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Deskriptoren: Sutton, Anne F. (20. Jh.)

1Buchbeitrag  Edward IV and Bury St. Edmunds' Search for Self-Government
Sutton, Anne F.. (2015) - In: Essays Michael Hicks S. 143-160

2Sammelwerk  The medieval merchant: proceedings of the 2012 Harlaxton Symposium
Barron, Caroline M.Sutton, Anne F. [Hrsg.]. - Donington (Lincolnshire) (2014)

3Artikel  The Children in Richard Ill's Care: New Evidence
Sutton, Anne F.. (2014) - In: The Ricardian Bd. 24 (2014) S. 31-62

4Buchbeitrag  Merchants
Sutton, Anne F.. (2014) - In: A companion to the early printed book in Britain 1476 - 1558 S. 127-133

5Buchbeitrag  William Caxton, King's Printer c.1480-85: A Plea for History and Chronology in a Merchant's Career
Sutton, Anne F.. (2014) - In: The medieval merchant (2014) S. 259-283

6Artikel  John Don, Edward IV's First Mayor of Southampton, 1461-62
Sutton, Anne F.. (2013) - In: Hampshire studies Bd. 68 (2013) S. 149-160

7Artikel  William Bretton, publisher of fine books, 1506-10
Sutton, Anne F.. (2013) - In: The library Ser. 7, Bd. 14 (2013) S. 3-17

8Buchbeitrag  The acquisition and disposal of books for worship and pleasure by mercers of London in the later Middle Ages
Sutton, Anne F.. (2013) - In: Manuscripts and printed books in Europe 1350-1550 S. 95-114

9Artikel  'Serious Money': The Benefits of Marriage in London, 1400-1499
Sutton, Anne F.. (2013) - In: The London Journal Bd. 38 (2013) S. 1-17

10Artikel  'Pondre the universalle wele of the cuntre': Richard III, Bridges and Floods
Sutton, Anne F.. (2013) - In: The Ricardian Bd. 23 (2013) S. 21-36

11Buchbeitrag  'Peace, love and unity': Richard III's Charters to His Towns
Sutton, Anne F.. (2013) - In: The Yorkist age. Proceedings S. 116-141

12Artikel  The Sun In Splendour And The Rose Reborn: A Yorkist Mayor Of Lincoln And His Book Of Hours
Sutton, Anne F.. (2013) - In: Nottingham medieval studies Bd. 57 (2013) S. 195-245

13Artikel  Agnes Don-Bretton, Merchant Stapler, Widow and Matriarch of Southampton and London, circa 1450 to 1516
Sutton, Anne F.. (2012) - In: The Ricardian Bd. 22 (2012) S. 59-94

14Artikel  Sir John Skrene, Richard of Gloucester and Queens' College, Cambridge
Sutton, Anne F.. (2011) - In: The Ricardian Bd. 21 (2011) S. 23-46

15Artikel  London mercers from Suffolk c. 1200 to 1570: benefactors, pirates and merchant adventurers
Sutton, Anne F.. (2010) - In: Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History Bd. 42 (2010) S. 162-185

16Buchbeitrag  The Hours of Richard III
Sutton, Anne F.Visser-Fuchs, Livia. (2010) - In: Lambeth Palace Library. Treasures from the collection of the Archbishops of Canterbury S. 78-79

17Artikel  Alice Domenyk-Markby-Shipley-Portaleyn of St Bartholomew's Hospital Close And Isleworth: The Inheritance, Life And Tribulations Of An Heiress
Sutton, Anne F.. (2010) - In: The Ricardian Bd. 20 (2010) S. 23-65

18Sammelwerk  The book of privileges of the Merchant Adventurers of England: 1296 - 1483
Sutton, Anne F.Visser-Fuchs, Livia [Hrsg.]. - Oxford [u.a.] (2009)

19Artikel  Richard III, the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, And Two Turbulent Priests
Sutton, Anne F.. (2009) - In: The Ricardian Bd. 19 (2009) S. 95-109

20Artikel  The Merchant Adventurers of England: The Place of the Adventurers of York and the North in the Late Middle Ages
Sutton, Anne F.. (2009) - In: Northern History Bd. 46 (2009) S. 219-230

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