RI-Opac: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,3 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Sussex (Grafschaft)

1Artikel  Recording and analysis of ship graffiti in St Thomas' church and Blackfriars Barn undercroft in Winchelsea, East Sussex, UK
Dhoop, Thomas. (2016) - In: The international journal of nautical archaeology Bd. 45 (2016) S. 296-309

2Artikel  Nova Civitas: Edward I and the making of New Winchelsea, Sussex.
Opacic, Zoë. (2015) - In: Setkávání (2015) S. 297-318

3Artikel  Analytical survey and landscape context of Saxonbury hillfort, Rotherfield, East Sussex
Lea, David. (2015) - In: Sussex archaeological collections Bd. 153 (2015) S. 29-40

4Artikel  A new discovery of a carved stone head at St John the Baptist Church, Findon, West Sussex
Bone, David A.. (2014) - In: Sussex archaeological collections Bd. 152 (2014) S. 231-232

5Artikel  A medieval pottery production centre at Norlington Lane, Ringmer, East Sussex
Gregory, David. (2014) - In: Sussex archaeological collections Bd. 152 (2014) S. 9-37

6Artikel  Beyond theatrical marketing: play banns in the records of Kent, Sussex and Licolnshire
Sergi, Matthew. (2014) - In: Medieval English theatre Bd. 36 (2014) S. 3-23

7Buchbeitrag  Form and Function in the Late Medieval Rural House - An example from the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum, Sussex
Tankard, Danae Caithlin. (2014) - In: Dwellings, identities and homes S. 163-174

8Buchbeitrag  The Holocene coastal deposits of Sussex: a re-evaluation
Waller, MartynLong, Antony J.. (2013) - In: Landscapes or seascapes? The history of the coastal environment in the North Sea area reconsidered S. 31-59

9Artikel  Excavation of a post-medieval cottage at Eartham, West Sussex
Butcher, David. (2011) - In: Sussex archaeological collections Bd. 149 (2011) S. 185-198

10Buchbeitrag  The archaeological evidence for state formation in southern England: a comparison of the early kingdoms of Kent, Sussex and Wessex
Harrington, SueWelch, Martin G.. (2011) - In: Transformations in North-Western Europe (AD 300 - 1000) S. 149-158

11Artikel  The King James Bible: 400 Years, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge
Wilson-Lee, Edward. (2011) - In: Bulletin of the Society for Renaissance Studies Bd. 28, 2 (2011) S. 13-15

12Sammelwerk  Pevensey Castle, Sussex: excavations in the Roman fort and medieval keep, 1993-95
Fulford, Michael G.Rippon, Stephen J.. - Salisbury (2011)

13Buchbeitrag  Between Frankish and Merovingian influences in Early Anglo-Saxon Sussex (fifth-seventh centuries)
Soulat, Jean. (2011) - In: Papers Martin G. Welch S. 62-71

14Artikel  Excavation of medieval burgage plots and further evidence of iron working on land off Pegler Way, Crawley, West Sussex
Hammond, Stephen. (2011) - In: Sussex archaeological collections Bd. 149 (2011) S. 49-58

15Artikel  Worsted [Sussex]
Leppard, M. J.. (2011) - In: Journal of the English Place Name Society Bd. 43 (2011) S. 16-17

16Artikel  The leather from 1-3 Tower Street, Rye, East Sussex
Mould, Quita. (2010) - In: Sussex archaeological collections Bd. 148 (2010) S. 256-257

17Artikel  A medieval pot from Milton Street, East Sussex
Barber, Luke. (2010) - In: Sussex archaeological collections Bd. 148 (2010) S. 252-253

18Artikel  The excavation of prehistoric remains, a Roman road and post-medieval kiln at Stane Street, Westhampnett, West Sussex
Priestley-Bell, Greg. (2010) - In: Sussex archaeological collections Bd. 148 (2010) S. 47-71

19Artikel  The medieval hospital of St. Nicholas, Lewes, East Sussex: excavations 1994
Barber, Luke. (2010) - In: Sussex archaeological collections Bd. 148 (2010) S. 79-111

20Artikel  A Saxo-Norman Oyster colour-dish from St Mary's Church, New Shoreham, Sussex
Standing, Giles. (2010) - In: Journal of the British Archaeological Association Bd. 163 (2010) S. 16-23

RI-Opac SucheTreffer: 318