RI OPAC: Die Literaturdatenbank zum Mittelalter - Über 2,6 Millionen verzeichnete Werke

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Deskriptoren: Technikgeschichte

1Artikel  Converse with the dead as a technology of the self: agreements to return from the other-world in Peter of Cornwall's Book of Revelations
Barbezat, Michael David. (2022) - In: Journal of Medieval History Bd. 48 (2022) S. 32-56

2Buchbeitrag  Presentanzione di una progettualità per la creazione di metodologie e strumenti atti alla produzione di sistemi informatici condivisi e basati sulle moderne tecnologie di internet, a supporto della ricerca storica
Malcangi, MauroBaldo, David. (2021) - In: VII Ciclo di Studi Medievali S. 447-453

3Sammelwerk  Monumental computations: digital archaeology of large urban and underground infrastructures: proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies 2019, CHNT 24, 2019
Börner, WolfgangKral-Börner, ChristinaRohland, Hendrik [Hrsg.]. - Heidelberg (2021)

4Buchbeitrag  La ville et son espace. Infrastructures, technologie et pouvoirs
Billen, ClaireDeligne, Chloé. (2021) - In: Faire société au Moyen Age. Histoire urbaine des anciens Pays-Bas (1100-1600) S. 187-222

5Sammelwerk  Ciência, tecnologia e medicina na construção de Portugal (Vol. 1-4)
Simões, AnaDiogo, Maira Paula [Hrsg.]. - Lisboa (2021)

6Buchbeitrag  Caring by the Hours: The Psalter as a Gendered Healthcare Technology
Ritchey, Sara. (2021) - In: Gender, Health, and Healing, 1250-1550 S. 41-66

7Artikel  Mapping the Way of St. James: GIS Technology, Spatial History, and the Middle Ages
Perrone, Sean T.Traynor, Carol. (2021) - In: Church history and religious culture Bd. 101 (2021) S. 3-32

8Buchbeitrag  The technology of medieval maritime trade. An archaeological perspective on northern Germany and beyond
Rösch, Felix. (2021) - In: Merchants, measures and money. Understanding technologies of early trade in a comparative perspective S. 69-98

9Sammelwerk  Imaging Utopia: new perspectives on Northern Renaissance art: papers presented at the twentieth symposium for the study of underdrawing and technology in painting held in Mechelen and Leuven, 11-13 January 2017
Beckers, Julie [Hrsg.]. - Paris (2021)

10Buchbeitrag  Technology
Ashby, Steven P.. (2021) - In: A cultural history of objects 2. In the medieval age S. 45-70

11Buchbeitrag  Technologies of trade in Western Asia in the Middle Bronze Age
Barjamovic, Gojko. (2021) - In: Merchants, measures and money. Understanding technologies of early trade in a comparative perspective S. 55-68

12Artikel  Production technology of late Roman decorated tableware from the Vesuvius environs: Evidence from Pollena Trocchia (Campania region, Italy)
Germinario, ChiaraCultrone, GiuseppeDe Bonis, AlbertoDe Simone, Girolamo F.Gorrasi, MicheleIzzo, FrancescoLangella, AlessioMartucci, Caterina S.Mercurio, MarianoMorra, VincenzoVyhnal, Christopher R.Grifa, Celestino. (2021) - In: Geoarchaeology Bd. 36 (2021) S. 34-53

13Artikel  A contribution to the technology and sources of lead in Byzantium: lead isotope analysis of ten Byzantine seals
Karagiorgou, OlgaMerkel, StephenWoloszyn, Marcin. (2021) - In: Byzantinische Zeitschrift Bd. 114 (2021) S. 1161-1203

14Artikel  Vittae Auratae: Interpreting the History and Technology of a Group of Roman Gold Textile Fragments
Hart, Mary LouiseGanio, MonicaMaish, Susan LansingTrentelman, Karen. (2021) - In: The Getty research journal Bd. 14 (2021) S. 1-20

15Buchbeitrag  Emotions, Miracles, and the Mechanics of Psychology in Nikephoros Gregoras' Lives of Empress Theophano and Patriarch Anthony II Kauleas
Lukhovitskij, Lev V.. (2021) - In: Metaphrasis in Byzantine literature S. 155-174

16Monographie  Novilara stelae: a stylistic, epigraphical, and technological study in a middle Adriatic epigraphical and sculptural contex
Belfiore, Valentina. - Bonn (2021)

17Buchbeitrag  "Scritture ultime" dalla catacomba di S. Ippolito a Roma: l'apporto delle nuove tecnologie allo studio del patrimonio epigrafico cristiano
Pallocca, Flavio. (2021) - In: VII Ciclo di Studi Medievali S. 340-344

18Artikel  The Selenite and Lead Curse Tablets from Amathous, Cyprus and the Transmission of Magical Technology
Wilburn, Andrew T.. (2021) - In: Religion in the Roman empire Bd. 7 (2021) S. 43-70

19Sammelwerk  Merchants, measures and money: understanding technologies of early trade in a comparative perspective: proceedings of two workshops funded by the European Research Council (ERC)
Rahmstorf, LorenzIalongo, NicolaBarjamovic, Gojko [Hrsg.]. - Kiel [u.a.] (2021)

20Buchbeitrag  Understanding technologies of early trade in a comparative perspective
Rahmstorf, LorenzIalongo, NicolaBarjamovic, Gojko. (2021) - In: Merchants, measures and money. Understanding technologies of early trade in a comparative perspective S. 1-11

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