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Deskriptoren: The wife's lament

1Artikel  A religious view of "The Wife's Lament"
Murgia, Raimondo. (2013) - In: Annali. Sezione germanica. Università degli Studi di Napoli "L'Orientale" Ser. NS, Bd. 23, 1 (2013) S. 27-50

2Artikel  Doubling and Difference at the Close of The Wife's Lament
Tarnopolsky, Damian. (2010) - In: Hortulus Bd. 6 (2010)

3Buchbeitrag  The Identity of the 'Geong Mon' (line 42) in 'The Wife's Lament' (or 'The Lament of an Outcast')
Lee, Sung-Il. (2007) - In: Global perspectives on medieval English literature, language, and culture S. 175-194

4Buchbeitrag  Remembering in Circles: "The Wife's Lament", "Conversatio", and the Community of Memory
Shimomura, Sachi. (2007) - In: Studies Thomas D. Hill S. 113-129

5Artikel  The Ethical Agency of the Female Lyric Voice: The Wife's Lament and Catullus 64
Kinch, Ashby. (2006) - In: Studies in philology Bd. 103 (2006) S. 121-152

6Buchbeitrag  Sexing political tropes of conquest: '"The wife's lament" and Lazamon's "Brut"
Frese, Dolores Warwick. (2004) - In: Sex and Sexuality in Anglo-Saxon England S. 203-233

7Artikel  The Problem of the Ending of the Wife's "Lament"
Niles, John D.. (2003) - In: Speculum Bd. 78 (2003) S. 1107-1150

8Artikel  The Riddle of The Wife's Lament Line 34b
Hough, Carole A.. (2003) - In: ANQ. A Quarterly Journal of Short Articles, Notes, and Reviews Bd. 16, 4 (2003) S. 5-7

9Monographie  The politics of tradition: Examining the history of the Old English poems "The Wife's Lament" and "Wulf and Eadwacer"
Astrom, Berit Kristina. - [Umeå Universitet] (2002)

10Buchbeitrag  En/closed subjects: "The wife's lament" and the culture of early medieval female monasticism
Horner, Shari. (2002) - In: Old English literature. Critical essays S. 381-391

11Buchbeitrag  Concepts of Masculinities in the Wife's Lament and its Critical Literature
Schweighauser, Philipp. (2002) - In: Masculinities. Mythos - Realität - Repräsentation - Rollendruck S. 177-185

12Monographie  Shamanic "trail-markers" in the Old English poem "The Wife's Lament"
Krohn, Katherine E.. - [Texas A&M University] (2001)

13Buchbeitrag  "A Fine and Private Place": The Wife's Lament, ll. 33-34, the Translators and the Critics
Lowe, Kathryn A.. (2001) - In: Essays Christine E. Fell S. 122-143

14Artikel  Unnatural authority: translating beyond the heroic in The Wife's Lament
Morrison, Susan Signe. (2000) - In: Medievalia et humanistica Ser. NS, Bd. 27 (2000) S. 19-31

15Buchbeitrag  Unnatural Authority: Translating beyond the Heroic in The Wifes Lament
Morrison, Susan Signe. (2000) - In: Literacy and the lay reader S. 19-32

16Artikel  Murdering the Narrator of The Wife's Lament
Åström, Berit. (1999) - In: Medieval feminist newsletter Bd. 27 (1999) S. 24-27

17Artikel  Psychology, space/time and ecology in The Wife's Lament
Bueno Alonso, Jorge Luis. (1998) - In: Selim Bd. 8 (1998) S. 157-170

18Buchbeitrag  Art. "Wife's Lament, The"
O'Brien O'Keeffe, Katherine. (1998) - In: Medieval England. An encyclopedia S. 786-787

19Artikel  The Wife's Lament in the context of Scandinavian myth and ritual
Luyster, Robert. (1998) - In: Philological quarterly Bd. 77 (1998) S. 243-270

20Artikel  The Wife's Lament line 15B and Daniel line 499B: two notes on place-name evidence
Hough, Carole A.. (1998) - In: English language notes Bd. 35, 4 (1998) S. 1-4

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