighbours in the Middle Ages S. 133-168

6Buchbeitrag  Dull as ditch water or crazily romantic: Scottish historians on Norwegian law in Shetland and Orkney
Smith, Brian. (2013) - In: Legislation and state formation. Norway and its neighbours in the Middle Ages S. 117-132

7Buchbeitrag  The Nidaros Church and 'Norgesveldet': Shetland to 1470
Smith, Brian S.. (2012) - In: "Ecclesia Nidrosiensis" and "Noregs veldi" S. 163-176

8Buchbeitrag  Hakon Magnusson's root-and-branch reform of public institutions in Shetland, c.1300
Smith, Brian S.. (2011) - In: Taxes, tributes and tributary lands in the making of Scandinavian kingdoms in the Middle Ages S. 103-114

9Buchbeitrag  Norwegian crosses in the Hebrides and Shetland?
Fisher, Ian. (2010) - In: The Viking age. Ireland and the West S. 107-112

10Artikel  Memories, meids and maps: the Shetland Place Names Project.
Brooke-Freeman, Eileen. (2010) - In: Journal of Scottish name studies Bd. 4 (2010) S. 43-60

11Artikel  The Viking-Age Silver Hoard(s) from Dunrossness, Shetland
Campbell, James Graham. (2009) - In: Northern Studies Bd. 41 (2009) S. 13-21

12Artikel  Neglected topographic names: ness-names in Orkney and Shetland.
Waugh, Doreen J.. (2009) - In: Journal of Scottish name studies Bd. 3 (2009) S. 107-120

13Artikel  A fragment of a Pictish symbol-bearing slab with carving in relief from Mail, Cunningsburgh, Shetland
Ritchie, Anna. (2008) - In: Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland Bd. 138 (2008) S. 185-192

14Artikel  A Shetland Viking comb in Copenhagen
Stummann Hansen, Steffen. (2008) - In: Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland Bd. 138 (2008) S. 177-184

15Monographie  The Scandinavian settlement of northern Shetland: Northmavine, Yell, Unst and Fetlar
Marttila, Juha M.. - [University of Glasgow] (2008)

16Buchbeitrag  The Glass Beads from St. Ninian's Isle, Shetland
Batey, Colleen E.. (2008) - In: Studies Rosemary Cramp (2008) S. 254-267

17Buchbeitrag  Stobister, Sinnabist and Starrapund: three wilderness settlements in Shetland
Smith, Brian S.. (2007) - In: FS Barbara E. Crawford S. 419-430

18Buchbeitrag  The Shetland Chapel-sites Project 1999-2000
Morris, Christopher D.Brady, Kevin J.Johnson, Paul G.. (2007) - In: FS Barbara E. Crawford S. 265-284

19Artikel  The development of Shetland Norn
Rendboe, Laurits. (2007) - In: North-western European language evolution Bd. 50/51 (2007) S. 183-247

20Monographie  Prehistoric and Viking Shetland
Fojut, Noel. - Lerwick (2007)

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