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Deskriptoren: The Kings Quair

1Artikel  Red lining and blue penciling "The Kingis Quair"
Quinn, William Anthony. (2011) - In: Studies in philology Bd. 108 (2011) S. 189-214

2Artikel  The Kingis Quair, Line 1189
Edwards, Anthony Stockwell Garfield. (2008) - In: Notes and queries Ser. NS, Bd. 55 (2008) S. 126

3Artikel  The dit amoureux and the Makars: An Essay on The Kingis Quair and The Testament of Cresseid
Calin, William C.. (2008) - In: Florilegium Bd. 25 (2008) S. 217-250

4Monographie  The counsele of philosophy: the Kingis Quair and the medieval reception history of the Consolidation of Philosophy in Vernacular
Elliott, E. I.. - [University of Edinburgh] (2006)

5Monographie  The Counsele of Philosophy: The Kingis Quair and the Medieval Reception History of the Consolation of Philosophy in Vernacular Literature
Elliott, Elizabeth. - Edinburgh (2006)

6Sammelwerk  James I of Scotland's The Kingis Quair and other Prison Poems
Arn, Mary-JoMooney, Linne R. [Hrsg.]. - Kalamazoo, Mich. (2005)

7Buchbeitrag  "Raptus" and the poetics of married love in Chaucer's wife of Bath's tale and James I's Kingis quair
Robertson, Elizabeth Ann. (2005) - In: Essays Robert W. Hanning S. 302-323

8Sachtitel  The Kingis Quair and Other Prison Poems
Mooney, Linne R.Arn, Mary-Jo [Hrsg.]. - Kalamazoo, Mich. (2005)

9Buchbeitrag  Donne Gentili and Courtly Ladies: A Comparison Between Dante's Beatrice and the Lady of the Kingis Quair
Petrina, Alessandra. (2005) - In: Older Scots literature S. 30-38

10Buchbeitrag  "Kingis Quair, The"
Gray, Douglas. (2003) - In: The Oxford companion to Chaucer S. 269-270

11Artikel  Placing earth at the center of the cosmos: "The Kingis Quair" as Boethian revision
Fuog, Karin Edie Capri. (2001) - In: Studies in Scottish literature Bd. 32 (2001) S. 140-149

12Artikel  Weaving words and steering by stars: punning in "The Kingis Quair"
Fuog, Karin Edie Capri. (2001) - In: English language notes Bd. 38, 3 (2001) S. 20-33

13Buchbeitrag  Narrative Subjectivity and Narrative Distancing in James I of Scotland's Kingis Quair
McCrillis, M.. (2001) - In: The European sun. Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference S. 202-210

14Buchbeitrag  Dreams in The Kingis Quair and the Duke's Book
Spearing, Anthony Colin. (2000) - In: Charles d'Orléans in England (1415-1440) S. 123-144

15Buchbeitrag  Art. "Kingis Quair"
Plaster, J. Scott. (2000) - In: Encyclopedia of medieval literature S. 332-333

16Buchbeitrag  King James I of Scotland, "The kingis quair": opening
Wogan-Browne, Jocelyn. (1999) - In: The Idea of the Vernacular. An Anthology of Middle English Literary Theory S. 300-304

17Buchbeitrag  Art. "Kingis Quair, The" (The King's Book)
Jankowski, Eileen S.. (1998) - In: Medieval England. An encyclopedia S. 393-394

18Artikel  "Rithme royall, and surely it is a royall kinde of verse, seruing best for graue discourse": but always best in Bodleian NIS Arch. Selden B. 24, and not always best transmitted in The Kingis Quair
Stanley, Eric Gerald. (1998) - In: Poetica (Tokyo) Bd. 50 (1998) S. 29-62

19Buchbeitrag  Kingship and the Kingis Quair
Mapstone, Sally L.. (1997) - In: Essays Douglas Gray S. 51-69

20Buchbeitrag  El consuelo del amor en el Roman de la rose y en el Kingis quair
Bravo García, Antonio Pedro. (1997) - In: Actas del XVIII congreso de AEDEAN S. 383-390

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